Terrell Owens’ ACL surgery happened in early April

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Florio is hosting the Dan Patrick Show Thursday, and it’s chock full of NFL guests as you may expect.  (Since Florio doesn’t follow other sports.)

The first guest was agent Drew Rosenhaus, who tried to clear up misconceptions about the torn ACL of Terrell Owens.

“Well, he DID have a torn ACL,” Rosenhaus said. “It’s repaired now.”

Rosenhaus wouldn’t reveal how the tear happened, but he did say when it happened for the first time.  Owens tore the ACL in early April, and had it repaired days after that.  No other ligaments were torn and the timeline for the recovery is 4-6 months.

With Owens’ history as a quick healer in mind, Rosenhaus believes Owen could be ready to help a team sometime in the preseason.  We suspect it will be a challenge for Owens to get a contract before Week One, when being on the roster guarantees a contract for the season.

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  1. I thought Rosenhaus already admitted it happened in April before. Either way when DR is talking it’s wise to have your BS detector on full power.

  2. Since my favorite team has been garbage for the past 8 – 9 years anyway, I would love to see T.O. in a silver and black jersey. I’ll buy the jersey! C’mon Al, one more “Vintage Al” decision before you go!

  3. In fairness TO hasn’t been a problem for 2 years. When a team loses a starting WR to injury someone will give him a call. I wouldn’t want him but I doubt he will go somewhere and immediately be a locker room problem.

  4. He’s done, the best he could do last year was a 1 year deal with the Bungles. Now hes 108 years old coming off a mystery injury that required surgery.

  5. Rosenhaus is spouting utter nonsense. Right after an ACL is repaired, it is as strong as it will be for the next year. The body starts to break down the graft and convert it from one form of collagen to another; the process isn’t complete for a good 1q2 months and you can’t hurry it no matter how hard you work, it is basic biochemistry. Between 4 and 6 months the graft is at its weakest, so the risk of re-tearing it peaks.

    At the same time, the joint has lost its “proprioception” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proprioception), the inherent sense of location, that is, small cellular sensors (e.g., golgi tendon organs) in the ligament that helped provide information to the spinal cord and brain of the joint’s situation (bent, straight, how much, reflexes, rotation, cutting, etc.). That requires a lot of gradual work and time to re-train- again, a good year (similar to retraining brain cells after losing a bunch due to a stroke).

    Terrell, unless he is a complete freak of nature, will be relatively worthless this year, especially at his age.

  6. Most INTs in relationship to a targeted reciever for the last 5 years. Always top 3 in drops in the league.. TV show distractions. Torn ACL.
    Sign him up! :-p

  7. reports say he disclosed the injury on his TV show but since no one watches, it never made it to the media at that time….

  8. All right, which one of the baby mommas put T.O.s bow tie on crooked before they sent him out?

  9. Apparently he is a fast healer. My cousin who works at a local gym said that T.O. was in there last week doing some publicity stuff for them and that he was playing pickup basketball.

  10. I don’t usually like to wish injuries on people as I was a player for many years and I know what it’s like. BUT if this has to happen to somebody, I couldn’t have picked a more deserving person.

  11. @indianheadmeatpackingcompany

    I don’t usually like to wish injuries on people … BUT if this has to happen to somebody, I couldn’t have picked a more deserving person.

    Let me introduce you to Brian Cushing.

  12. T.O is a phenomenal athlete, and a class A idiot….if he’s LUCKY that ACL tears can take 6-9 months, but usually longer….He might not be out for the whole season, but not enough to make a huge impact on a team, unless they SERIOUSLY need a receiver.

  13. Hahaha, are people really STILL complaining about T.O being a “cancer” and “team killer”. Come on idiots. 52 other guys on the roster. If it only takes one guy to tear it all apart than that team never had a chance anyway

  14. not all tears are comepletely severed. you can have a partial tear which would reduce recovery time AND strength lost, also most knee injuries can be increased strengthenedby increasing muscle strength around the injured area thereby increasing stability, and need for the ligament to be ‘pulled on’ when cutting and etc. each ligament has supporting ligaments and muscles that can be strengthened to take stress off of the injured one.

  15. kurmudge: Gee, then how were Jerry Rice and Rod Woodson able to make it back in under 4 months after tearing their ACL’s? Why are nearly all athletes able to make it back within 6 months?

    And that garbage you posted about “preconception” is utter nonsense. Ligaments don’t work like that. They are connective tissue and do not voluntarily contract or relax.

    Not to mention, the idea you can’t speed the growth of tissue no matter what is laughable at best. All the more recent scientific studies have shown increased circulation leads to significant acceleration in terms of healing/regeneration of tissues…which shouldn’t come as any surprise; it’s only logical.

    Here’s a suggestion: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You clearly have absolutely no grasp of physiology whatsoever, yet you are trying to portray yourself as some sort of expert, misleading the masses with misused jargon and concepts. Give it a rest.

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