T.O. pitches a sitcom based on his life

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As he gets closer and closer to the end of his football career, receiver Terrell Owens is doing everything he can to lay the foundation for the continuation of his money-for-nothing lifestyle.

According to The Daily, T.O. is shopping a sitcom titled 8 & 1.  Naturally, T.O. would be the star.

“It’s loosely based on my life and my career.  I have four kids by three different moms,” Owens said.  “It will showcase my skills as an actor, which is something I want to do after football.”

Owens, who currently is recovering from a torn ACL, would play “Terrell O’Neal” (why even bother to revise the name?), an NFL player nearing the end of his career.  The fictional T.O. lives with his mother, his best friend, two women with whom he fathered children, and four kids.

“It’s no different from football — it’s all about hard work,” Owens said about acting. “I have a good work ethic.  If I can put the same effort into acting.  Now I watch a movie and I pay attention to camera angles and body language.  It’s 3-D.”

But it’s not just about hard work.  It’s about talent.  And based on his past efforts to play himself, both on Tosh.0 and Owens’ now-defunct reality show on VH1, his acting talent doesn’t match his football talent.

Of course, the lack of acting talent didn’t impede Roseanne Barr or Jerry Seinfeld.  So maybe T.O. is onto something.

58 responses to “T.O. pitches a sitcom based on his life

  1. no one wants to watch that b.s. there are already enough crappy shows on tv

  2. “It’s loosely based on my life and my career. I have four kids by three different moms,” Owens said.

    Very few people find multiple children born out of wedlock to be a humorous situation.

  3. “Now I watch a movie and I pay attention to camera angles and body language.”

    I watched 10 seasons of ER and 5 seasons of Top Chef but I doubt your letting me do surgery and I am incapable of making toast.

  4. “It’s loosely based on my life and my career. I have four kids by three different moms,” Owens said.

    You should have Travis Henry as your coach. T.O. has a long way to go to catch up with him.

  5. @4gone

    but you can watch 10 seasons of NFL and 5 seasons of college ball and become a football expert blogger or journalist who can rip coaches & players.

  6. “I have four kids by three different moms,”

    Wow, if that’s all it takes to become an actor, then Travis Henry and Antonio Cromartie are shoo ins for Oscars.

    Give us a break already, the very few people that actually find his act anything less than tiresome and obnoxious, probably aren’t a target demographic: 40-year old morons living with their parents with kids from multiple moms, between jobs, and IQs less than 80.

  7. I’ll tell you what – if Terrell Owens rides a bull the way Chad did, I’ll watch it.

    He’ll be doing Shape-Ups commercials with Joe Montana before you know it.

  8. Whatta nice wholesome sitcom for kids to watch. The rich ego driven black athelete has 3 baby mommas, 4 kids, a divorce from cheating repeatedly and dates 22 yr old skanks on the side, while fighting for camrea time on and off the field, ripping teamates and doing front yard sit-ups.

    1.) T.O’s best acting performance was, “Thats my quarterback man” … in the NFL movie, Tony Romo can’t win playoff games, Rated R.

  9. “It’s loosely based on my life and my career. I have four kids by three different moms”

    Now that’s a great message to send today’s youth T.O

    That is really humorous. Why not call it 5 x15……

    5 teams/15 years

  10. Also in the show will be Antonio Cromartie who lives with his seven mamas of his eight kids who will be TO’s next door neighbor

    And three of Cromartie’s kids are named Two as he shared during Hard Knocks.

  11. Sitcom is loosely based on his life. His life is loosely based on reality.

  12. An alternative title considered was “Black Bieber In Chains, But With Muscles”.

  13. T.O. is on my list of people that I can not wait to hear from/about again. All he is is a massive ego filled with self pity. I can think of no players above him on any list of players that destroy teams faster and more effectively than he does.

  14. I wonder how he’ll spin the pain killer overdose saga….

    yeah I have 25 million reasons not to watch it

  15. Can’t we just make a bust of him, put it in Canton and make him live on an island somewhere, where there’s no electricity or phone signal?

  16. With his career winding down, T.O. getting nervous about the prospect of life without a camera to mug for.
    If he ends up on the street he’ll set up his mattress under a street corner surveillance camera.

  17. Make him Charlies replacement on 2 1/2 men. They would be trading one primodonna for another!

  18. I’d be wayyyy more interested in a show about Antonio Cromartie and his baby mommas than TO imho

  19. T.O. needs to disappeer and remain that way. or kill himself with a green and silver gun while eagles fan chant e..a..g…l…e…s…eagles!!! then BOOM!!!! Does this guy even have any fans?? lmao

  20. Maybe the first episode could be about all his Super Bowl rings.

  21. Roseanne and Seinfeld didn’t have the acting chops but they had comedic genius and the good sense to surround themselves with brilliant actors and let them shine. T.O.’s idea of funny is fathering four children by three women. And can you imagine him letting anyone else steal the spotlight? Ugh.

  22. If people are watching a bunch of “housewives” with bad attitudes and bad cosmetic facial changes, they’ll watch this.

  23. Why would T.O. think that anyone is even remotely interested in watching a reality TV show about his life? Isn’t it bad enough that we had to watch him do situps in his driveway?

  24. This sitcom, like most of em, needs a mouthy wife with a big can and a crazy neighbor. I’d cast Nicki Minaj for the wife and Ron Artest as ‘Metta’ the Guy next door.

    First episode plot: TO loses his playbook and adlibs the opener. Ochocinco guest stars.

  25. rcali says:

    If people are watching a bunch of “housewives” with bad attitudes and bad cosmetic facial changes, they’ll watch this.

    But that’s not a sitcom. It’s “reality.” Jerry Springer meets Gucci.

  26. Do we really need this? Honestly?

    Seinfeld was “a show about nothing”. This would be a show about less than nothing loosely based on the life of a nobody.

    Then again, if Two and a Half Men made Charlie Sheen borderline lovable, then how would Owens end up looking?

  27. On the upside, thank God I live in Canada… it keeps me safe from crummy shows on U.S. cable TV, like this monstrosity!

  28. I think TNT is running one based on Braylon Edwards. I’ve seen ads for a show about a therapist who is trying to help a diva wide receiver who can’t hold onto the ball.

  29. How would it make TO look…. well Webster made Alex Karras look like a softie so anything’s possible.

    Didn’t catch the plot details earlier, darn smartphone. So Nicki Minaj and Metta would have to be the landlord couple, like the Ropers. And the chick from Precious would have to be a baby mama, for max comic effect. If Martin could run for 5 years, then this could go at least a season with the right cast … wouldn’t be the worst thing on the tube. Maybe.

  30. @cincinnasti

    close… I edited it for you “Four Kids, 3 Baby Momma’s and 1/2 a man”


  31. Sort of like Seinfeld of pro football, although they should get someone funny to play T.O. like Jamie Fox, or Tony Rock. Def not T.O.

  32. i think there’s an ‘h’ missing in the term ‘sitcom’for that.

  33. Why are people celebrating this terrible lifestyle of baby mommas? Society is going down the drain.

  34. I can already see the catch phase for the show “I love me some me”.

    The truth is this is America Charlie Sheen played the White version of the same character for years except one played piano and the other football. I know I know Charlie Sheen isn’t actually white.

    If the show were about a dead beat former athlete trying to make it up to his kids I’d probably watch it, especially if Tyler Perry didn’t get involved than half the show would have a weird religious theme that would seems out of place.

  35. been watching this self-absorbed sponge for glory all these years…

    his show will be titled “out of the closet”.


  36. Life Story Of Terrell Owens:

    A-hole is born
    A-hole grows up
    A-hole plays football
    A-hole gets drafted by the 49ers
    A-hole does situps in driveway
    A-hole retires without a ring
    A-hole dies

    The end.

  37. First let me say that I am totally against this idea for a tv show. It is morally reprehensible and without any redeeming social value–sort of like anything Tyler Perry is involved with.

    However, judging from all of the reality crap that passes for must see tv I could see this show being a hit.

  38. Can’t wait for the episode where Octomom makes a guest appearance.

    Yes, said with sarcasm, just in case you were wondering.

  39. Earlier this morning I pinched a loaf, based on T.O.’s life. A turd was born, then it was flushed away.

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