Owners, players agree: Ruling won’t stop negotiations


Anyone worried that today’s ruling allowing the lockout to continue could slow the pace of negotiations to end the lockout should feel good about a joint statement released by the NFL and the NFLPA* hours after the ruling was handed down.

The joint statement from both sides in the negotiation said that the negotiation will go on as planned, and that the appeals court ruling doesn’t change that.

“While we respect the court’s decision, today’s ruling does not change our mutual recognition that this matter must be resolved through negotiation,” the statement said. “We are committed to our current discussions and reaching a fair agreement that will benefit all parties for years to come, and allow for a full 2011 season.”

Those discussions are continuing today. Both sides sound committed to keep the discussions going until an agreement is reached.

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  1. Best thing i’ve heard since the lockout began.

    keep on working till the agreement is met.

    The best thing i could hear is that both parties are working 24-7 till a deal is reached.

  2. this should have no effect on the negotiations at all. just ignore it and get this done.

  3. Where in the name of….yah….was this attitude before the players walked out of negotiations back in April!?!?!

    The NFLPA is a joke.

    Get this done so we don’t have to bother with this crap again.

  4. Great news !!!!!!!!!

    A deal is close and will get done by the time some judge goes on a vacation.

    The Finger hasn’t said a word which must mean a deal will be done today !!!!!!!

    I’m setting up my fantasy draft and buying Sunday Ticket !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. What’s this? …Common sense? ….That was certainly unexpected. They must have sent the lawyers home for the weekend.

  6. Obviously this is great but we’ve been through this roller coaster good news-bad news for so long that I’m automatically waiting for the next bad news headline.

    The best thing both sides can do right now is to work for more than 2 days. It’s good that they are talking for 10+ hrs when they do meet but let’s show a little more urgency than 2 days of work.

    We’re all hoping for actual football talk instead of owners vs. players vs. lawyers talk

  7. With owners and players, retired players, Goodell, Smith, lawyers and judges…..way to many people involved.

    Get the key people and the key people only, lock them in a room and get it done….otherwise, before you know it beer and hot dog vendors are going to join.

  8. I can’t wait until we start hearing from players and coaches instead of De Smith and Goodell.

    Please let this end already!

  9. Awesome. Before it was like 2 guys (the owner and the players) were in high school and begging for a ride from their big brother (the court). Now it’s like the owners and players are in the front seat on a road trip, and the court is the annoying self-important dude in the backseat trying to ruin everyone’s good time (“Don’t drive so fast, wah, you’re not supposed to pass on the right, waaaaah!”), and the league and owners turn up the radio and go “Sorry, what? Can’t hear you!” So maybe they’ll actually get where they’re going on time

  10. The Commissioner also apologised for kicking De Smith out the door last week. He doesn’t know what came over him.

  11. In other words.. De Smith knew he was getting his ass handed to him in litigation awhile ago and decided he’d better get back to the bargaining table.. Where Goodell has been all along..

  12. Blah Blah Blah

    Everyone can just take a nap as far as the lockout goes for 1 week and then check back on the 15th, when they agree to a deal.

  13. This ruling from the Eighth Circuit, if you take it to its conclusion, greatly reduces the leverage the players think they had.

    It also greatly reduces the leverage the owners think they had.

    I think the Eighth circuit could not have given us a better gift.


  14. I bet they are still no where close to making a deal, and this ruling certainly won’t push them closer to it, it will actually delay progress. They’ve been writing stories just like this one since March and the lockout is still on. I’m betting on there being no NFL this year. The owners still come out the losers since they’ll have to pay the players billions of dollars for anti trust violations. The players now have no incentive for agreeing to a new CBA. If its truly about money…then all they have to do is collect from the anti trust suit and get paid 3 times what they normally would.

  15. Not sure why everyone had a kneejerk reaction to worry so much over this ruling.

    Breer and Brandt were tweeting earlier this morning that it the ruling actually should help move the two sides toward a deal.

    Judy Battista called it: “A perfect push to both sides to settle.”

    That was 3 hours before this statement.

    In other words, the sky was never falling today. In fact the sun might have peeked through the clouds.

    (Assuming a new deal and getting back to football are GOOD things, which not everyone agrees with around here.)

  16. Horsefeathers. If they were “committed to discussions” they would have reached an agreement months ago. Again I sit back and watch the 2011 NFL season slip just a little farther away

  17. @southmo:

    Please don’t tell the chicken littles the sky isn’t falling. You’ll ruin it for them.

    You may force them to look at the situation and realize that despite all of their wild arm waving, spittle spraying, red faced anger, they haven’t lost anything.

    Sure, the free agent and rookie signing period has been delayed- but think how much more fun that will be when it is condensed into a one week period right before training camp.

    Imagine how entertaining pre-season games could be when there is a chance that there will players lining up on the same team who literally don’t know each other.

    As I said yesterday, I feel so sorry for all of the posters who swore they would never go back- they are going to miss out on a lot of fun.

    Well, at least at the end of October they’ll have the NBA to look forward to.

    Oh……wait….never mind.

  18. southmo says:

    (Assuming a new deal and getting back to football are GOOD things, which not everyone agrees with around here.)

    Everybody thinks its good to get back to football.

    The negative comments come from the “deal is close” story, which is reported 10 times a day and has been reported since March.

    The reality is, a deal isn’t close.

  19. purpleman527 says:

    Everybody thinks its good to get back to football.

    The negative comments come from the “deal is close” story, which is reported 10 times a day and has been reported since March.

    The reality is, a deal isn’t close

    Can someone please go back through PFT archives and show me a single article more than 3 weeks old that reports that a “deal is close”?

    I must have missed those. Seems kinda unlikely since after the lockout started the two sides went a pretty long time without even talking.

  20. This doesn’t feel much different from the Dem/Rep doing nothing but bickering and posturing. I think the American people are tired of losing jobs, American pride, giving their money away in taxes so gov’t can spend it poorly and we’re sick and tired of not having football to talk about! Get this damn thing done! I’m already canceling my directTV NFL package, if this keeps up I may boycott he entire season.

  21. purpleman527 says:
    Everybody thinks its good to get back to football.


    No not everyone. Unless by “football” you mean just playing the game itself in a generalized way. If by “football” you mean the resumption of NFL Football as we’ve all come to know it, (league-wide rules, a draft, draft eligibility rules, revenue sharing, league-standard drug testing, scheduling, tv contracts, etc….) then definitely not everyone wants to get back to that. Ever. If the talks break down, you’ll see the posts.

    @realitypolice…. you represent your name well! lol And I agree, the restart is going to be wild and fun to watch.

  22. Chris Mortensen just said he leans toward thinking they will have a deal next week. If it doesn’t happen, he said “chalk it up to arrogance.”

    Obviously, Twitter and PFT are my lockout companions. 🙂

  23. Soulman45 says:
    Jul 8, 2011 5:16 PM

    The articles is written so you will think a deal is close so that we all feel good.

    Why in the world would anyone care how you feel? You honestly think that writers on this site sit around wondering what kind of articles they could write that would make you feel good?

  24. @realitypolice
    Yes I think they write articles to make us feel good so we will keep coming back.

    Some of us need our football fix.

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