Leinart: Don’t call me a bust just because I couldn’t beat out Warner


Matt Leinart was the 10th overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, and after four years, 15 touchdown passes and 20 interceptions, the Cardinals cut him. But Leinart doesn’t think that makes him a bust.

Instead, Leinart just thinks he suffers from comparisons with Kurt Warner, who was expected to serve as Leinart’s veteran mentor but instead reinvigorated his own career while Leinart’s career stalled.

Leinart was asked in an interview with ESPN Radio in Los Angeles whether it’s fair to call him a bust, and he said that it would be more accurate to call him someone who couldn’t beat out a great player in Warner.

“Kurt Warner played himself into the Hall of Fame in the last three years,” Leinart said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “There’s not a lot I can do about that. I battled with a Hall of Famer two training camps in a row. I thought I competed as well as he did and obviously Kurt was a great player. He took us to a Super Bowl. I truly believe he got himself into the Hall of Fame those last couple of years.”

OK, but what about 2010, when Warner was retired and Leinart failed to win the job, even though he entered training camp as the clear favorite?

“Last year with everything that happened it just didn’t work out,” Leinart said.

And so Leinart spent 2010 in Houston, where he never got on the field. When the lockout ends, Leinart will be a free agent looking for a team to give him another chance.

“For me hopefully that situation comes up this year and I can thrive and show I belong in the league and I can play,” Leinart said, “because I know I can and that’s what I plan on doing.”

75 responses to “Leinart: Don’t call me a bust just because I couldn’t beat out Warner

  1. Funny how unproductive QB’s can stay around in this league as journeyman back up’s for a long time.

  2. As of right now he’s a bust. That can change. He can sign with a team, win the starting job and make a productive career. But as of right now he’s on the long list of first round QB busts.

    hey- I hear Arizona is looking for a QB

  3. Leinart, you’re not a bust because you couldn’t beat out Warner.

    You’re a bust because you were drafted 5 years ago, you couldn’t beat out Derek Anderson, and you have yet to fully dedicate yourself to becoming a better quarterback. You were more concerned with living a party boy lifestyle in Arizona then you were with reading NFL defenses. You’re lazy and that is why everyone refers to you as a bust.

    All this coming from a USC fan.

  4. You arent a bust because you couldnt beat out Warner, Warner was a very good player. You are a bust because you couldnt beat out ANYONE…

  5. 1st round pick can’t win a starting job after so many attempts equals BUST!

  6. I’m calling you a bust, because you were third string to Dan Orlovsky, so goes to your homeboy reggie bush and fat boy lendale

  7. I’m an Eagles fan and even I hope Warner goes into the Hall of Fame. Honestly comparing a National Champion, Heisman, High draft pick to undrafted, grocery boy that just won everywhere he went except NYC isn’t exactly fair especially when SB 43 footage shows if Warner wasn’t sacked at the end of the game Fitzgerald was in the end zone alone by himself they might have won. I didn’t make that last part up Dick LeBeau already stated it was true.

    Any comparison of Matt to Kurt wasn’t fair Kurt had the ability to lead teams and Matt was expect to perform right away unlike some current players that didn’t state right out of the gate “Rogers”. I know eveybody will go on about him being a BUST, but it wasn’t as bad as some have been in the past I’m not sure how his numbers were compared to Joey Harrington, but it can’t be that bad.

  8. Overrated from USC days. He played on a professional roster in college against college kids. Another typical USC qb bust.

  9. Fine, we won’t call you a bust because you got beat out by Warner. You’re a bust because you are a 5th string QB for the Texans.

  10. It’s not that you couldn’t beat out Warner in 2007, 2008, and 2009. It’s the fact that you couldn’t beat out Derek Anderson in 2010.

  11. To his credit, Matt Schuab pretty VERY well last season. Shame on Matt for going to Texans if he wanted to get on the field any time soon.

  12. Can’t wait to see what kind of contract he’ll get cause someone will give him another shot, probably as a backup only!

  13. Is this guy for real? Matt and Aaron Rogers had the same start. Both backing up a future hall of famer. Rogers was horrible his first camp. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. But you know what Matt, he worked his a$$ off look where he is now. You’re a bust like every bust before you, because you can’t compete in this league.

  14. We’re not dumbass. We’re calling you a bust because you’re a terrible QB.

  15. And on a related note, Nick Lachey stated that his 15 mins of fame had nothing to do with his marriage to Jessica Simpson…

    But on a serious not I was one Cards fan disappointed that Matt didn’t make last years team. He couldn’t have done any worse. I mean maybe he couldve but I guess the careers of Von Miller and Patrick Peterson will answer that question. But Matt was 5-11 his first year as a Card, so a 5-11 season last year could have put a nice bow on his career in AZ. I personally think the Cards could have finished 7-9 or 8-8 with him, signed him to an extensions and had 3 more years of 7-9 or 8-8 seasons which is ultimately why things didn’t work out.

  16. I consider him a bust not because he couldn’t beat Warner for the starting job; but because it seemed like he barely tried to.

  17. if you were pushing 300lbs & sippin’ on sizzurp you would be a bigger bust then JaWalrus. he had Fitz, Boldin, & Breaston
    and still played like a bum. enjoy being a back up the rest of your career.

  18. To be fair, had he come out a year earlier, he would have been the first QB taken and he would have gone to San Francisco…where he would have been a bust too, only without the Kurt Warner excuse.

  19. Your a bust because you could nto beat out Dan “run out of bounce” Orlosky for 2nd string! Go back to your hot tub and be a father to your kid!

  20. Go-Go Dancer: Is this some kind of bust?

    Lt. Frank Drebin: Yes, ma’am, it’s very impressive, but we need to ask you a few questions.

  21. I call him a bust because as far as NFL quarterbacks go, he is as useless as a statue with nor arms or legs.

  22. Give the guy a tiny bit of credit. At least he is still fighting for a spot. I like to see a little fire in his belly. If I didnt have a solid QB and could get him for a bargain price i would do it for sure. If nothing else he is a solid backup. He had flashes of good play at some points.

  23. Like know why everyone thinks your a bust? See picture above. Lazy, unispired, hungover.

  24. Matt, I was one of your trainers and I know what kind of work ethic you had. Really now, cmon Matt, the highlight of your day was who was showing up at your pad that night for the party. While Kurt was preparing and studying, you were sulking and living off of your USC years. Coach Whisenhut thought you were a slug as did your teammates. So stop your crying in your beer because at the rate you’re going you won’t have to worry about beating out any other QBs, you will be beating off your meat! PS, the UFL didn’t want you either.

  25. He’s a bust because he lost to the 2006 Raiders. That’s bad anyway you look at it (and I’m a Raider fan).

  26. I think anyone who looks at Matt’s tenure with Whisenhunt can see that short of playing a perfect game he was looking for reasons not to play Leinhart.

    Whisenhunt didn’t draft him, didn’t like him, and dumped him as soon as he was able to. Even when he was competing with Warner he was pulled after every mistake and wasn’t given a chance to make up it. Warner on the other hand, was given a much, much longer leash.

    This isn’t a knock on Warner but the deck is really stacked when the coach doesn’t want you but can’t get rid of you right away because the team invested a 1st round pick in you.

    As far as not beating out Anderson? I don’t think Anderson played better than Leinhart. Anderson was given starter money to sign with Arizona and I believe from that moment Whis was just looking for the right moment to dump Leinhart.

    It was also really classless to dump him less than a week before the start of the season. The reason he had to sign as a number 3 last year was that training camp was over and everyone’s roster was set.

    I don’t know if Leinhart is a career backup or if he has starter caliber talent. What I do know is that Anderson never did and despite him repeatedly proving it coaches throw money at him thinking that they will be the one to turn Anderson around.

  27. Not being able to beat out Dan Orlovsky, a Detroit Lions (Millen era) back up QB, totally equals bust!

    That doesn’t mean he can’t change things and turn around his career. That just means is very unlikely!

    Maybe he’ll go to Seattle and play for the USC Seahawks.

  28. The fact that ML cares about his “label” more than working his tail off is sure sign that he’s loser, in addition to being a bust.

  29. He either won’t put in the work, or just isn’t good enough. Either way, Bust…

  30. Matt Leinart suffers from comparisons with Matt Leinart.

    Stiff, marginal-arm QBs who looked better than they were in college due to a supporting cast that they were in fact holding back…will one day be referred to as “the next Matt Leinart.”

  31. If you can’t beat out a guy who ran out the end zone trying to complete a pass (Dan Orlovsky) you are a bust
    but that can be change pick a team that you can show what you got if anything.

  32. Leinart threw a fit when the Cardinals drafted him.

    Check out the video: he’s clearly upset, like he just heard his dog got run over. Not the face or voice of a young man drafted 10th overall to a NFL team, and guaranteed millions of bucks. He sulked.

    Granted, the AZ Cards weren’t anyone’s top choice to play at the time. But right away, Leinart telegraphed to everyone that it was all about him. Contrast that with Carson Palmer’s enthusiasm to join the Bengals, or Joey Harrington’s upbeat rah-rah speech when the Lions drafted him. That’s how a pro does it!

    Besides, Phoenix is a hop flight to LA, the fan base was ecstatic, and he genuinely had the chance to change the team. You know.. like Kurt Warner did.

    Given all that, Matt Leinart had to do more than just become an adequate QB. He had to mature AND play well. He did neither.

    And it’s still clearly all about him. BUST.

  33. I’m reluctant to call out a man who could probably kick my @$$ in any athletic area you’d like to point to except one; a total lack of professionalism.

  34. Matt, dancing with the stars seems to pay ok. Oopps, forgot, your footwork SUCKS as a pro QB, definitely don’t want you to trample a dancer on national tv.

  35. I always thought that Leinart was a complete slug because of the whole “handicap placard” parking issue while at USC. I mean how does a scholarship athlete qualify for a handicap placard? Well Matt, after seeing what you’ve done with your pro career, you clearly needed it.

  36. it is easy for this site to call him a bust because someone is still jealous that he was not invited to a party he had. the bottom line is he produced under denny green. when whisenhunt came in he did not want him and nothing he could do would change his mind. he was under orders not to make mistakes which meant no deep throws and risk an int and get taken out of the game. so he goes with the short pass and you call him captain checkdown. I hope he gets a shot with a team that actually gives him a chance. call him a bust all you want but he is a rich bust non the less.

  37. Not to make excuses for Leinart, but has the guy really gotten a fair shot? Christ look how many chances Vince Young, or worse yet Alex Smith had… If Leinart had been on the Niners he would have been starting by week 4 last year.

  38. There’s no shame in losing a competition with Kurt Warner. However, this guy would’ve lost to Bubby Brister, Chris Weinke, or Jonathan Quinn Medicine Woman.

    He spent his last year in college taking a single course, ballroom dancing. This means that if he loses on Dancing With The Stars, he’ll definitely be a bust then.

  39. Don’t call Jamarcus a bust either just cause he couldn’t play or beat out Bruce gradkowski

  40. He would’ve been 2nd rate in college if not for Reggie Bush.

    Or as one pft commenter once called him “Jameatloaf”

  41. This guy is a clown. Is Derek Anderson on his way to the hall of fame as well? Matty-boy couldn’t beat his ass out either.

  42. Hey, Matt. You happen to be coached by one of the best offensive minds in the game. Gary Kubiak took an unknown Matt Schaub and turned him into the league’s leading passer. And you can’t get past third string on this team.

    So are Schaub and Orlovsky headed to HOF also? Or are you, so far, a bust. Lets see:

    Hold on while I calculate, lots of figuring to do…. Nothing plus nothing plus nothing plus nothing, less 20 interceptions, minus hangovers and dumb looks, minus leadership, no learnings from HOF qb mentor or offensive genius coach..

    Congratulations! You would earn a starting job over Jamarcus Russel – if the other backups were dead!

  43. Matt, you’re not a bust because you couldn’t beat our Warner.

    You’re a bust because you couldn’t beat out Anderson, Hall, and Skelton in Arizona or Orlovsky in Houston.

  44. He’ll end up like another “I shouldn’t have to compete for a starting job because I am entitled” QB, i.e. Colt Brennan:

    Languishing in the UFL

  45. eagleswin…great post!

    Btw, it was Paris Hilton parking in a handicap spot in front of Leinart’s pad. I think the guy posting about a handicap issue is confusing the school in Westwood.

  46. Besides Whiz not liking Matt or believing he had any dedication to doing what it took to be a good QB, Matt was due something like $12 Million for the 2011 season. NO WAY that was going to happen.

    I’d like to see Matt get another chance to see if he has his head out of his arse now.

  47. To be fair Mat was never given a fair chance in the NFL. I watched him play he was on a short short leash! If he was given time and to learn from his mistakes he would be an NFL QB. Look at Stafford Detroit gave him the whole season to develop and gain experience. Look at Vince all he did was run and I know Matt can do better. The coach didn’t like him so he never gave him a fair shot. I think he can be a good backup QB. It is what it is but he got the short end of the stick. Anderson sucked the whole damn season and he was awarded playing time.

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