No supplemental draft date set


Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has added some intrigue to this year’s supplemental draft.  (He’s also added someone worth drafting; we’re not sure that was the case before.)

Pryor’s representative, Drew Rosenhaus, is confident Pryor can be a quarterback at the next level, but he’s not sure yet when he’ll get the chance.  Rosenhaus told Florio on The Dan Patrick Show Thursday that no date has yet been set for the supplemental draft.

Last year, the draft took place on July 15.  In 2009, it took place on July 16th.   It appears the draft will be later this year, with the league having more important matters to deal with at the moment.

4 responses to “No supplemental draft date set

  1. “(He’s also added someone worth drafting; we’re not sure that was the case before.)” Who did he add that is worth drafting?

  2. Nobody worth drafting? Wow. I hope everybody else forgets about Janoris Jenkins too. Maybe the Cowboys will have a shot at him (Jerry will most likely be too stupid to take it though).

  3. No supplemental draft, but where will players kicked out of BYU for kissing girls go?

    As for Pryor I’m sure he can find things to do in his spare time. Hanging with John Gruden, driving around in his new car, practicing for interviews where he actually answers questions and of course finishing that degree that OSU tries to pretend he actually went to class for.

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