Fujita will coach Browns’ defense at next Camp Colt

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This offseason Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy has hosted members of the Browns’ offense for three workout sessions dubbed “Camp Colt.” Now the fourth Camp Colt is set to start this weekend, and Browns linebacker Scott Fujita says it’s time to install the defense.

“Colt has done an outstanding job with his guys on offense and their workouts have been very successful,” Fujita told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We’ll be following the same basic format with the addition of some of our guys on defense.”

Fujita said he has new defensive coordinator Dick Jauron’s playbook and is ready to take on coaching duties with some of the younger players.

“Fortunately, I was able to get some materials and I’ll be able to get up on the chalkboard a little bit,” Fujita said. “All the guys I’ve talked to are really excited to get back to the X’s and O’s and getting ready for this season.”

About 40 Browns players are expected to be in Austin, Texas, for the session.

6 responses to “Fujita will coach Browns’ defense at next Camp Colt

  1. Who knows how much value these player only workouts may actually have, but for teams like the Browns, who are changing coaches, systems and a likely number of starters, it probably can’t hurt.

  2. I see Colt McCoy becoming a great NFL QB. He has the talent, work ethic and drive to be a Drew Brees type leader/player, maybe just a bit more athletic/mobile.

    Much of the same things they said about Brees coming out of the draft are being used to describe McCoy today. He has been a winner on every level he has played and I feel if the Browns give him the chance, he will be their starter for the next 10-15 years. McCoy will get better every year he is in the NFL.

    Colt McCoy=Brees lite, might not have the eye popping numbers from Brees time in NO, but I could see him putting up around the same numbers Brees did in SD, with 1 or 2 more playmakers on offense. Although, Cribbs, Hillis, Little and Watson just might be able to get the job done.

  3. Glad to hear about this. Fujita was sorely missed when he went down w/ injury last year. Guy made all the calls on defense, he has a high football IQ.

  4. I get that these workouts have a limited benefit and involve risk but I think it’s a good sign when a team that’s going to have new systems on both sides of the ball get together to build chemistry and get as familiar as they can (sans coaches) with the plays. The most talented teams don’t often win the SB, the teams who play together the best and have the best chemistry often do. I think most players get that and it’s why a lot of them have had these team workouts.

  5. Everything helps at this point. A player coach like Fujita seems to know what he is doing, and there’s always fundamentals and technique which is where it all starts, continues, and finished when it comes to playing the game…you can always get better and improve no matter what point in the season.

  6. we could really use the likes of shaun rogers and shaun smith running camps like this for the browns, then we would know success was coming. thank you h&h for the types of players you have brought in, makes this team easier to follow.

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