Brandon Marshall finally speaks to investigators

Getty Images

The Broward State Attorney’s office say they usually take about a month to decide whether to press charges in a case like the one Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi were involved in.

It’s been two and a half months since Michi Nogami-Marshall was arrested for aggravated battery and we still haven’t heard anything.

One reason for the delay: Brandon Marshall refused to speak to police until recently.  Alex Marvez of reports Marshall finally talked after being served a subpoena.

“He indeed appeared at the Broward state attorney’s office and gave a statement to investigators,” Broward County sheriff’s office spokesman Ron Ishoy told Marvez. “The investigation continues.”

Michi Nogami-Marshall initially told police she was acting in self defense, which could be a problem for Brandon Marshall considering his long track record of problems with the league.