Niners’ “worst moments” come into focus on Thursday

As we move toward the conclusion of the “worst moments” franchise for each and every NFL franchise, even the teams that won three Super Bowls since the last work stoppage find themselves under the proverbial floodlight.

And that includes the 49ers, who took the trophy to cap the 1988, 1989, and 1994 seasons.

We’ll list the lowest of the lows on Thursday’s edition of PFT Live, before we open the phone lines for Sam Francisco from San Francisco to share his own memories of the team’s worst moments since 1987.

31 responses to “Niners’ “worst moments” come into focus on Thursday

  1. For me that picture you have up there now has definitely been the worst moment. The end of a dynasty. The injuries to Bryant Young and Garrison Hearst were also bad moments. Firing Steve Mariucci and the end of Eddie DeBartolo’s ownership also would rank up near the top for me.

  2. 1. Debartolo loses ownership.

    2. Yorks take over.

    3. Steve Young gets annihilated by Wilson.

    Those are my top 3. I was also thinking maybe our 2-14 season where we only beat one team twice (Cardinals) which led us to Nolan and Singeltary, but I still stick with my top 3.

  3. Eddie D losing the team.
    The day the Yorks took over
    Young’s Last Concussion
    Firing Seifert and hiring every coach until (fingers crossed) the new guy.
    Getting rid of Garcia
    Drafting Drunkenmiller (sp? but who cares)
    Drafting Smith @ #1… seems like a nice guy though
    Not drafting Jake Plummer
    Rice’s last game where TO was given just about every ball.
    Allowing TO to turn into the primadonna he became… ok that was more than a moment but he turned into a head case
    Not getting Trent Dilfer to become a QB coach
    The almost decision to modernize the uni’s with a stylized “49ers” logo
    The Candlestick Mall idea that killed a new ballpark

  4. Agreed on the first three above. A few others…

    Seemingly any NY Giant hit on Montana

    Jerry Rice’s injury

    But to me the worst is signing Lawrence Phillips who besides being a waste of space in life is also directly responsible for missing the block that ended Young’s career.

  5. Those three are by far the worst. Then after that Alex Smith has to be in the conversation along with Nolan/Singletary eras.

  6. I agree with the first 3 posters…if the order of comment posting isn’t changed.

  7. Where to begin? In no particular order:

    Getting busted cheating the salary cap in the mid-late 90’s

    Getting fined for giving players compensation on the side in the late 80’s. Team members and their families were flown to Hawaii for vacations. Rolex watches showed up on players’ pillows, and a good play on the field could result in a surprise pile of cash in a locker.

    Getting fined for laundering election campaign money in the 90’s

    Jerry Rice found by vice cops cowering in the bathroom of the Mountain View Spa, a notorious house of ill repute

    DeBartolo’s public feud with his sister and ending up having to give control of the franchise to her

    Giving the finger to the NFL regarding corporate ownership laws so they could save some tax money and getting fined half a mil for their trouble. The 49ers are still owned by the Edward J. DeBartolo Corp.

    Eddie DeBartolo and one of his goons assaulting an elderly Packer fan at Lambeau

    Alex Smith instead of Aaron Rodgers

    Eddie paying out a $200K settlement after being accused of sexually assaulting Gina Baross with a mop handle

    Eddie attempting to publicly humiliate Bill Walsh in front of the team after a loss (Walsh threatened to quit on the spot and Eddie really lost it)

    Eddie firing Mark Trestman during a press conference with no prior word to Trestman.

    Eddie buying reporters off by paying their travel expenses and treating them to $175/shot glasses of brandy

    Getting owned by the Cowboys and Packers in the early-mid 90’s

    Every day that the Yorks have been running the team.

  8. oh yeah, and signing Lawrence Phillips, who missed the block on the sack by Aeneas Williams that retired Steve Young.

  9. The following phase sums up the modern day Niners: With the first overall pick of the 2005 NFL draft the San Francisco 49ers select Alex Smith Quarterback University of Utah.

    From there on it was all down hill. Go head and list anything you want about other draft picks or poor performance from vets, but nothing compares to the statement above. Well maybe mentioning the coaching situation possibly.

  10. no particular order

    young getting blind sided when phillips missed the block

    letting singletary scare away scott linehan and then letting him hire jimmy raye

    mike nolan hiring mike martz to save his job instead of hiring the man who ran the same digit offense as norv turner in cam cameran

    hiring dennis erickson

    trading terrell owens for brandon freaking whiting

    giving ahmad plummer, kevin barlow, and terry donhugh extensions in the same few year period

    signing jonas jennings

    still not getting the stadium situation situated

    drafting mike rumph

    garrison hearst breaking his ankle the first play against the falcons

    thinking monte mcgomery, marc mcmillian, and ramos mcdonald were starting caliber nfl cornerbacks in 1999

    and anything that has to do with mike singletary

    the 2010 49ers season was worst than when we went 2-14 because we were the most predicable offense in the league and greg manunski had no balls when calling plays and instead let teams throw all over us while playing it safe with blitzes

    no joke before the last year I was pursuing my degree in sports management in hoping to one day pursue my dreams of being an nfl scout but the 49ers season 2010 season killed those dreams.

  11. melonnhead says: Jul 7, 2011 12:36 AM
    “Eddie firing Mark Trestman during a press conference with no prior word to Trestman.”

    Actually, I rather enjoyed that one. Trestman was a bum.

  12. I am really surprised that no one has mentioned the most haunting moment in my memory. The NFC Championship loss to the Giants in 1991. They should have won it all that year, it should have been a 3-peat. I have never been more distraught after a loss than I was that day.

  13. Kevin C says:
    Jul 6, 2011 11:30 PM

    Not drafting Jake Plummer
    Not getting Trent Dilfer to become a QB coach

    Uhh, these aren’t exactly bad things.

  14. Hey Melonnhead:
    With all of your gossipy off the field stuff, you sound more like a Niner hater than a fan.
    Are you really a Niner fan?
    I doubt it.
    Eddie D looks more like a saint every year we have to suffer through the current regime.
    For me, the worst moment was Roger Craig fumbling with 2:36 left that gave the ball back to the Giants in the NFC title game that helped kill a threepeat.
    Took all offseason to get over that one.
    If there is a football prison for gross misconduct, John York should be serving a life sentence.

  15. With all of your gossipy off the field stuff, you sound more like a Niner hater than a fan.
    Are you really a Niner fan?
    I doubt it.


    Uhhh no, I am not a 49er fan. In fact I think the 49ers organization since Edward J. DeBartolo bought the team and the DeBartolos as a family have brought nothing but shame to the NFL.

    And all that stuff that I listed is not “gossipy off the field stuff”. It’s all well-documented. What you call “suffering”, I call “karma”.

  16. What is it with Bay Area teams replacing a decent (or, in the case of the Niners, great) ownership group with a shockingly bad one? First the Warriors getting stuck with Cohan for damn close to two decades and then the worst thing that ever happened to the Niners … John York, owner. Remember those classy decisions he made like charging the players postage or locking the Gatorade cooler if it wasn’t a formal practice?

    As for other bad things, let’s not forget some of the wasted first round picks … Jim Druckenmiller anyone?

  17. @melonnhead … no real complaints with what you wrote with the exception of Trestman. Sure it wasn’t a classy way to get rid of him but he absolutely deserved to go. Terminating Trestman was definitely not a “worst moment”.

  18. I’ve been a Niner fan since my grandmother lived next door to John Brody in Palo Alto in 1971. I’ve watched every Niner game since I was 6.

    By far the three worst moments for me were the playoff losses in 1987 (divisional round against Wade Wilson and the Vikes), 1992 (NFC Championship game loss to the Cowboys) and the 1993 (divisional loss to Favre’s Packers).

    The Vikings loss was so stunning it was like we all got hit with a sledgehammer. I think Anthiny Carter had like 200 yards receiving that day. I didn;t even know who Wade Wilson was. Walsh actually pulled Montana for Young in the 3rd quarter of that game.

    The 2nd play of the ’92 Championship was a picture perfect 70 yard TD strike from Young to Rice but they called Guy McIntyre for a total chicken-shat holding call and we never really recovered. Alvin Harper completely torched Eric Davis that day too.

    The ’93 divisional loss to Green Bay hurt a ton. I remember how the Packers linebackers held Brent Jones on every play that day. It was awful.

    Then oblivion after ’02. But coach Harbaugh is the real deal. We will be back in the playoffs next year if not this January. He’s that good. I’m tellin’ ya!

  19. lots of worse moments noted above than mine – but Roger Craigs fumble against NY Giants in the ’90 championship game cost the Niners history as the would have certainly rolled over Buffalo that year in the Superbowl to win back-to-back-to-back titles.

    my worse Niner moment ever was when Eddie D lost the team…. plain & simple. Miss you Eddie.

  20. @melonnhead … no real complaints with what you wrote with the exception of Trestman. Sure it wasn’t a classy way to get rid of him but he absolutely deserved to go. Terminating Trestman was definitely not a “worst moment”.


    Yeah I meant how he was fired, not that he was fired.

  21. Mine is the premature passing of Bill Walsh.

    Although I hate to put his in the same comment, Singletary dropping his drawers in front of the team. So much with him but losing Heitmann in the stupid nutcracker drill has to be up there also, along with his inability to understand the 30 second and game clocks.

  22. Yeah I meant how he was fired, not that he was fired.

    Oh, I know. Could have been handled better … should have been done earlier … in fact, he never should have been hired.

  23. Look at the morons posting about Alex Smith sending us “downhill”.

    Did you guys forget the terrible season that we already had in order to make that pick? We were already at the bottom!

    Are you saying it got worse than 2-14? Who were our starting WRs the following season? Curtis Conway?


  24. @ ccsint

    Ya it was downhill after that honestly Jeff Garcia was the best the QB since Young and the team didn’t keep him the season that lead up to that draft pick was the year he left. Thousand of fans in Cleveland would like to thank the Niners for making the Browns think Jeff was the answer.

    But as an Eagle fan Garcia worked out for us Sorry!!

  25. Spicoli, 9ers DIDN’T cheat the salary cap. They worked the loopholes that were IN the salary cap. Also just to clear it up the “violations” occurred AFTER that season when they were trying to keep everyone together. Brent Jones would have been a Cap Casualty. Look it up, he wasn’t a Free Agent the year before that Super Bowl. He was a Free Agent shortly afterward.

    Why did they get hammered so hard then? Because the Cap was written with the 49ers in mind. The rest of the league is mostly in large viewing market. The 49ers are in a small viewing market and the old guard didn’t like that they could compete with them. Isn’t it funny how Jones and Snyder can write big checks to their guys, be considered to be hitting that Cap ceiling so they have to cut guys who not only do not get cut, but you don’t even hear about a reworked deal.

    You know what you can do with your “cheating” reference. 😉

  26. A few thoughts… Paul Tagliabue was jealous of the 49ers organization as a Redskins honk and personally did everything in his power to destroy the organization.

    The way Eddie D. dumped Trestman was the pure beauty of Eddie D. “He’s Gone”

    The fact that Eddie D. had goons was EPIC!

    The Uniform change was the worst as well as painting the field at Candlestick differently.

    By Far the two worst moments are the 1987 Divisional Loss to the Vikings and the 1990 NFC Championship Loss to the Giants because the 49ers had a great shot to win 4 Super Bowls in a row.

    Jerry Rice chasing tail in a brothel is cool even if he was recommended to go there by JJ Stokes and Gary Plummer.

    The NFL is MUCH BETTER with the glamour 49ers on TOP instead of these lackluster lack of style bums they have now. BORING LEAGUE!

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