New York attorney general probes NFL lockout


The attorney general for the state of New York is investigating whether the NFL lockout violates state antitrust laws.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says he’s launching the probe because ordinary workers could be affected by the lockout. The state of New York has already lost one source of revenue because of the lockout, as the Jets have decided to have their training camp at their facility in New Jersey, rather than the regular site at the State University of New York at Cortland.

Assistant Attorney General Richard L. Schwartz wrote a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informing him of the investigation.

The expected blow to the state’s economy will be tremendous,” Schwartz wrote, via the Buffalo News. “Many New York public and private institutions depend heavily on the NFL training camp and regular season games to generate revenue.”

The NFL issued a brief statement saying, “We will review the letter with our attorneys and then respond to the assistant attorney general.”

18 responses to “New York attorney general probes NFL lockout

  1. Players are probably sitting there thinking, “You couldn’t have done this three months ago, when we could have used the leverage?”

    Now that a deal appears to be close, it seems everyone is starting to pile on to show that they were standing up for… something. First the retired players’ lawyers have to make a fuss to show they’re looking out for their clients, now these guys are probably trying to appeal to voters in general and Labor in particular, now that it looks like things will be settled so they won’t actually have to follow through on it.

  2. “these guys are probably trying to appeal to voters in general…”

    Bingo! The joy of modern politics – since the average voter is an illiterate moron, all you have to do is LOOK like you’re doing something while you’re sitting at your desk watching the campaign contributions roll in. Beats working for a living! For all the huffing and puffing about the deficit, have you seen either side propose a drastic cut in THEIR salaries and/or THEIR benefits?

  3. Am I the only person who see this as way for a politician to get some free publicity? If the lockout affects the season how many games in NY state will be missed?

  4. what a tremendous waste of taxpayer money and resources! don’t 2 of the 3 NY state teams play in NJ?!?!? what lost revenue are they they talking about that will be a tremendous blow to the state’s economy, the revenue generated by the Bills, a team that is constantly rumored to be among relocation candidates because of its lack of revenue? I find it hard to believe a delayed or even cancelled season would be a ‘tremendous’ blow to the economy based solely on the revenue generated by the Buffalo Bills.

  5. This is how it was always going to be, and it’s just the slightest tip of the iceberg.

    Once real money starts being lost, politicians will start getting involved more and more. There was never a chance the owners would be able to lock out players for a season, and no chance for that anti-trust lawsuit either.

    Right now the days for the league and PA* are wide open for negotiations. Best get a deal done now on your own terms before those days are filled up with dog and pony show Q&A sessions before Congress.

  6. This has very little to do with money and very much to do with the appearance of taking on “goliath” so that it appears the AG is fighting for the people.

    Timing is everything.

  7. Glad to see the NY attorney general doesn’t have anything better to do then attempt to interject in the sports world.

  8. Excellent. More pressure on the owners.

    The Gov’t should have been after them early on.

  9. Surprise surprise, another worthless bloodsucking attorney has decided to make it about him and try to use the lockout to gain 5 min of fame. Trust me, if there is no nfl season, people will find something else to spend their money on. That money doesn’t just disappear bcs of the lockout (as it seems this assclown believes).

  10. Ok, the basis for the anti trust suit is that the NFL is a cartel because there’s no altenative? What about the UFL or CFL. Are they not professional football organizations?? Can somebody clear this up for me?

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