Joey Porter’s dogs strike again

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In 2006, a pair of linebacker Joey Porter’s dogs got loose and killed a miniature horse.

Last Saturday, four of them got away and killed a neighbor’s dog, according to

Porter, who now plays for the Cardinals, was cited for not having the dogs on a leash.  He reportedly appeared upset about the incident, and he apologized to the neighbor.

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  1. this is heartbreaking…I love dogs and I’m sure anyone here who does as well would attest…it’s never the dog’s fault

    no such thing as a “bad dog” rather the owners who reign over them.

    Now there’s a good possibility these dogs are going to have to pay the ultimate price when this complete and utter idiot who shouldn’t be allowed to own a pet gets another “citation”…heartbreaking

  2. I am so shocked that a pitbull is involved. SHOCKED.

    But hey, at least they have never hurt a child.


  3. If that happened to my dogs Peazy would soon learn all about my right to bear arms. Or, at least, his dogs would. I’d only shoot him if he got in the way.

    And unlike Plexico, I know which way to point my gun and how the safety works.

  4. Whats next his kid? The neighbors kid? Maybe vick had it right killing these stupid worthless breed of an animal. Vick and porter do share something in common with these animals though. IQ.

  5. Surely the guy has the resources to properly kennel his dogs or provide adequate fencing or go to PetSmart and buy a damn leash……..

  6. I love dogs but who raises dogs like this? Porter is lucky it was only another dog that was killed. He would be in deep dog doo doo if it was a child.

  7. Pittsburgh will resign Joey to a one day contract so he can be kicked out of the league as a Steeler.

  8. people like porter are the reasons that pit bulls have a bad rep. I have friends that own them and they are as gentle as can be. they are what you train the to be. they can be protective without being vicious. I bring ny golden over and they play with no problems. people like porter shoild not be aloud to have dogs.

  9. wait a minute i had to read that a second time but i still don’t believe it. am i hallucinating or does it say his dogs killed a horse?

  10. Porter is exhibit A for why abortion should be kept legal. It would be better all around if he was put down instead of his dogs.

  11. Dogs are born as are humans- malleable forms that take on the characteristics they are taught.

    True, some dogs are more hereditarily disposed to hunt and fight, but most of these breeds also display traits such as loyalty and protection that allow them, if raised properly, to be great pets.

    If a Pit Bull, or Pit Bulls, are extraordinarily violent or prone to attacking humans or other animals, it’s because they are being raised that way.

    Joey Porter’s dogs are violent because that’s how Joey Porter raised them. And for that reason, the dogs should be taken from him and he should be banned from pet ownership.

  12. “and he apologized to the neighbor.”

    Must’ve been an interesting convo.

    “Yo dawg I’m sorry my dogs killed your dog.”

  13. If they are pit bulls, Discovery Channel did a study and found Pit Bulls are the most aggressive of all breeds, quick to amp up to fight. They account for 2/3 of all maulings, with a smaller percentage of that attributable to Rotts.

  14. I’m sorry the dogs killed another dog and killed a miniature horse, but doesn’t the title sound like the name of a horse in the derby? And it’s Joey Porter’s Dogs Strike Again by the length of a nose!!!!

  15. He obviously is an idiot pet owner. These dogs probably spend 90% of their time in the kennel the linked article references. Dogs that escape their boundaries without their owners around are usually neglected and bored. And the odds of incident go up when they travel in packs. Good job, Joey. Moron. He should not be allowed to own dogs.

    I have a pit I rescued from a shelter. They are truly great dogs. But they need socialization and smart, responsible owners. People like Porter (and much worse) get them and contribute to the bad rap the dogs get. It’s sad.

  16. I live in Southern California. Trust me when I say that Bakersfield = Satan’s butthole.

  17. For the guys saying pit bulls are violent, you obviously have no personal experience with the breed. I’ve only met the most loving pit bulls that are strong, but want to be loved just like any other dog. Stop stereotyping out of fear/ignorance.

  18. Maybe Porter should start dressing his dogs on Sundays so someone in that house can actually start earning their check.

  19. I would love to see dogs taking down a horse. Porter should turn a negative into a positive and get a horse hunting show on the Discovery Channel.

    At least the dogs would have the freshest possible dog food.

  20. lostsok says: Jul 8, 2011 11:33 PM

    If that happened to my dogs Peazy would soon learn all about my right to bear arms. Or, at least, his dogs would. I’d only shoot him if he got in the way.

    And unlike Plexico, I know which way to point my gun and how the safety works.


    First off, I’m not a Plaxico fan at all (Patriots fan, see: SB 42). I’m going to defend him though because I pay attention to detail. The pistol he shot himself with was a Glock. If you know guns like you say you do, then you should know that Glock pistols don’t have a safety. So know your facts before you try to direct a joke at someone.

  21. Doesn’t matter how “friendly” you or your buddy’s pit bull is, enough of them along with trained and untrained pits have flipped out and permanently disfigured or killed other animals and people. Pit owners should be required to pay a hefty annual license fee, should have to have “attack” insurance AND do jail time if the pit attacks an innocent person or animal. Enough is enough.

  22. I am a dog whisperer Joey, your dogs told me to tell you that you need to retire because you are washed up and they are mad at you for not spending more time with them. Also the next time you do the thing with them and the peanut butter they prefer Jif over the Organic chunky nutty brand it gives the the squirts.

  23. @lostsok

    Really tough guy? You’re going to post in an internet forum about shooting Joey Porter and his dogs? Does that make you feel cool? And 45 people liked your comment? God how stupid is this site’s fan base?

  24. “Joey Porter’s dogs are violent because that’s how Joey Porter raised them. And for that reason, the dogs should be taken from him and he should be banned from pet ownership.”

    ^^^^^^^^ This is the complete truth. Those dogs can be rehabilitated just like Vicks. Porter should not own dogs or any animals for that fact.

  25. I lost a beloved pet to an unleashed neighborhood pitbull. This dog had already killed other animals yet the owner never gave two farts about the damage and pain his carelessness incurred. This was purely a status pet. I do not understand the culture of mean status dogs. This dog was abused and barely fed. It later died from owner neglect (would not take it to a vet in regard to tumors it had on its skin).
    That type person should never be allowed to have a pet.

  26. southridge23 says: Jul 8, 2011 11:21 PM

    no such thing as a “bad dog”

    Not entirely true. Some breeds are just naturally, genetically aggressive. I agree that most dogs wouldn’t be this way unless they’re trained to be, but Pit Bulls, no matter how much love and affection they’re given, are prone to be nasty, aggressive dogs. Sad, but true.

  27. well said realitypolice. i raise gsds for protection and companionship. i never once have had any dog bite. if you raise them to respect you they will listen. that goes for any breed of dog.

  28. No, pit bull’s are violent dogs to begin with, in Porters hands they’re much worse.

  29. on and off the field. I hope he gets someth
    ing he loves taken away from him so he knows what it feels like. Maybe then he will stop acting like a major league A-hole.

  30. “dogs are born as humans”??

    I hope child services is watching you realitypolice….*shivers*

  31. southridge23 says: Jul 8, 2011 11:21 PM

    “no such thing as a “bad dog” rather the owners who reign over them.”

    BS – there ARE bad dogs… We spent time, energy and money trying to train such an animal. Nothing we did would stop him from wanting to chase and kill anything that moved. He had to be put down as a result.

  32. I am the owner of a pit bull in a big city and there are a lot of pit bulls in my neighborhood and they are the most well balanced, social dogs because they have responsible owners.

    Joey Porter is not a responsible owner. As a pit bull owner, you have to take extra precautions that a dog owner of another breed does not need to take. You NEVER EVER have your pit bull off of its leash for this reason. Regardless of how well your pit bull is trained, you can not control another dog from attacking your pit bull.

    If you are a responsible owner and have your pit bull well trained, you will have the most loyal, loving dog who is eager to please its owner.

    Sadly, another dog has been killed and other dogs will be put to sleep because of Joey Porter’s ignorance and because he is an irresponsible pit bull owner.

  33. I’m looking through this and old articles to find where its says they are pits. So let me get this right something gets loose kills something and its a pit not a Rottweiler, Akita or doverman. So we stereo type pits but not people well then I guess all Muslim people should be gone with pits too. But I’ll keep my pit because she is good with other dogs and my kids.

  34. @realitypolice,I was thinking the exact thing.

    I’m no fan of Pit Bulls but I have friends that own them and they are sweet as can be and wouldn’t hurt a fly as they are treated like a family member.

    I also have known some people that had some and acted like they were raising gladiators.
    quote: “My dogs gots to be hitting the chains,or hitting the tire,yo” this coming from lame-ass suburban white fools.

    Product of enviroment.

  35. I’ve never met a pit bull who didn’t want to hug and/or lick me forever. They’re very loyal, faithful, and tactile. But some people use that in a very bad way. That’s right, J-Peezy, I’m talking to you.

  36. As mentioned earlier in the comments he is lucky that its wasnt a person. In the town I live in his dogs would have not gotten a second chance to kill another dog. His dogs should be put down as they are too aggressive.

  37. Hopefully someone caught that on video and will post it to Youtube.
    Why is it the larger the animal in size, the more we feel sorry for them when they die??

    Would Mike Vick get in trouble for pitting 2 kinds of ants against each other in ant fights?

  38. His dogs weren’t on a leash? Are you kidding me? Those dogs have a history of violence. It is Joey Porter’s job to insure that everyone around those dogs are safe. Porter should be arrested for negligence. The dogs should be taken away as well. It’s only a matter of time before a person is injured at this rate.

  39. Joey Porter = one of the biggest d-bags in the history of the NFL. Remember his cowardly 5 on 1 beatdown of another player in a casino, where Joey and his pals attacked the guy from behind?

  40. That’s ok, famucancer, most of the people who read my post were intelligent enough to understand what I meant.

    No one expected you to be.

    Should have known an article about dogs killing things would bring you back to the comment section. It does seem get you pretty excited.

  41. “mikesvikes says: Jul 8, 2011 11:37 PM

    Whats next his kid? The neighbors kid? Maybe vick had it right killing these stupid worthless breed of an animal. Vick and porter do share something in common with these animals though. IQ.”

    only idiots say that pitbulls are worthless! have you ever owned one as a pet?my pitbull is the best dog i have ever owned!she sleeps with my son,she loves us to death,the only danger she puts out is maybe licking somebody to death!next time think before you speak out of your a$$,you do have a mouth and a brain to help you in doing that.if you want to praise the murder of dogs,go do it somewhere else cause we don’t play that caca here a$$hole!

  42. These dogs were the Presa Canaria, aka Canary Island Mastiff or “Grumpy Bulldog” as it is known. They look like a giant Pit Bull on steroids. Often well over 150 lbs. This is one of the most powerful and potentially assertive dog breeds on the planet and require care to own and breed. A pack of them can be particularly dangerous.

    They can be confident and calm, good family dogs, but they can also be cold blooded killers in the wrong environment. It was the intent of the original Spanish breeders for this dog to hunt and kill dangerous, carnivorous wild animals, which they are fully capable of doing.

    A lot of people confuse them to be pit bulls. They aren’t. Google image them and see for yourself. Personally, I would never own one and consider them one of the few truly dangerous breeds of dogs. Pit bulls are as sweet as any other breed. The presa is not a pit bull.

  43. Porter’s dogs killed a little horse. Her name was “Pretty”. She was a “Pretty Pony.” The dogs latched on to her throat, ripping and shredding till she died. They began eating her….it was very sad. Joey was heard saying…”don’t needs ta feed dem for a couple days, they got der protein fill…good horsey.”

  44. People on here bashing Pits have no personal experience and only go by what people say. I have 2 of them and they have been raised to be the most loving animals but do require a lot of attention. As long as you play with it and show it love there is no reason for it to turn on you. I have been around many pits in my life and they have all been the same BECAUSE of there owner..

    On the other hand if this douche cant keep his dogs on a leash and they end up killing another dog he should get in some kind of trouble and not be allowed to own a dog like this.

  45. @ deadmanwalking47

    People give pitbulls a bad name and vick and porter are 2 of those. It takes a person that is smart and has time for an animal like that otherwise stuff like this happens. Unfortunately statistics are against you and pitbulls are responsible for 2/3 of maulings (fact). Google pitbulls. You will find even the nicest pitbull can turn in an instant. For that they can be deemed a worthless breed.

  46. Here we go with the pittbull’s are a bad breed of dogs horse crap. Statisticaly your child has a better chance of being bitten by a lab. Being a pittbull owner and a person who knows a bunch of pittbull owners the dogs get a bad rap. are the agressive yeah sure they are so are rotties and dobermans problem is every hood rat and wanna be tough guy gangster owns a Pitt and those people shouldn’t even own a pet rockand if they did I’m sure the rock would be put in the news for being outta control. Your pet is what you allow it to be Joey porter is the problem and the town of bakersfeild because the dogs shoulda been taken away after the killed the mini horse now two pets are dead because of that dildo and that dirt hole of a town

  47. My dad has a pitbull which is sweet as can be, never hurt anyone except my sneakers when I was younger and he was teething… this owner is just a dick.

  48. this pit bull breed of dogs just needs to be destroyed. its almost like living with a wild animal.

  49. You have a dog, you have a dog.

    You have two dogs, you have two dogs.

    You have three dogs, you have a pack. Packs kill. No dog part of a pack, no matter how well trained they may be in your home, can be expected to be a gentle, social animal when it’s roaming with the pack.

    Porter needs to figure this out, and either keep the dogs fenced-in, or sell a few dogs.

  50. Hey Porter- Build a damn fence around your house so if the the vicious dogs you should not have anyway get out, the fence will prevent them from going further.
    It should be illegal to own more than two dogs, or even more than one dog in smaller neighborhoods. They are a loud nussiance to neighbors.

  51. Facts are stubborn things, pit-bull lovers. The ugly truth is that these creatures are genetically engineered to fight, maim, and kill other small animals. Hence the name “pit bull.”

    While abuse can exacerbate the nasty disposition of these dogs, there have been scores of documented cases where pits from a loving home have maimed and killed toddlers out of the blue. When are people going to wise up about this breed.

    Pit Bulls should be outlawed – like assault rifles – and the remaining population should be euthanized. Eventually, you will see these dogs outlawed – state-by-state, city-by-city – and it cannot happen soon enough.

    I encourage everyone I know to contact animal control every time one of these monsters is seen roaming the streets. They are a menace to our children and their extirpation will be a public service.

  52. ktfulmer says: Jul 9, 2011 1:19 AM

    The horse was asking for it.

    while a heartbreaking thought, that comment was hilarious in an sick sarcastic way. Cheers!

    As for the dogs…they need to be put down. If they’re killing other animals multiple times, trained that way or not by the owner, they need to be put down. Porter should be banned from owning dogs (except for say, a miniature poodle or something) and pay a hefty fine…and a donation to the neighbor.

  53. @philyeagles5

    Saying a specific breed of dogs needs to be destroyed is like saying a certain ethnicity group needs to be destroyed.

    If people raised these dogs right there wouldn’t be so much negativity. If you show them love, play with them and have time for them they are just as friendly as any other dog.

  54. Pits, like Rots can be unpredictable. You shouldn’t own them unless you are very good with dogs and take precautions.
    I got bit by a Pit a millisecond after his owner said “don’t worry, he doesn’t bite”.
    On the other hand, my daughter owns one and he is one of the most lovable dogs I have ever seen.

  55. One pitbull is viscous. Why the need for 4 ?
    A pack of pitbulls is nothing but trouble. Guess a family member will have to suffer before this jacka
    relizes this is wrong.

  56. Ghetto is as GHETTO DOES!! Had I been the neighbor, I would’ve shot his dogs on the spot. There is something wrong when dogs attack like that…it’s not in their nature…..why aren’t they charging him with a weapons charge?

  57. lostsok says:
    Jul 8, 2011 11:33 PM
    If that happened to my dogs Peazy would soon learn all about my right to bear arms. Or, at least, his dogs would. I’d only shoot him if he got in the way.


    they took r jrbs!

  58. Judge the dog, not the breed.

    All terriers were bred to chase and kill small animals. So they do tend to have a high prey drive.

    Any dog can attack another dog. There are many non-pit bull breeds that hate other dogs and can and will attack if they get the opportunity. It is the owner’s responsibility to know this and keep their dog under their watch and protected at ALL times.

    Also, dog aggression is not the same as human aggression and pit bulls by nature are NOT human aggressive. They couldn’t be as they needed to be handled by humans in the pit without getting bit.

    I have a pit bull. He’s a rescue dog and is the most sweetest personable and happy dog. He does have a high prey drive as most terriers do. He loves to chase squirrels and birds and other cats. But that doesn’t mean he’s a bad dog. It is what dogs do. He gets along with all dogs, but again, this isn’t a breed thing. I know plenty of beagles, labs and retreivers that don’t like other dogs. Again, that doesn’t make them a bad dog. Bottom line, the owner must be aware of their dog and keep him out of trouble.

  59. “I live in Southern California. Trust me when I say that Bakersfield = Satan’s butthole.”

    What parts of Satan are the other cities in California? I’m going to say that SF is the taint. What do I win?

  60. Porter’s an absolute idiot and a heartless dbag. It’s a shame awful owners like him give the bully breeds a bad name. People like him are the catalysts of the archaic pit bull ban law that exists in province of Ontario.

    I feel awful for the poor animal that died such a violent death.

  61. Dogs only do what their a-hole owners train them to do. Stupid f-ers like Porter should not be allowed to own dogs at all. They should be taken from him and rehabilitated, if they aren’t totally messed up already, and he should be banned from owning at all.

  62. The article says the dogs are half mastiff and half pit bull.
    Mastiffs are big and dumb, and pit bulls are mean. I’m sure that they can be gentle if treated well but it sure doesn’t look as if this was the case here.

  63. Dog story – yesterday I took my black lab for a swim by throwing a stick for him to jump in the water for (over and over). About the 5th time he came out he was soaking wet and decided it would be a good idea to roll on his back in the dust and look as completely idiotic as possible. He also wanted to make grunting noises with the stick in his mouth.

    Decisions, decisions.

    What to do?

    He did both.

    (When he rolls in the dust and is soaking wet he looks beyond hilarious – just imagine it.)

    So he does both, gets up and shakes and we are ALL laughing at him. He looks at us and says


    You had to be there

  64. @ ravensfan4life

    Yes. You read that wrong. Porter’s dogs didn’t kill a horse. They killed a MINIATURE horse. Ass.

  65. Joey Porter thinks owning 4 Pitt-Bull/Mastiffs makes him have a larger male appendage.

  66. Nothing new here. The idiocy continues. I hope someone shoots his cat or something. I like dogs too much to wish any harm on them. Just get them away from this idiot and mabe they can have a good life.

  67. Exterminate all pit bulls. Ontario banned them. Pretty soon the USA will follow suit.

    If I see a stray pit bull, I shoot it. Public service that I will proudly continue.

  68. Porter should not be allowed to own dogs. A well raised dog just does not do this sort of thing, let alone twice.

  69. I’m so sick of the ignorance and intolerance!

    Read and lean:

    Astoundingly, for most of our history America’s nickname for Pit Bulls was “The Nanny Dog”. For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults.
    The Nanny Dog is now vilified by a media that always wants a demon dog breed to frighten people and LHASA-APSO BITES MAN just doesn’t sell papers. Before pit bulls it was Rottweilers, before Rottweilers it was Dobermans, and before them German Shepherds. Each breed in it’s order were deemed too vicious and unpredictable to be around people. Each time people wanted laws to ban them. It is breathtakingly ironic that the spotlight has turned on the breed once the symbol of our country and our national babysitter.
    In temperance tests (the equivalent of how many times your kid can poke your dog in the eye before it bites him) of all breeds the most tolerant was the Golden Retriever. The second most tolerant was the pit bull.

  70. Joey was always one of my favorite players. He plays with a lot of passion and is an unselfish teammate–which is why he was elected a team captain both at Pittsburgh and Miami. Since it appears Joey can’t manage his dogs appropriately, he should have them immediately removed from his care and he should be legally liable for the damage they’ve done.

    But all those people on this thread saying that Joey should be put down or should have been aborted before birth, that he’s trailer trash, and all the other racist and violent comments being hurled in his direction are demonstrating their own sick hearts and souls. You’re no better than you claim Joey is and are behaving with the same mindless violence as his dogs.

  71. tednancy says:
    If I see a stray pit bull, I shoot it. Public service that I will proudly continue.

    Have at ‘er! As they say, an idiot and his gun are soon parted.

    zibikbeer says:
    I’m going to defend him though because I pay attention to detail. The pistol he shot himself with was a Glock. If you know guns like you say you do, then you should know that Glock pistols don’t have a safety. So know your facts before you try to direct a joke at someone.

    Actually, Glocks have an external trigger safety to prevent accidental depression of the trigger, along with both internal firing pin and drop safeties that are released as the trigger is pulled.

    Take your own advice and do your homework:

  72. @tednancy

    I love it when idiots like you come on sites like this one and start talking about “facts.” The FACT is pit-bulls were previously known as the “nanny-breed” because they were so good at looking over children and protecting them. Of course, that all changed when a-holes like Porter started training some of them to kill and maim. Before you start talking about “facts” try doing som research. While some blood lines are “engineered” to be fighting dogs there is nothing factual about your assertion that all pit-bulls are killers. It is all about the douches that raise them to fight and breed them to bring out the most aggressive characteristics. You don’t just end up with one of those dogs by accident. You make them that way or buy them that way. The rest are fine animals that are intensly loyal and loving. Get a clue idiot.

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