Despite knee surgery, Maurice Jones-Drew still wants to “carry the load”

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Coming off major knee surgery for a reported “bone-on-bone” condition, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew faces more questions heading into a season than any time since his rookie year.

The team’s website has suggested backup Rashad Jennings will get more of the workload in 2011, but MJD isn’t trying to hear that.

I can still carry the load regardless of what surgery I had or whatnot,” Jones-Drew told Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union. “They’re going to be kind of anxious to throw Rashad [Jennings] in, and they’re already kind of scared of my knee.”

Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter says he isn’t overly concerned, but the coaching staff hasn’t been able to see Mo-Jo practice because of the lockout.  It will be telling to see how Jones-Drew looks to open camp.

“I want to be able to be out the gates playing because it’s a production-based business. They’re already skeptical maybe it’s his knee, maybe we’re working him too hard, we should give him a break,” Jones-Drew said.

Jennings is an excellent backup, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use him more.  Few running backs have more responsibilties than Jones-Drew because of his quality play on third downs and in short-yardage situation.  Still, he doesn’t want to give up anything.

“If I have to go through double days in camp to prove it, I will,” Jones-Drew said. “I’m fine.”

14 responses to “Despite knee surgery, Maurice Jones-Drew still wants to “carry the load”

  1. I imagine Eric Dickerson still wants to “carry the load” but it doesn’t mean he can.

  2. I think the Jags would be wise to give Rashad Jennings more touches this year to keep MJD more fresh

  3. MJD is arguably the best all around every down back in the league. He can get the tough 3rd and 2 up the gut. He’s exceptional at catching out of the backfield and stretching the field for the deep ball. He’s a great blocker. He has great vision of the field and picks his openings wisely. MJD’s only problem is Rashad Jennings seems to have most of those same attributes.
    I love you MJD and I know you still have a 3-4 solid elite years in you, but in the wise words of Janet Jackson “What Have You Done For Me Lately” is and always will be the NFL’s theme song.

  4. Yes you should definitely carry the load and shorten your career. Longevity is so overrated!

  5. You knew the reckless abandon the guy plays with was taking its toll. Apologies to those that get pissy about the topic, but this really will be one of the hot-button issues for fantasy football geeks. Dude has always been productive, and he played almost every week last year despite constant reports of knee problems. He’s always been a gamer, and always been a fantasy monster because of his consistensy and touchdown numbers. I’d rather pass on him than risk getting him at number six or seven the year he finally breaks down for good, but you know he’ll most likely gut out another campaign or two, and be a steal for someone in round two. In any case, I hope he has another couple of years left in the tank, as the sawed-off little ball of anger is fun to watch. The Jags may as well run the wheels off him as long as he can go– there’s no future to save him for with those knees.

  6. Jennings will get more, as he’ll move into that all-important 3rd season. He was starting to get his sea legs under him last year. With another offseason, I think he’ll be ready to make those line jukes that’ll give him a smaller guy to knock over. And don’t forget Deji Karim! Didn’t you see him run away from everyone in the last couple games? Dude’s fast.

    I will say that I love seeing MJD motivated. Like he needed it, but his history has always been one of overcoming adversity. If he gets a spoonful of it before this year, great. Between him and Garrard, if the chips on their shoulders motivate them, we may be in for a show.

  7. I can’t wait to hear what Cutler has to say when MoRon MoJo misses half a dozen games in 2011 (if there is a season, which is looking less and less likely).

    As a side note, Jennings was balling when he got in last year.

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