Owners meeting on July 21, if not sooner


As some of the owners prepare to return to the bargaining table in New York on Thursday, July 7, in all of them will be getting together in Atlanta on Thursday, July 21.

But it’s not a recent development.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the owners were told during a May meeting in Indianapolis that the next two meetings would be held on June 21 in Chicago, and then on July 21 in Atlanta.

The source expressed optimism that the meeting could be — and would be — held earlier if a deal is reached between the league and the players in the short term.  At some point, the owners must ratify any agreement, with at least 24 of the 32 giving the proposed accord a proverbial thumb’s up.

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  1. July 21st will be the day Roger Goodell holds a presser saying they did all they could but hes sad to say the preseason is cancelled and then will add they will try hard to get a deal done to save the season,…then like Iv said for over two years, around Thanksgiving of this year Roger will not only hold a presser saying hes sad to announce the 2011 season is cancelled but that hes also stepping down as commish,…the good news is, you will all survive a year with no NFL,..trust me you will all be fine. Take care.

  2. As one of my favorite quotes from Futurama goes,

    “You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo!”

  3. Does a ratification vote require all the owners to be in the same room? I doubt it.

    I’m sure with all the technology we have today, a formal owner’s meeting won’t be necessary to ratify a new CBA.

  4. AS IF the mere fact that this is not just another meeting but a multi-billion dollar deal. You would think that would supercede every damn meeting they have and they would get it done now. Not wait until July 21st. Who the hell negotiates one week here, one week another month, when it involves this much money???? Don’t you wish you could beat and kick the crap out of these morons!!!!! And they are rich…that is the probably where the fool and his money line came from!!!!

  5. @clblay78 it depends on the time of the day. Around 5pm, there will be an optimistic article. Around 11pm a pessimistic article.

  6. So the owners want to potentially drag this out for another 15 days, and that assumes 24 of them will agree to a new CBA. Good to know.

    I have the feeling it’s not going to be easy to get 75% of the owners to agree. The 1,700 players all basically have the same wants and needs, but there’s going to be a huge difference in what the Cowboys, Redskins, and Patriots want as opposed to what the Bills, Jaguars, and Bengals want.

    The judges in St. Louis need to make a ruling. Either way, just tell everyone whether or not the lockout is legal. It it isn’t, open the doors and have the owners proceed with a set of league rules without a CBA. If the court feels it is legal, at least have the courtesy of letting everyone know where they stand.

  7. “Owners Meeting July 21st, if not sooner”

    Did they happen to mention in what year???

    No rush fellas.

  8. I’d really like to know what are these Owners doing that is so important other than getting a deal done?

    These guys don’t want a season obviously.

  9. If this was scheduled previously, then what’s the point of the worry? Obviously, they’ll meet to ratify a deal, whenever a deal is made -regardless of previously scheduled meetings.

  10. a deal is imminent. we’re going to lose 2 preseason games. thats 2 less BS games that i have to worry about one of my team’s star players suffering a catastrophic injury…..im all for it. im hoping that they wait until the last week of july to settle. 3 weeks of training camp, 2 preseason games….and then the fun begins.

  11. They won’t lose 2 preseason games, as they will lose $500Million if they do. This will be settled by july 15th. They don’t need the judge to get this done.

  12. Could care less anymore they lost me. But NFL s loss is the MLB’s gain glad the Phils are leading the league.

  13. I wish everyone would give these guys a break, some of them have already worked two whole days this week!

  14. Hey lovesportsandsurfing, it’s great how you’re rooting for no football this year. Doesn’t matter how many people will be disappointed about not being able to see their favorite sport. Or more importantly, how many people are going to be hurt financially. Like my buddy who owns a sports bar and probably won’t be able to survive without the appoximatly $100,000 the NFL season add’s to his revenue. None of that matters to you. What’s really important to you is to be able to go on a message board and say “SEE, I WAS RIGHT”.

  15. Sounds like this is strictly an owners meeting to give a thumbs up or down based on any probable deals that may be taking place as we speak. However this is two weeks away and there will be more at stake here than dumping a couple preseason games, hell we haven’t even addressed free agency yet ! Lots of players not even signed with their own or some other team. Worse yet, they may say were sorry America but we will not be having an NFL season this year. There seems to be no sense of urgency here. They need to get their s–t together and quick !!

  16. revischrist…
    yeah, there is a surprisingly large number of commenters/thumbdowners rooting for the collapse of talks.

    The good thing is they’ll mostly disappear when the football season starts and go back to chatting on facebook about climate change…

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