Jamal Lewis, Takeo Spikes named as patients of Dr. Galea


When Dr. Anthony Galea admitted in court on Wednesday that he illegally smuggled human growth hormone into the United States, the names of three athletes came up: Tiger Woods, Jamal Lewis and Takeo Spikes. But while those three were among 20 or so athletes treated by Dr. Galea, that doesn’t mean any of them did anything wrong.

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara asked prosecutors on Wednesday who Galea’s patients were, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul J. Campana said, “Dr. Galea’s patients were professional athletes.”

When the judge asked, “Like who?” the prosecutor mentioned Woods, Spikes and Lewis.

The prosecutor did not say what kind of treatment Woods, Spikes and Lewis got from Galea, and not all of the services Galea provided involved banned performance-enhancing substances.

Lewis has called Galea a great guy getting a bad rap. Indications have been that prosecutors do not plan to charge athletes who have been treated by Galea.

19 responses to “Jamal Lewis, Takeo Spikes named as patients of Dr. Galea

  1. still cant believe the media doesnt harp on woods being linked to this doctor, its almost as if they pretend it never happened, well it did happen and lets never forget that fact

  2. No wonder Spikes doesn’t like team workouts, he doesn’t need to work on anything he has Mr. Galea to help him with those human growth hormones. Haha

  3. I’m kind of curious why this Dr. Galea NEEDED to smuggle it illegally. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a very common way for any Joe Schmoe to get some Human Growth Hormone (HGH). If he had just written a prescription, those guys could have gotten it LEGALLY from their pharmacies.

  4. wow, you all jump to conclusions and judge awfully quickly. Did I miss where it says those 3 used HGH? Does it say he gave it to all of his patients? NO, it does not so stop assuming!

    False allegations like you all are making on this site are libelous in nature and legally, you could be sued. I’m just sayin’!

    I’m talking about the posters, not the writer of this article because he’s smart enough to not do something as ignorant as make accusations that are unsupported and lacking any type of evidence.

  5. Are there really any NFL players that people would really be shocked if they were linked to HGH? Nate Kaeding maybe?

  6. Everyone leave poor Takeo alone, its a lotta pressure playing next to a tackling machine like Patrick Willis….he needs this stuff man!

  7. I always think its funny how a guy can say something that is truthful and then get attacked by the media. I have no idea about this story being true or not but the timing of it coming on the heels of TKO speaking the truth is just wrong. This happens all the time and the media will just hold on to info and at the right time just leak it out. Now this story did not just happen yesturday but after Mr. Spikes goes on air saying something that is not well liked by the media he gets the buisness. Sad, sad , sad.

  8. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a heart surgeon to see that a combination of low-dosage testosterone (one that keeps you under the tested limit but gives you a slight boost) and HGH given in “cycles” would greatly help muscle growth, stamina and injury recovery.

    Combine that with the newer platelet therapy where they withdraw you own blood, concentrate the platelets and red blood cells and re-inject it back into your body (or at injured locations) and you can clearly see why professional athletes are seeking out and finding these “specialists”.

    It works.

    What really needs to be done once and for all with drug testing for athletes is BLOOD TESTS. And those blood samples need to be kept on file for DECADES and re-tested periodically when the technology of testing catches up with the technology of cheating.

    The embarrassment of getting caught remains the last true deterrent in the war against PED’s. The fans and media can’t let up. Ever. We can’t ever go “blah” on the issue.

    This is a war that CAN be won. It just takes a lot tougher testing standards (blood, hair, urine) and not to be afraid of testing again and again and again.


  9. Some people need to do some serious research. HGH is not a powerful steroid like the media would lead us to believe. It’s just a peptide hormone made up of amino acids. The reason it is villified is due to it being undetectable in urine.

    I would be more willing to believe that Takeo’s neck size has more to do with him putting a lot of time into the gym as opposed to injecting HGH.

    All that being said, I am not opposed to athletes using HGH for recovery, as it speeds up the recovery timetable, which is especially important in older athletes who’s recovery takes 2 to 3 times as long as some of these 23 year olds out there.

  10. Would somebody give Tiger this guys email or cell number? Golf is so boring this summer.

  11. The bottom line is it’s entertainment. How many people cheat or take things to perform better at their jobs. people it happens and at the end of the day you want to see the home runs or the track person run fast. Is it fair to the ordinary joe that works hard and is a good player? No, but it is the people in the stands and at home that want to be entertained at the end of the day.

  12. @ dirtyharry1971

    The 4letter is very cautious when it comes to Woods. They are afraid of losing the limited access they have now. They will never break a story disparaging Woods and will only report one when they can’t ignore it anymore.

  13. Well of course HGH is being used by football players…why do you think they are dead set against blood tests?

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