Broncos’ “worst moments” have a tie at the top of the list

The Denver Broncos won a pair of Super Bowls since the last work stoppage.  But they’ve paid for that privilege with plenty of pain.

The Broncos have had more than their fair share of “worst moments,” and we picked out the best (worst) on Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live.

Here’s the top (bottom) four, followed by the honorable mention list.

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21 responses to “Broncos’ “worst moments” have a tie at the top of the list

  1. Those who know Elway well think that some of his current management decisions can be attributed to the helmet he wore as a player.

  2. I have a hard time calling championship and Superbowl appearances a “worst moment.” The two years we got blown out by the Redskins and 49ers, our talent consisted of John Elway and… that’s about it. I remember all of these well, but the most scaring for me was any year under Wade Philips as head coach and the misery that was the reign of Josh McDaniels.
    The Broncos organization since the last lockout has a strong history of winning more than they lose, and those awful seasons where the pain was felt week after week was the worst. Hopefully Fox and Elway can get us back on track.

  3. Josh McDaniels, trading away peyton hillis for Brady Quinn, Drafting Tebow in the first round, those orange uni’s…. i dont have much bad to say about the broncos

  4. forevercorr says: Jul 6, 2011 3:51 PM

    … Hopefully Fox and Elway can get us back on track.


    Hopefully [the head coach of a 2-14 team] & [a former AFL executive with no NFL front office experience] can get us back on track.

  5. We who love the Broncos know the franchise is a perpetual winner and we’ll return to good times sooner rather than later! Let the stupid lockout end and get Tebow some experience. We’ll be reigning over the NFL again soon enough!

  6. Many of these “worst moments” were high points that simply were not high enough. Losing in the playoffs means that you still have a decent football team. Losing to the 49ers in the Super Bowl is the only moment that made the list that I felt was at all appropriate. When I think of low points, the murder of Darrent Williams certainly come to mind, one which I think should have definitely made the list. Terrell Davis suffering his career ending injury was a very bad moment. Losing to the Raiders 59-14 last season was about as hopeless and frustrated as I have ever felt as a Broncos fan. point. Spygate II was quite embarassing and ended the most fruitless chapter of Broncos history with Josh McDaniels as a coach. I love PFT, but these guys obviously didn’t talk to any Broncos fans about their thoughts and opinions.

  7. @hobartbaker
    LOL – Elway’s helicopter dive for the first down in the Green Bay Super Bowl game wasn’t good for the noggin, but it sure silenced the legions of smart people who put their money on the losing team.

    I thought the reign of Wade Philips was much worse than the reign of McDaniels. If you’re a history buff, McDaniels’ days with Denver ran the same script as Belichick in Cleveland. He had more than his fair share of flaws, but when he was on, he was exceptional.

    I have a ton of respect for Peyton Hillis, really great guy in person, and glad he is getting his moment in the sun. That being said…Hillis did have a history of getting nicked, all the time, and the Broncos were getting lambasted by the media for having too many RBs and not paying attention to other skill positions. Turns out the Broncos coaching staff was right.

    As far as Tebow, he’s one of the bright spots if you talk to the fans. But clearly you are not, if I understand your hatred of the orange unis.


  8. Don’t feel bad, Bronco fans… one of the Cowboys “worst moments” was only winning three Super Bowls in four years instead of all four.

  9. @forevercorr – i tend to agree re: the superbowls. You get blown out – whatever, at least you made it.

    Surprised TD’s knee didn’t get more love. that was crushing. I think the loss to the jags was absolutely the worst that i recall in 30 years.

    Phillips was a bum w denver but mcdaniels was such a terrible decision and disappointment. most fans wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but @ffootballontwitter – “when mcdaniels was on he was exceptional?” i don’t think there’s enough data to make that statistically significant. he drove a franchise into the ground, traded away the team’s best talent for a sack of half eaten vegetarian chipotle burritos and destroyed the integrity of the team. So….

  10. I could list stuff all day, but I’ll just make a quick list:

    1. Elway retiring
    2. Trying to think Jake “The Snake” was Elway in 05
    3. The complete collapse of the team in 2008
    4. Not firing Shanahan sooner
    5. Hiring McDaniels
    6. Not firing Josh sooner
    7. Bringing Jay Cutler into the NFL
    8. Two words Brady Quinn
    9. Most importantly picking money over winning like the Browns would i.e. Tebow. Having Tim on the roster sells tickets & jerseys, but it doesn’t mean wins. Don’t be made every team that drafted a Heisman winner from USC in the last decade made the same choice.
    10. Making the same mistake Miami did with Marino thinking a former jock & star QB can run the front office

  11. Its funny how raider fans come out of the wood work after one season of 8-8. Remember how sorry your team was the past 7 years since your superbowl run. The only team in NFL history to lose 11 games each season for seven seasons. Then you all come on here a talk trash about one game. Just wait until september 12 on monday night. It’s going to be just like the last time the Broncos played the raiders on monay night opening weekend. One name should sum up that game Deangelo Hall.

  12. I have to think, with dumerville coming back, Von miller, and if Nate irving is good to go for middle LB ( he was projected as a 1st round talent before his car crash ) Broncos will definitely have quarterbacks running for their lives…

  13. Wow! Not one mention of the fact that they were over the salary cap both times they won the Super Bowl. They bought Elway’s Superbowls. He was washed up. Without T. Davis and that O-line they don’t win one superbowl. They snuck past salary cap restrictions by giving players lavish gifts and not counting it towards their cap number. Those teams are the reason the rules are tighter today governing salary caps. Really quite a piss poor job on this one MF. For those who doubt Mark Schlareth (sp?) has already come clean.

  14. @ffootballontwitter

    I never claimed to be a Bronco fan but i also did claim that I dont have any reason to diss them either. The orange uni’s i was referring to are the old elways but the new ones are bad too. Tebow may be a “bright spot” and sell tickets and jerseys but he’s not going to get you to where you want to be and I think Elway and Fox know it otherwise they would have backed him as the clear starter which they have not. Tebow is a selfish player IMO, he may act all holy roller, but when u run up to the coach after scoring, and say “next time we get down there gimme a shot” (you just scored, why does he matter who scored as long as you scored?) and then when you do get down there again you run up to him again and say “only one person carries the ball right here” thats just selfish. You may say hes a leader and leaders want the ball in that situation (which is true) but smart players know that there are several players who can score on a play and its better to make the best decision rather than a predetermined one. Hes just lucky he scored on that play bc before he even entered the huddle he made his mind up “im running the ball no if and’s or butt’s about it”. The coach should’ve looked right back at him and said “listen here ROOKIE, you run the plays that I call and whoever I want to carry the ball will carry it.” That being said im sure you can tell im not drinking the Tebow Koolaid, which is only my opinion, but other than that I have mostly good things to say about the Broncos past, they’ve for the most part always been compeditive, made smart decisions (except mcdaniels), have great fans, and have done whats necessary to keep the franchise top tier. Cheers!

  15. I agree @ffootballontwitter, Philips was a nightmare. Josh was fine as a coach (sometimes), but wrecked the organization with roster choices/drafts/player interactions.
    Also, I agree with the above posters that the playoff loss to the Jags left a scar.
    The tragic loss of Darrent Williams, TD blowing out his knee, and Al Wilson’s neck injury spring to mind concerning great players cut short (and why, exactly, was Al on the field for a special teams play?), but obviously PFT isn’t going there.
    And for @danimalk82, I meant what I said. Fox is over .500 in his career as a HC in the NFL and has had 3 playoff appearances in 8 years under a stingy organization. Elway has done his job so far. Even the professional commentators seem impressed. The translation should be: I believe Fox and Elway are getting this organization back on track.

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