Cowboys’ second-round pick says torn ACL is 85 percent healed

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The Dallas Cowboys took North Carolina linebacker Bruce Carter with their second-round pick, No. 40 overall, even though he had suffered a torn ACL just five months earlier. If Carter’s own assessment of his recovery is to be believed, that was a wise pick.

Carter said on KESN-FM 103.3 that he feels great and is eager to get on the practice field just as soon as training camps open.

The knee’s doing well,” Carter said, via “I’d probably say to myself that I’m about 85 percent. I will say that I am full speed, I’ve been cutting, it’s just kind of more like a mental thing more than it is physical. Just trying to get my feeling back and I feel pretty good about it. I’m ready to go.”

Of course, players’ optimism about how soon they can return from injuries isn’t always shared by team doctors, and it’s entirely possible that the Cowboys’ medical staff will have a different assessment of how ready to go Carter is.

But Carter says he feels good enough that he thinks he might be able to play right now. If the Cowboys had a game this week, Carter says of his playing status, “It would be a game time decision.”

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  1. well if he is as healthy as he says and then stays healthy then he could be a steal..since before his injury he was projected to be a 1st rnd..but the cowboys already said that he most likely wont play this year just to give him time to to recovery 100% from the injury..and to learn from brooking and james and the defense in general..wish the guy luck its always hard for a player of any sport to come back from an acl injury

  2. I must have missed the part where the Cowboys said “he most likely wont play this year”. ACL injuries and their subsequent repair are fairly common place now. The NC training staff was reporting that Carter was already well into his rehab at the time of the draft. Bruce Carter has the reputation of being a weight room warrior.

  3. 1bigtex: i saw it on the dallas morning news site like about a month or so after the draft..garrett said that if he plays it would be limited special teams and very limited defense..he said he has high hope for the guy to take over brookings spot..and at the same time lee take over james spot in the next year or 2..garrett just wanted to make sure he was 100% before he put him in on a full time basis or every 20 plays a game..but you never know..if brooking or james go down..he could step in to play sooner than they both expected

  4. He was projected to be a better fit in a 4-3 D, but Dallas took him anyway. As an Eagles fan I have no choice but to root against this guy even though I liked him 🙂

  5. Excited about this kid. Hopefully he can get/stay healthy. An eventual tandem of Sean Lee/Bruce Carter in the middle would be pretty sick.

  6. terrellblowens, you’re an eagles fan, so you pretty much have no choice except to stay skummy and superbowless

    1bigtex, after all the news coming out of Chapel Hill, do you really think you can trust anything coming from this place?

    that being said, i’m absolutely not a cowboy’s fan, but under brooking/with more time to heal, this guy could be a monster. best of luck to him

  7. …Just in time for Brandon Jacobs to run through him.


    When’s the last time Brenda Jacobs ran through anybody? Dude’s 6’4″ and 254 and plays like he’s 5’8″ and 175.

  8. When’s the last time Brenda Jacobs ran through anybody? Dude’s 6’4″ and 254 and plays like he’s 5’8″ and 175.


    Hmm… Let me think… I believe the last player he ran through was LaRon Landry a few years back. Not much running through anybody as of late, since the guy seems to slip behind the line scrimmage on every touch.

  9. I tore an ACL. The recovery time is obviously different for everyone. Still, there is really no possible way it could be fully healed by now.

    I know where he’s coming from though, it feels like it’s about 90%, when in fact there is still tissue that needs to mend and moreso, establish blood flow to the new ligament.

    Your strength in that area comes from the surrounding muscles, working in conjunction with the new, surgically-implanted graft.

    Minimum, it takes about 9 months to fully heal. The real danger is in coming back too quickly and compensating most of your weight on the other leg/knee, and doing the same thing there (see: Kampman, Aaron).

  10. @ ronmexico4life

    I don’t worry about Carter being from North Carolina. Obviously, he wasn’t caught up in the agent issues there(unlike that slug, Marvin Austin). Bruce Carter appears to be a “high character” guy. A former QB who was NC team captain, Carter tried to get the coaches to let him play with the torn ACL. When many of his fellow teammates took the “what’s in it for me” path, Bruce loaded the team on his back and plugged ahead. If anyone would get solid info about a player from the Tar Heels, I would think that it would be the Cowboys speaking with their former DC, Butch Davis.

    Regarding the recovery time, it does have a lot to do with the strength of the muscles around the injury. Bruce Carter has benched over 400, done 380 in the clean and jerk, and squatted over 600. That’s some pretty good core strength to build from. There had been some concerns about how much time he might see in Training Camp, but I think that Dallas always believed that he would be ready for the regular season and at least be an asset on Special Teams this year.

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