John Fox admits “deep down, I have an idea” on Broncos’ quarterback

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Broncos coach John Fox has insisted since the day he was hired that the starting quarterback will be named only after a fair competition among Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn. But Fox acknowledges that someone will start that competition in the lead.

Fox told Woody Paige of the Denver Post that “deep down, I have an idea” who the starter will be when the season starts. Fox also said, “We do have a depth chart,” and he showed Paige a depth chart that had Orton first, Tebow second and Quinn third.

But Fox isn’t saying that’s the actual order of the depth chart the Broncos will have entering training camp.

Ultimately, Fox said he’s happy with the choices he has.

“I prefer a gamer to a good practice player. . . . I want someone who will execute under pressure in a game,” Fox said. “We’ve got three quarterbacks who have started games in this league. I know that quarterback is the top priority in Denver —- and there’s a reason why they are so important because the great ones are so hard to find -— but I like the problem of having three to pick from.”

Broncos fans know who they want: A poll on the Denver Post web site has 85 percent picking Tebow, 11 percent picking Orton and 4 percent picking Quinn.

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  1. I thought in Denver the poll had read: Tebow 85%, Orton 72% and Quinn 39%. Yes, they are that st….

  2. ya pretty much gotta go with tebow at this point

    denver’s rebuilding, the smart thing is get what ya can for orton.

    you spent a 1st on tebow, you roll with tebow, especially when the other qb is the one you can get more for, in a trade.

    orton had awesome numbers overall , but even though i like the guy as a qb, you could see last year that he had some big problems , and alot of his numbers were catch up stats. (rams game comes to mind)

    Orton just shuts down for stretches during games, and gets sacked way too much (holds the ball too long) so again, smart play is to trade him because he’s still wanted by teams who are looking for an at least average starting qb right now.

  3. Like Marshall Faulk saids “if u think u have 3 QBs, u really have none”….I hate teams that go into training camp with 3QBs, competing to start, it never works out and it only takes time away from each other.

  4. And deep down inside, he knows who his starter will be. Jake Delhome. As I laugh as I write this, the 5% chance that this could be true makes me scared.

  5. What the hell were the 4% of fans polled smoking when the said they wanted Brady Quinn to start?

  6. John Fox never needed that much from his QBs, hell he got to the Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme…but he always is conservative, favoring the run, and that run game is usually very strong. They will probably grab DeAngelo Williams or another big time free agent RB and pair him with Moreno, and then Tebow will be able to run in certain situations also. I think whether Tebow is the guy in his mind or not right now that Tebow will be starting, and they probably won’t be very high is passing yards, but possibly lead the league in rushing yards next season.

  7. One person gave me a thumbs down for posting something negative about Brady Quinn…

    Sorry Brady,I didn’t realize you were an avid PFT reader.

  8. It’s going to be fun watching the Broncos this year. Either Fox starts someone other than Tebow and gets reamed by the fans, or he starts Tebow and he fails. Either one will be fun.

  9. biggerballz says:
    Jul 8, 2011 8:26 AM
    these are the same fans that thought they got a great deal sending peyton hillis for quinn.

    Um, no we didn’t. That was easily the most criticized move that McDaniels made, in the eyes of the Bronco fans. There were two people that thought it was a good trade – Quinn and McDaniels. Nobody else.

  10. Souldogdave: Broncos fans are bible-thumpers with stars in their eyes. If they start Tim-Tim, he will get hurt,this is the NFL.

    I didn’t realize Mss. Cleo was a reader of PFT under the name souldogdave. You are a jack ass. Denver or Colorado is not what would be considered a deeply religious area. I don’t believe in God but I don’t hate on Tim because he does. I think people like you are just jealous of the man. It’s not his fault that people like him and admire him. He is just being the man he thinks he should be. You should do the same.

  11. You guys can crack on J.D. all you want but the fact of the matter is that from 03-08, he was exactly what that team needed: a smart, hardworking, mentally & physically tough leader who got it done on the field more often than not. Not an elite QB at all but a guy who helped the team win, albeit not in a pretty way. If you read the article, that’s still the parameters Fox favors in a QB. So my guess is Tebow will be the choice.

    It is interesting to hear Fox being so chatty with the press though since he wasn’t known for that in Car. I happen to think this version is more of his natural personality coming out.

  12. “Denver or Colorado is not what would be considered a deeply religious area”

    Have you ever been to colorado springs?

  13. if stafford cant make it through the season i would love having orton…it must be all those pot shops in denver…seriously, did anyone in that poll watch a broncos game?

  14. People who think getting rid of Orton for a chance player are dumb. Whether starting Orton or Tebow, a solid backup is more importantant than a “chance”. Quinn is not a solid backup. His salary is more than Orton’s as well so release Quinn, let him clog up someone else’s QB situation. Denver can get a career 3rd stringer for way less and use the saved money on a roll player somewhere else without sacrificing a good 1-2 at the helm.

  15. To the dimwit(s) who think Denverites are bible thumpers: the city of Denver is a Democrat stronghold in the state of Colorado. They don’t love Tebow because he’s Christian…they love him because he has loads of potential, high character and a charming personality with leadership qualities. Plus he has a winner’s mentality. Can you say the same for Orton? Not likely.

  16. He basically said its going to be Tebow. He said wants a “gamer” and not a great practice QB.

    Orton may look better in practice but falls apart under pressure or in tight games. Tebow seems to thrive on it and might not look great in practice but players rally behind him.

    Fox will make the right choice.

  17. “The Broncos will get rid of Orton and he will go and get 9 or 10 wins a season for another team like he always has.”

    Like he always has? You mean like he did in Chicago with a great defense when he didn’t have to do anything.

    I love how everyone looks at Orton’s stats and sees this great, underrated dynamo of a QB and laughs at Broncos fans for not liking him. If you would actually watch the games, Orton had the ball in his hands at the end of the game with a chance to tie or win and he choked all 4 times. 4 times he screwed us out of wins, and it wasn’t in big shootouts, it was games in the teens or twenties in points most of the time.

    Orton is an average stopgap. Tebow may not be the future of the franchise, but Orton definitely isn’t, so it has to be time to give Tebow a shot.

  18. As a resident of Colorado, a rabid Broncos fan, and football lover, I am shocked by the number of people who are charmed by Tebow’s cult of personality.

    TRT is not the answer since he sucks. Orton should be the QB of this team. It’s not even close. The answer here in Denver is to get back to the basics: 1. run the damned rock; 2. get better on D.

    If you people really need better evidence, why don’t you check out Orton’s stats from last year in play action situations. He was one of the top five in the league in YPC on play action plays. WE DID NOT HAVE A RUNNING GAME yet he was a beast in play action!

    The best QB should get the nod. If we ship him to an NFC worst team with a good running game and solid D, we’ll be watching Orton in the playoffs when TRT gets hurt and we have to roll out Brady Quinn and some wounded duck throws.

  19. If he picks Brady Quinn then he’ll obviously have to be committed to the nearest mental hospital.

    In all seriousness, it sounds like Fox is leaning towards Tebow. But Orton remains the better passer. If Denver could get any semblance of defense, they would need to worry as much about the offense all the time.

  20. Start Tebow ….. Might as well get it over with ….. It won’t take many games for fans to realize that Tebow is totally miscast as an NFL QB …… The best Tebow can hope for in his NFL career is to be a ‘solid’ back-up TE or H-back …… The fact that NFL teams even remotely consider Tebow a possible NFL QB shows how deprived the NFL is of ‘quality QB play’ ……..

  21. If I had Fox’s job I’d do everything in my power to never talk about this subject. There is no good situation for this team.
    Orton – Is pretty lucky he ever got in the league period. He’s a great regular season guy, but he’s not going to take you deep into the playoffs and every analysis I’ve read outside of CO say’s the same thing.

    Quinn- If you look up QB in the dictionary it would probably have his picture he’s the ultimate looks the part, just doesn’t play like it. His best days were at Notre Dame losing the Fiesta or Sugar bowl. He couldn’t even win the popularity contest that was the Heisman in college, I’m not surprised he didn’t we the popularity contest to start in Denver either.

    Tebow- The best thing a team can do to sell tickets and Jersey’s is to bring a big name player to the team even if they don’t play well (Matt Stafford, Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart) and if you want to make money there’s nothing wrong with that. I remember Arizona bringing Emmitt Smith to the Cardinals when everyone knew he was past his prime. Maybe Tim will play well and maybe he won’t the fans show up to see him play even if it’s not go. Fox’s old team has the same problem with Newton fans don’t buy tickets to see Clausen behind center. Just give the kid a chance and worst case they end up with the same record as last year.

  22. They picked Tebow a long time ago. The writing has been on the wall for Orton since the day Tebow was drafted. You can fight the inevitable all day long, but it’s still inevitable.

  23. Not sure I think it’s a good idea to proclaim the competition for the QB slot is “wide open” …. only to later completely contradict it with”I think I know ‘deep down’ who’ll be the starter.”

    Sounds like a bit of doublespeak — not exactly a good way for the new coaching staff to make an impression (a first impression at that).

  24. You know ever since they got rid of the original mile high that basically took all the broncos fans common sense with them .

    I recall around here about a year ago broncos fans complaining about how Orton couldnt stretch the field and thats why they didnt have a running game .That he was simply a dink and dunk game manager who chose the safe throw all the time.

    Now Orton is some fantasy god who all he cares about is his stats and holds onto the ball too long ?

    These are the same fans who booed Orton at a PRACTICE after he was traded to Denver .

    At this point the Broncos front office has to consider Tebow as they traded multiple picks to get into the first rd and REACH for him to begin with .

    However everyone knows Kyle Orton is the best QB on the roster but Elway and Fox have got to hope that Mcdaniels knew he was was doing and Tebow can be a starting QB in this league .

    Denver hasnt made the playoffs in 6 seasons if they trade Orton and Tebow bombs if they think its bad now wait until they feel the “I told you so’s” of the national pundits when it comes to Tebow you add in that Elway will immediately get tagged with the Matt Millen II label and the Broncos are now back in the search for a QB again.

    They will be looking at 9-10 years without a playoff appearance in that situation mixed right in with teams like Bills ,Browns ,Lions .

    There are many fans whose plan consists of trading Orton for a 3rd rd pick . Start Tebow and if he bombs oh well we will just draft Luck.

    Broncos fans are about as naive of a NFL fan as it gets right now and Elway and Co have difficult decisions to make that will either put the broncos back on the path to the former esteem they once held or will be bottom feeders who will be facing not only on the field issues but ownership issues as well as the pat Bowlen the owners health is already rumored to be deteriorating .

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