Mike Shanahan: “I love Donovan McNabb”


Regarding the status of quarterback Donovan McNabb, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was put on the spot by a seven-year-old boy at a youth football camp on Friday.

“Do you think Donovan McNabb will be back on the Redskins?” the boy asked, per CSNWashington.com.

Replied Shanahan, “Until I get a chance to talk to Donovan and I go through the scenario with him, I really can’t share it with the public. Those are the decisions that are always tough for a coach, because you have to make decisions that you feel are in the best interest of the team.”

“The scenario.” “Tough decisions.” “Best interest of the team.” It sounds like Shanahan is planning to give his 34-year-old quarterback the axe.

Then he digressed.

I love Donovan McNabb,” Shanahan claimed. “He’s one of the better guys you’ll ever be around. You cannot find a better person in the world.”

We suspect Shanahan’s actions before this season will indicate he believes there are better quarterbacks in the world, though.

Like John Beck.

52 responses to “Mike Shanahan: “I love Donovan McNabb”

  1. No sense having an old QB on a team that’s going to stink for a few years no matter what. Let him go to Minnesota or Arizona or even Tennessee and have a chance to compete. That’s what you would do if you really loved him.

  2. Sure, and Mark Sanchez loves girls his age. And treats them with respect. And he’s a great QB. And his coach is in great shape…

  3. @huskersrock1

    You sir, have absolutely no class. Why would you make a joke about a little girl that was murdered.
    From that comment I can tell two things about you
    1) you don’t have any children and
    2) you are a child yourself.

    You need help

  4. McScabb jsut aint that good. Even if he went to another team (Seahawks, Cardinals) hell still only be just ok good. Is he better than Max Hall? Yes, Is he better than Charlie Whitehurst? Yes. Is he better than Hasselbeck, hardly….

    Hes on the decline and he only surged because Andy Reid was his coach and Andy Reid is a better coach than McScabb is a QB.

  5. “I love Donovan McNabb,” Shanahan claimed. “He’s one of the better guys you’ll ever be around. You cannot find a better person in the world.”

    Translation: I’ll let him ride shotgun on the way to the airport and wave good bye when his plane leaves.

  6. I am not a Shanahan person but he have the right to say who is on the team it have to be someone he trust.

    How it seam like he got two that he can’t trust. Not good for a coach.

  7. Shanarat. Here in Ashburn he is considered by some a potential SB coach & others a complete fraud. That display last year in training camp with Haynesworth was all Shanahan’s fault. Then benching McNabb in the last 2 mins vs Detroit then for the final 4 games after signing him long term was insane.

  8. oh don’t even start. you know the only reason you care is because it was a white kid. i’ve seen 8 stories in the past 5 months about either black or mexican babies being killed by their parents and after following those cases at least 2 of them so far have gotten off and no one has cared. so don’t act all high and mighty. it’s a terrible thing but if you’re gonna be bothered by it that much then you must have a depressing life if you pay attention to what goes on in third world countries in Africa and all over the world. it’s terrible and yeah she should’ve gone to jail, but she didn’t so oh well get over it.

  9. I’ve been a Redskins fan long enough in the Snyder era to suspect there is something up the leaderships’ sleeve for a QB that will surprise the crap out of us. The question is: will it be someone that will turn the team and that position around, or will it be yet another Haynesworth-esque move that will only sabotage the team further? Nobody knows for sure, but I for one am not betting a paycheck on it.

  10. McNabb was 5-8 last year. He threw for about 3400 yards and had more INTs than TDs. if he’s on the Redskins roster after the first week of the regular season, he’s guaranteed about $12.5 million. One would have to be comatose to give McNabb that kind of money.

    He’s getting cut. I know it. You know it. The rotting corpse of Generalisimo Francisco Franco knows it.

  11. The Skins are a mess, Shanny seems to be a jerk, The Danny is The Danny. But, I love my squad and will watch however many games they play this year with Passion and hope. The best part is that I can watch with the knowledge that I am a better person than the average Eagle fan and have my memories of Championships to keep me warm until the glory returns. Hail to the Redskins.

  12. As someone forced to live around the DC area it’s so hard watching this team lose over and over again and than listen to pointless analysis game after game. And the constant blaming that goes on around the team. Part of me misses Jim Zorn cause than it was just his fault. Now it seems like it’s the coach, coaches son, QB, Haynesworth, Owner. Let’s just be honest once the strike is over the Skins win 5-7 games and I think I’m being pretty liberal when I say that.

  13. You know, I see players in all kinds of sports from football to car racing to just about anything and there comes a time when they just can’t play anymore. I think the same is true with coaches and Shanny, it’s time……..

  14. I love how he spouted off some word soup to a seven-year-old that my adult ESL students couldn’t keep up with.

    So, new QB this year, new coach next year… Haven’t the Redskins been rebuilding since Snyder bought the team?

  15. Hey Mike…who you should really love is John Elway and all of those fat paychecks that he made possible for you. BTW, won any SB’s with DM lately?

  16. Donovan is the Rodney Dangerfield of NFL quarterbacks — he just gets no respect.

  17. You guys need to do a PFT poll. Which acquisition was a bigger bust and waste of resources? Haynesworth or McNabb? I asked this question of a friend, who is a Skins fan, and he simply replied with an explicative and my name.

  18. How can you judge Shanahan based on one season? And how can you judge McNabb playing behind one of the worse offensive lines in football that allowed 46 sacks!.That line is pitiful and McNabb is lucky he did`nt get hurt.McNabb won just 5 games last season and everybody is talking about how horrible of a QB he is.Meanwhile Tony Romo won just 1 game and the same people are calling him elite…..Help me understand please!

  19. @rowdymon

    Just because Shanahan doesn’t like McNabb as his QB, doesn’t mean he does not like McNabb or respect him as a person.

  20. @huskersrock1

    I like to think I have a sense of humor about most things. However, I have a bitter distaste for those who hurt or kill those who are defenseless. A small child, a dog, an 80 year old woman, etc… My question is, who is giving that the thumbs up? Maybe deadbeat dads see the humor. Or maybe I’m just more of an old fart than I thought, but I just can’s see humor in tragedy.

  21. You can love and respect a guy and not want him on your team. Think I want to see Brett Favre come out of retirement and sign with the Redskins? Nope.

  22. I’ve been thinking the whole thing’s been a charade. Do we think McNabb got pulled just as soon as coach felt the season was lost? I’ve been waiting for the news to break that Donovan will be back this year. What was the angle in the draft for us “needing a quarterback”?

  23. Sorry, I might be cut off here soon because the “NFL” now only likes people who talk nice about them. But hey, I got my college tickets lined up. Beat the Canes!!!!!!

  24. Again, the problem with McNabb is that he would, now, cost the team money. Less than Hanyeworthlessness, or twinkle toes NYJ guy, or a dozen others that Vinny Cerrato deemed necessary. Based on past performance……..McNabb, even thought he is a Danny Boy pick……..might not be so bad.

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