Thursday morning one-liners

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“Rogue scout” Dave Razzano gave the Bills a B grade for their 2011 draft.

Not all interceptions are created equally.

Ravens LB Ray Lewis deserved his high ranking in the NFL Network Top 100.

Bengals RB Bernard Scott may be headed for a breakout season.

Steelers LB James Harrison should have been higher in the NFL Network Top 100. interviews Indianapolis TEs coach Ricky Thomas.

Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is watching tape during the lockout.

The Titans’ veteran leaders need to step up, says former Tennessee S Blaine Bishop.

Broncos S Brian Dawkins could return to Denver on a restructured contract. is unveiling the top 100 Chiefs of all time.

Free agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha may command $19 million a year on the open market.

Former Eagles WR Cris Carter’s son, Duron, made the 2011 Biletnikoff Award Watch List.

The Bears feel a sense of urgency as the Hall of Fame Game approaches.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford is more unlucky than injury prone.

The Packers have a passionate fan base.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. sees the Vikings as a fourth-place team in the NFC North.

Who’s the better Falcon: RB Warrick Dunn or LB Tommy Nobis?

The town of Charlotte is getting a heavy injection of Under Armour.

Here’s more evidence that the Saints can’t trade RB Reggie Bush.

Why would the Bucs be interested in RB Tiki Barber?

Cardinals DLs Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell are elite players in the NFC West.

Rookie QB Colin Kaepernick expects to compete for the 49ers’ starting job.

Bengals QB Carson Palmer isn’t a realistic target for the Seahawks.

Rams DT Fred Robbins was an elite 4-3 defensive tackle last season.

5 responses to “Thursday morning one-liners

  1. “The Packers have a passionate fan base.”

    Now come on. You’re linking to an official team site talking about its fans. What do think it’s going to say? That’s just downright lazy.

    In other news:
    – The New England Patriots report that Patriot fans are swell;
    – The Pittsburgh Steelers report their fans are the bestest;
    – The Philadelphia Eagles report 80% of their fans think Vick’s dogs had it coming to them.

  2. 19 million a year for Nnamdi is crazy money. Way too much to invest in a CB. Thats about 1/6 th of the projected cap.

    The only kinda guy I sign for that much $$$ is a h.o.f. caliber QB.

  3. “Ravens LB Ray Lewis deserved his high ranking in the NFL Network Top 100”

    No he didnt. It wasnt the best careers of the active players in 2011 rankings. If it was sure he deserved his spot. But It was the best players of 2011 or who will be the best players of 2011. If you seriously think Ray Lewis is gonna be better then all but Peterson, Brady, and Manning next season you are either menatally unstable, know nothing about the NFL, or didnt know that human bodies diteriorate with age.

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