Lockout causes Giants to move training camp


Now both “New York” teams that play in New Jersey will have training camp in New Jersey.

The New York Giants announced today that they will have their training camp at their team facilities, rather than at the University at Albany, thanks to uncertainty surrounding the lockout. The decision comes on the heels of the New York Jets’ announcement that they’ll have their training camp at their regular-season facility, rather than the State University of New York at Cortland.

“In light of current circumstances, it simply became impractical for us to hold camp away from home,” Giants President and CEO John Mara said. “The University at Albany and the Capital Region has been a great summer home for us for 15 years, and we have every intention of returning there in 2012.”

The move is sure to draw the attention of New York’s attorney general, who is investigating whether the lockout violates state law. Even if the lockout ends in time for the preseason to begin on time, the state of New York will feel an economic impact from losing two training camps to New Jersey.

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  1. Not really a big problem. The Giants can now hold training camp at their home stadium AKA “New Meadowlands” better known as Giants Stadium while their tenants, the red headed step children from Queens and now New Jersey will hold their training camp in the suburbs of Newark in preparation of the celebration of their 42nd Anniversary.

  2. Jets and Giants are pets of the larger dog variety to New Yorkers. They love them but still make them sleep in the back yard.

  3. @ampats

    Patriots LOST last three playoff games. Most recently, the Jets beat them 2 out of 3 including a playoff game AT Gillette. I understand your jealousy now that the Jets are better AND more exciting. It’s frustrating when a team says they will beat you and then they do it. It’s ok to vent, we understand.

  4. If we do not have an agreement announced this weekend….we are going to see much more collateral damage done as regional training camps fall to the lockout. Next to fall…..Pre season games at 200 million a week !! That old pot of gold may be shrinking !

  5. the lockout had me annoyed enough but nothin infuriating bec it didnt effect me..nowww im startin to get pissed. i been goin to the giants training camp for 10+ years bec i live in albany and their movin it now..im not buyin anythin related to NFL for a long time!

  6. @ampats

    No one in NY/NJ calls the New Meadowlands Stadium Giants Stadium. And the Jets training facility is not close to being a suburb of Newark. It’s like saying the Berkshires are suburbs of Boston.

  7. We should be hearing from the Eagles anytime now that training camp (whenever it begins) will be held at the Novacare Complex, rather than Lehigh.

  8. @3yrsnfl, the Pats/Jets playoff game becomes a more epic beatdown every week, LMFAO. Not a week goes by that someone doesnt reference the beatdown the Jets laid on New England, but in reality, the Patriots out played the Jets, and the Jets capitalized on 1 New England turnover. The Tom Brady interception in the first quarter (in scoring position) was the difference in the game.

    I am not going to say New York didnt deserve the win, they won the game on the field, congrats to them. Job well done, put their money where their mouth was, etc etc etc. But can we stop pretending they walked into Gillette and mopped the floor with the Pats? Minus the 1st quarter pick, the Pats get 3 (at least). Crumpler dropped a TD pass and the Pats settled for a field goal, add 4 points to the Pats. Chung “effed” up the fake punt leading to a Jets TD, subtract 7 from the Jets. The outcome is a Pats beatdown of the Jets… You can play this game all day, lol. Just making the point that for some reason, as Jets fans will tell you, it was the most embarrassing playoff loss in the history of sports, since it was such a royal beatdown, blah blah… Its like a fisherman’s story…. In ten years we are going to be hearing the Jets fans talk about how they beat the Pats by 100 in Jan of 2011, LMFAO

    Jets Pats
    1st downs: 14 26
    yards: 314 372
    TOP: 25:04 34:56

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