The 49ers worst moments since the ’87 strike

To most 49ers fans, the entire last decade has probably felt like a “worst moment.”

To a franchise with so much championship success, the stench of the successive Erickson, Nolan, and Singletary regimes have to be tough to handle.  (Fans didn’t know how good they had it under Steve Mariucci.)

Still, the depressing last few years don’t take up all of our 49ers worst moments below.  Even Joe Montana has a part in one of them.

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22 responses to “The 49ers worst moments since the ’87 strike

  1. Singletary pulling his pants down in front of the team should have been one of the first major clues that he was clueless as a head coach

  2. I’m not sure I understand how the worst 49ers moments from the last 24 years include none from the last 10.

    For an organization that defined winning in the 80’s and 90’s to be so bad for the past ten years is an abomination, espcially when in one of those years they were truly the worst team.

  3. The Niners miss a gamewinning field goal in Denver because a fan threw a snowball! It was in 1985, Elway and Montana’s first meeting.

    Nov. 11th, 1985 MNF 49ers vs. Broncos “Snowball defense” game; A snowball thrown from the stands distracts 49ers kickholder into a botched hold, refs allow play to stand, Broncos win; Also the first Montana/Elway meeting (C quality)

  4. That salary cap thing involved more than Druckenmiller. It also involved Steve Young and Brent Jones. In fact, Brent Jones showed up at 49ers HQ after he retired looking for money that he was promised and that’s what got the salary cap violation investigation started in the first place.

  5. For an organization that defined cheating in the 80′s and 90′s



  6. Steve Bono?!? He was a back-up QB who did pretty well in spot-duty when Young went down.

  7. The hiring of Terry Donahue. Maybe the worst GM in NFL history. Single handedly destroyed a reasonably decent team.

  8. melonnhead says: Jul 7, 2011 4:39 PM

    For an organization that defined cheating in the 80′s and 90′s

    How did the 49ers cheat in the 80’s? There wasn’t a salary cap until 1994. You sound like one of those whiny Jets fans crying about Spygate.

    Rams fan?

  9. How did the 49ers cheat in the 80′s? There wasn’t a salary cap until 1994.


    By giving extra-contractual bonuses to players. There was no salary cap, but that does not mean that all compensation didn’t have to be above board and included in the player contracts. Eddie DeBartolo was fined $50,000 for doing this in 1987. In 1990 he was fined $500,000 for transferring ownership of the club to a subsidiary of the Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation in violation of league rules against corporate ownership.

  10. Singletary?!?!? Why? Because he made good speeches? He had only coached for 5 years, with no time as a coordinator. Idiots who think that football is about rah-rah attitudes rather than competence and knowledge applauded that move.

  11. Not going after Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

    When they had the chance….

    I Know, I know, what if Alex was in Green Bay!
    Well, same could be said for Ryan Leaf….What if Ryan Leaf were in Indy and Manning were in San Diego…ka-durrh!?

  12. Not drafting Aaron Rodgers because he “held the ball too high”. Instead they drafted the guy who ran a gimmick offense and never operated from under center.

  13. This is simple for any 49ers fan, 2 games, 1987 Playoff loss to the Vikings at home 36-24 in the divisional round as heavy favorites with the number one offense and defense in the NFL and the 1990 NFC Championship Loss to the Giants 15-13 which was basically Joe Montana’s last game as 49ers starting QB. Yes boys and girls, that is how close the 49ers were to winning 4 Super Bowls in a row! Check it!

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