Takeo Spikes doesn’t support player-organized workouts

Free agent linebacker Takeo Spikes has said this offseason that he won’t participate in the 49ers’ player-organized workouts because he isn’t under contract to the 49ers in 2011. But plenty of players who are headed for free agency when the lockout ends are still working out with the players who were their teammates last season, and Spikes acknowledges that there’s more to his absence from the 49ers’ player-organized workouts.

Basically, Spikes told the 2 Live Stews, he just doesn’t like player-organized workouts, thinks they’re a bad idea and thinks players participating are interested in good press as much as they’re genuinely interested in getting better.

I’m not in favor of those,” Spikes said, via Sports Radio Interviews. “And the reason why is because, number one, I think guys are doing because the next man is doing it. It’s like, if you are going to do what you are going to do, I’ve always been taught — and I live by this creed — that what you do in private will be displayed in public one day, so you don’t have to try to keep up with the Joneses and try to do something because, hey, this quarterback is doing it, so I’m going to do it.”

Spikes also said he thinks the players who have been unable to attend offseason workouts have been unfairly singled out for criticism.

“The next thing I hate about it is the fact that some guys legitimately they can’t come,” Spikes said. “They can’t come and so when you let the media come in and tape the workouts the first thing they are going to say is where is so-and-so? From that point, on whether it is wrong or right or indifferent, the media guys will paint a picture to the public about a guy who can’t legitimately come.”

Ultimately, Spikes says he’s of the opinion that football players should know how to stay in shape on their own without needing to get together with their teammates.

“If you can’t wake up in the morning, go work out, do what you are supposed to do and come back and have the rest of the day to do what you want to do,” Spikes said, “then you got a problem.”

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  1. It’s been established that they’re pretty much done for PR reasons….

    Also, player organized workout news = still boring.

  2. takeo’s injury has got to be on the bills worst moments list. he’s one of the lone bright spots in the last decade.

  3. Takeo Spikes also does not support playing for an above .500 team…

    He actually has not played for a NFL team with a winning record.

  4. First of all, not all of these guys are doing this for the media attention. That’s WAY off. Case in point, Patriots workouts took place in hidden locations, with the media not getting close to being up close to the players. And once the location was given out, they immediately moved it in order to be away from distractions and better able to focus.

    2nd of all, these workouts aren’t just getting together, lifting weights, and stretching. They are running through drills, plays, schemes, whatever. This is especially important for the rookies coming in, as well as 2nd year players who need this type of experience and aren’t getting it otherwise.

    Go to a Patriot workout and see how many people are getting away with half effort and are there for the media. Wake up Spikes.

  5. Takeo should really shut up!! There is nothing wrong with guys working out together if they want to. It’s not about doing it because someone else is doing it, guys are just working out together as teammates and keeping in shape. What’s wrong with that? It sounds like he’s bitter about something that has more to do than just working out!!

  6. So if everyone is doing it because the other guy did, does that means everyone was just following Philip Rivers and the Charger’s lead? Common now lol! Team’s want to win and keep themselves in as much football shape as possible. They didn’t do the workouts just because they saw the Chargers start them.

    Although the teams who announced their workouts to the media and advertised it were pretty pathetic imo.

  7. Never quite understood why a guy who’s play never approached super star status, still enjoyed the profile of one.

  8. Actually, the 2004 Buffalo Bills went 9-7 and fell short of the playoffs. A little research helps before you insult people.

  9. First off… I’ve been a 49er Faithful my entire life and this entire past decade has been a tough swallow. I think Takeo has been a GREAT leader on and off the field and even though he’s a bit older I would like to see him back again for 2011.

    With that said… I would have to disagree with him 100%. Whether or not “Camp Alex” turns out to be a major success… you can’t argue the fact that they are at least getting familiar with the verbiage and nuts n bolts of the new offense. The 49ers are one of the few that have an entirely new System in place and thus are at a HUGE disadvantage the longer the lock-out goes on. They didn’t go out and do 7 on 7 drills or anything like that… they went out and worked getting the play called in the huddle, lining up in the right spot and running basic routes. It hardly seemed like a Publicity Stunt IMO and seemed as more of a team-building, crash course session into the new system.

  10. Way to be a team player in a very team oriented sport. Private workouts may work for HIM, but his attitude is spitting in the face of players who are working out with other teammates.

  11. As a 49ers fan, I have to disagree with Spikes. With the organization having a new coaching staff, new offense and a new QB I think these workouts are very important to the offense.
    We need all the practice we can get after last year.

  12. PR or no PR,

    The players are working for free right now while risking injury.

    I have a ton of respect for the ones that are out there trying to improve.

  13. First off, I definitely respect the guys getting together to workout. I’m not a big niners fan, but I like to follow the team.

    I also have to respect free agents that aren’t under contract, deciding not to attend. If any free agent tears an acl? Sucks for them, there’s no team that’s going to pay the doc this time.

    Does anyone know how much defensive work they were doing anyway?

  14. @phillyjoej

    9-7 is a winning record regardless of whether or not they went to the playoffs. are you saying the year the Patriots went 11-5 without Brady and missed the playoffs was a losing season? a little intelligence and common sense helps before you insult somebody.

  15. My apologies for not doing the research…

    I would like to correct my previous statement, by saying:

    Takeo Spikes has been part of exactly 1 team that was 1 game over .500 in 13 years in the league… much better?

    Carry on

  16. I saw Takeo Spikes up close. He is a physical specimen and could probably be Mr. Universe.

  17. screw off scrub.. players can do what they want.. somneone wants to get better abd thinks being with teamamtes will make them better.. then who cares what you think … I appauld the players who have gone to workout with teammates and tried to get better.

  18. Yeah Takeo is an Atlanta Hawks season tix holder–so I see him a lot the back half of the Basketball season. He is a Physical specimen no doubt. But I think you guys are overrating his Neck! His Head is super small, so it makes his neck look vicious. If you saw him up close it looks like a movie “Honey I shrunk his Head!”.

  19. I wish Takeo would just admit that the real reason he wants nothing to do with these workouts is Alex Smith. He has been nothing but bad luck for the franchise and Harbaugh’s decision to keep him is only a play to tank the season and grab Andrew Luck next Spring.

    I wouldn’t support anything Alex Smith-sponsored either.

  20. Stereotyping players that attend workouts out as doing it for the good press is much worse than defending those that don’t show up. What about the players fighting for a spot on a squad that attend workouts to legitimately improve? He’s putting them in the same class as everyone else. If Takeo wants to criticize players that show up, he should also criticize the ones that don’t.

    Bottom line is that Takeo doesn’t want to be knocked for not showing up so he downplays the group to which he doesn’t belong (the players working out), and defends the group to which he does (the players that don’t). Can’t you make the argument that Takeo is also trying to do this to mitigate bad press?

    This article has hypocrite written all over it.

  21. heisthejuan says:
    Jul 6, 2011 10:47 PM
    Is that why your cousin Brandon skipped the Pats player organized workouts?

    When the Pats drafted Brandon I wondered if they were related but figured they weren’t. But you are right. I just did a little checking, they are cousins.

    I always respected TKO as a player on a division opponent when he was in Buff and just in general. I am disappointed that he would criticize other players for working out together.

  22. Maybe he’s preoccupied working on the latest edition of his Comcast special and not focused on football ( and Work ) . . ? zzzzzz

  23. “the media guys will paint a picture to the public about a guy who can’t legitimately come.”

    There’s pills ya’ know

  24. zillabeast says:Jul 7, 2011 12:50 AM
    “I wish Takeo would just admit that the real reason he wants nothing to do with these workouts is Alex Smith. He has been nothing but bad luck for the franchise”

    ^ sssshhh, 49er fans like to turn a blind eye to reality (which explains why their team sucks)

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