Peyton Manning has “no idea” when he’ll be ready to go


Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is at the annual Manning Passing Academy, but he’s not doing any passing.

Manning said he’s not ready to throw, has “no idea” when he will be, and is concerned about his recovery from May neck surgery. And Manning blames the lockout for his inability to work with the physical therapist he most trusts.

“The lockout didn’t allow me to work my [Colts] therapist, Erin Barill, and I’m just not comfortable taking any chances with this thing,” Manning told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. “Erin knows me. He’s rehabbed me through two other surgeries [neck and knee] and I think most people understand that once you build up a trust with your therapist, that’s the guy you want and need to work with.”

So as long as the lockout is going on, Manning won’t be able to say whether he’s healthy enough to play. We have a feeling that when the lockout ends and Manning is negotiating a new contract with the Colts, he’ll be saying he expects to be at full strength for years to come.

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  1. I expect Mr. Barill to be fired by the Colts as soon as today, but open up his first private practice – down the block from Peyton’s house, no less – by next Wednesday.

  2. Hate the Colts and their fans but respect the hell out of this guy; he’s a machine. Young QB’s out there, watch Manning take a hit and how his body basically goes limp, he never fights the hit and it allows him to stay healthy. Kind of a b*tch move but completely necessary playing that position. That’s why he’s never missed a game.

  3. I don’t know. Those neck injuries are mighty tough to rehab back to 100%. And Peyton’s not a spring chicken any longer, either.

  4. Meanwhile Peyton has his eyes fixed straight ahead on the future. Well, actually about 30 degrees to the left of straight, ahead because he can’t quite turn his head all the way to the front. But he thinks it might get better.

  5. No rush Peyton! It would be great if you could wait until Week 4 to come back, especially if we don’t re-sign Ike.

  6. This makes me laugh!

    turbodog1027 says:Jul 8, 2011 1:55 PM

    Just turn the bolts counterclockwise a couple of times. Good to go


  7. If memory serves me while negotiating a new CBA, the old CBA was extended, then the players left the negotiating table, decertified and sued the owners. The owners in reaction to the above locked out the players.

    It is like killing your parents and thinking everyone should feel sorry for you because yuor an orphan.

    Maybe that decertification thing wasn’t a great idea?

  8. Neck injuries that require surgery can be a lot more significant than has been reported on by the press. If it’s true in his case, one head first plant onto the astro turf could make for some potential dire results. Don’t do anything silly Payton – you’ve already accomplished just about everything a QB could wish for.

  9. Can’t he hire a therapist and have that guy “consult” with his team’s therapist and bill it that way?

    As much as I hate that the lockout has kept guys from rehabbing with the team’s staff and think it’s not fair, I’d be pissed if Brady whined about how he couldn’t rehab after his foot surgery with the Pats docs even though he couldn’t. When it doubt, don’t complain. Even when you’re right, it comes off as excuse making for the future or present or past.

  10. The guy isn’t 100% and is 35 at what point does someone inside the Colts organization grow a pair and draft or trade for a real backup or future replacement? The idea was very unpopular in Green Bay at the time, but 5 yrs and a Lombardi trophy later fans and the media have warmed up to it.

  11. I am a Patriots fan, but seriously, how can you hate the Colts and/or Colts fans?

    The Colts are always a good opponent and their fans are very polite compared with Jets fans or Eagles fans or just about any other fans.

    I personally can’t wait for the Monday Night Football game Colts @ Pats this year. Hope Peyton is clicking on all cylinders because I don’t think I am ready for this rivalry to enter the ‘Curtis Painter Era’.

  12. Favre would just fix his own spine using the hydraulic lift from the farm tractor, then hire the therapist with the nicest tits.

  13. i wouldnt trust peyton manning with another female physical therapist after the Tennessee incident.

  14. Catch 22 –

    His neck will improve dramatically when his deal gets done.

    But his deal can’t get done ’cause his neck is broke?

    Complicated ain’t it/

    Cheers, BostonTim

  15. Hogwash! I doubt this Erin guy is ONLY on Colts payroll. I’m sure he has a private practice or is affiliated with a local hospital. Maybe what Peyton means is that the lockout means he can’t see Erin without it being on his own dime.

  16. Circa Jan 7th 2012,

    “Well I don’t want to blame the lockout but had a been able to work with my pt earlier in the summer maybe I wouldn’t have thrown 3 4th quarter picks in today’s playoff game”

  17. The Colts would be a joke if Manning misses any games… Would any team even fear playing the Colts if he was on the sidelines?? Even when Brady was knocked out for the year, the Pats were still a good team and could beat you several different ways… The Colts are done without him.

  18. “Hate the Colts and their fans but respect the hell out of this guy; he’s a machine. Young QB’s out there, watch Manning take a hit and how his body basically goes limp, he never fights the hit and it allows him to stay healthy. Kind of a b*tch move but completely necessary playing that position. That’s why he’s never missed a game.”


    If you would like to see what the complete opposite looks like please watch the little bit of game film there is of Charlie Whitehurst.

  19. Peyton is an all-time great, no doubt about that. But you’d think he would do something about reducing the size of that humongous forehead to relieve some of the pressure on his neck.

  20. Smirky, arrogant Indy fans really starting to squirm as the sheriff and their team starts the downward cycle to the inevitable 4-12 and 5-11 seasons that are coming…Trying not to smile in Jax, we would rather take over the division with him still there……but its WIDE open if he misses any part of the season.

  21. Don’t forget to make him the highest paid player in the NFL and sign him to 25 Mill a season guaranteed on the first day of the league year. Always have Curtis Painter or some other scrub as back up QB playing for league min.

    The “window” is closing Peytonapolis Colts fans.

  22. evrybdyhas1, that’s wrong. The owners opted out of the old CBA a few years early, the players were more than happy to keep playing under it forever.

  23. Where have we seen this before? He’s getting to that age where he has to start advertising every injury so when he doesn’t miss a start, the announcers will gush about how tough he is, but when he struggles they can blame his tennis elbow, his broken thumb, tendinitis, bad ankle, sprained knee, or just tell us he was trying to make a play because he wants to win so badly. Next year, he should start contemplating retirement which he’ll do every offseason for the next five years, but won’t truly do until every one of the NFL passing records belong to him.

  24. I smell a movie deal coming if his playing days are shortened with him and Kenny Chesney starring in “Brokeneck Mountain”.

  25. jamaltimore says: Jul 8, 2011 2:32 PM

    Circa Jan 7th 2012,

    “Well I don’t want to blame the lockout but had a been able to work with my pt earlier in the summer maybe I wouldn’t have thrown 3 4th quarter picks in today’s playoff game”

    BOOM, roasted!

  26. That sound you heard in the background was Peyton’s agent Tom Condon keeling over (you can guess what the smell is). Manning saying this stuff when he’s trying to get a new contract makes no sense. He’s said nothing to the press all off season, then the first thing he does say jeopardizes his negotiating leverage? Not too bright, but we all know Peyton forgets his usual robot-like PC talk when he gets frustrated (“protection problems” anyone?)

  27. Payton’s had a great run, never missed a snap in his career, but at some point it ends. For all of the greats before him and those yet to be great, it eventually ends. Some last 1 year and some make it to 16 years. But it ends.

    The scariest thing, if you are a Colts fan, is not having Manning ready to go when the real playing starts and having to go to Curtis Painter.

    I would rather bring a Doug Flutie, Vinnie Testerverde or Joe Kapp out of retirement than place my bets with Painter. If Manning isn’t ready, guys like Kolb, McNabb and the like will find an additional interested party. Good luck with that. Even the Pats started to address life after Brady. Indy may have been asleep at the switch.

  28. micronin127 says: Jul 8, 2011 2:13 PM
    I am a Patriots fan, but seriously, how can you hate the Colts and/or Colts fans?

    Simple, laying down a perfect season with 2 games and a half to go. Payton and organization lost all my respect after that and nothing made me happier than watching them get embarrassed in the Superbowl.

  29. OMG! This is terrible news! How can an athelete who has amassed over $100 million dollars in pay and endorsements get proper medical care without the NFL’s help?

    Golly this is a real problem…not like our soldiers on their fourth and fifth deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and facing foreclosure on their homes.

    Thank you for alerting us on this serious problem.

  30. @wisconsin Hate the coaches and team all you want, but you can’t hate Peyton , Saturday & crew for the mistakes made by the dumb as hell coach. If he had it his way, he would have played, and he certainly wouldn’t have called a moronic time out last year vs the Jets. The greatest player to ever take a snap doesn’t deserve a moronic fool as the head coach. The Colts are done unless they make a change at HC, because Manning & company can’t continually beat the opposing team and their own staff.

  31. @firejimcadwell

    Bull, Peyton put up a token resistance but it was a joke. People can say what they want about Favre, but he would have NEVER let his head coach make that same stupid mistake. I think Peyton, as undisputed leader of the team, bears as much responsibility as the coach and management.

  32. Pretty smart way to pressure the Colts ownership to more of a “let’s get the deal done” territory

  33. Wisconin, you are dumb a$$ if you think he wasn’t pi$$ed off at that. You could just tell that it was driving him crazy just giving perfection away. The team, fans, & NFL deserved better so I can see other fans hating that choice because Colts fans hated it too.

    I wish he would have pulled a Favre and caused a scene or been a diva… Of course if Manning did something like that he would be murdered in the media and the ignorant masses as he has been before.

    I can’t stand Caldwell or or Polian for giving away any shot at perfection and the hiring of the unqualified coach for Polian.

  34. How in the world can anyone blame Peyton for the Colts not going for the perfect season? I hate the guy but come on! That’s silliness. Everyone in the world knows that was and always has been Polian’s call…he’s the “rest the starters” guy.

  35. Peyton should have stood up for something for once in his life if he disagreed with the coach on laying down the season. He didn’t, he does what he usually does, acts like his robotic self and fell in line. For that reason alone, Peyton was more supportive of his coaches decision than what you believe. I hate to break it to you, but it’s true.

    Yeah, maybe you’re right, being a “diva” is not Peyton M.O. He is too worried about his public image, even more so than winning, to put up much of a scene. AT least Favre stands up for what he believes in, has real emotions, and doesn’t bull@$% the press with canned answers like commercial boy. He would have stood up for the team, and demanded that they play for a perfect season. Instead Peyton let himself, his teammates, and the Colt fans down by following the party line.

  36. MichaelEdits,
    I’m not an Eli fan either. But I hate to tell you, Eli’s never missed a start either – even with an AC sprain in his throwing shoulder a few years ago. You really need to do your research before you hit submit.

  37. Manning is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If he isn’t fully disclosing in talking with the media he is a diva or smug. If he is disclosing then people rag on him as being over-exposed or attention-hungry. If he doesn’t mention something about the lockout and how it has affected him he’s seen as distant or as not as invested as say someone like Brees. If he does mention how the lock-out is personally affecting him people say “boo hoo” and rag on him for being a wimp or call it manipulation. But then, such are the territories one finds themselves when they are one of the best to ever play at their position in the NFL.

    Peyton will be fine. And even though he’s quickly approaching the point he envisioned long ago that he would retire (16 seasons) he probably did not foresee how seldom he would have gotten sacked throughout his career. Now, he and the Colts are talking about a 4-to-6 year contract extending to him playing to an 18th or 20th season if his body and luck hold out. Whether we cheer for him or jeer him, we’d all be lucky if he is around in the NFL so long.

  38. @wisconsin, as goatpudding pointed out, Manning is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    If he flips out on Caldwell on the sideline, he will get bashed for doing so. If he doesn’t, then he gets fools bashing him for not doing.

    You obviously didn’t see the hatred he had in his eyes for what was happening, of course it could have been the poor attempt of playing NFL quarterback that Curtis Painter was failing to do.

    You could also see that same gleam when the moron called timeout vs. the Jets this year. If Cadlwell is good at one thing it is giving away games to the Jets.

    If he’s done anything wrong, it’s not telling Irsay privately that he needs to dismiss Caldwell, but when when you go to the Bowl, the playoffs twice, and win 10+ games twice it’s hard to argue, but I think 50% of the members here could make football decisions with Manning as your quarterback that would result in 10 win seasons. Of course 40% of the other 50% would attempt to sabotage the Colts and 10% would be just too damn stupid to have a clue of what to call.

  39. When I first heard of Peyton having a SECOND neck surgery, I knew that a quick and simple recovery was in no way a given. In fact, I question if he’ll be able to recover 100% at all and I further would not be surprised if he was forced to retire from this. I hope that will not be the case because he’s a major positive for the NFL, however, you simply can not take something like two neck surgeries lightly.

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