NFL executive questions Terrelle Pryor’s leadership ability


Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor went 31-4 as a three-year starter for Buckeyes. His college record was enough to convince ESPN’s Jon Gruden that Pryor has a bright NFL future.

But the same can’t be said for at least one league executive, who’s more concerned with Pryor’s personality and leadership skills than his athletic ability and on-field talent.

He’s not a well-liked kid,” the unnamed exec told John Keim of the Washington Examiner. “Very self-absorbed. He doesn’t have the leadership you want in a quarterback. I’ve got more issues with that than his arm.”

The executive did acknowledge that Pryor has NFL-caliber physical tools.

“You start with Cam Newton and you look at Christian Ponder and [Jake] Locker and you can make a case for Pryor,” he said. “He has special skills too. If he had another year I know he would look better and more polished and poised in the pocket. He’s not that far off those guys. You want to look at him as a quarterback.”

Newton, Ponder, and Locker were all first-round picks, of course.

And that’s just where Pryor’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, insists his client will go.

13 responses to “NFL executive questions Terrelle Pryor’s leadership ability

  1. Great, so this “reporter” calls up an NFL team and gets an unsuspecting ticket sales rep whom he shoots it with over tickets and they get to talking about what this Account Executive thinks about Pryor, and the Executive thinking he/she is getting a sale gives his/her opinion, there is your unnamed Executive, otherwise attribute the quote. If you’re going to rip a kid at least have the balls to say you said it. Such TMZ reporting by the media these days.

  2. Does it really matter what this executive thinks if he works for the Bills, Redskins, Dolphins or any team in the NFC West no one should respect what they say anyway. And I’m not an OSU fan by any means if Jake “5 wins in 2 seasons” Locker can get drafted Pryor deserves a chance. Hell the two other teams in the same division as the Ravens & Steelers could use some play makers.

  3. He’ll be a disappointment as a QB and will resist a change to WR. He has bust/flop/four year career written all over him. But, some team will undoubtedly take a flyer on him and over pay.

  4. If Cam Newton is a #1 pick, is it that much of a stretch that Pryor can be a first round pick? Both won a ton of games, they have similar physical skills and both made questionable decisions. However, where Newton stole laptops, Prior made tens of thousands of dollars signing autographs. Sounds like pretty sound judgment to me!

  5. Compared to Newton, Pryor’s leadership skills are Alexander the Great level.

  6. He led Ohio State to forfeit an entire season. How many players can say that?

  7. John Keim is a Washingtonian with connections ONLY in this area. His “league exec” was either a current Redskin employee or former Redskins employee who he still speaks to. My guess is Vinny Cerrato was his “league exec.”

  8. “Ryan Leaf had great skills and poor leadership skills too.”

    Yeah, but Pryor doesn’t even have great skills.

    Tired of hearing about a guy who will be out of the league in a year, maybe two.

  9. AN “UN-NAMED” EXECUTIVE…now that is an opinion we can count on.

    Evan Sylva… an “un-named” executive…questions Terrelle Pryor’s leadership ability?

    I’m not commenting on TP’s leadership ability, one way or the other…I don’t know him.

    …but I will say, an “unnamed” executive is a spineless dweeb, unwilling to come out of the shadows and speak as a man (or woman).

    John Gruden had no problem commenting publicly and on the record.

    Maybe that “unnamed” executive should grow a pair, and name himself or herself.


  10. Apparently cowardice is in the job description for the gig of “unnamed league executive(current & former)”


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