Rams’ receive “worst moments” treatment on Friday

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We’ll close up shop for the week on PFT Live with a look at the worst moments for the St. Louis Rams since the last worst stoppage.  Which means that the L.A. Rams are part of the equation.

Which means that Jim Everett’s blowing of a gasket while on the air with Jim Rome is eligible for consideration.

Share your favorite worst moments in the comments, and tune in Friday for the full list, plus honorable mention.

20 responses to “Rams’ receive “worst moments” treatment on Friday

  1. On April 20, 1996, Jerome Bettis was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers along with a 3rd round pick in the 1996 NFL Draft. The Rams in exchange for Bettis received a second round selection in the same draft and a fourth round selection in the 1997 draft. Basically a decent TE in Ernie Conwell and a OT that did absolutely nothing. Meanwhile Bettis had over 1,000 yards rushing in his first six seasons in Pittsburgh. Made me sick to watch until Marshal Faulk came along.

  2. The Jim Rome–Jim Everett tete-a-tete was the second worst moment in the career of a pathetic excuse for a journalist. The worst happened when in his eulogy at Pat Tillman’s funeral he managed to mention himself or his program at least a dozen times.

  3. Scott Linehan was a terrible head coach
    Rich Brooks’s handling of Jerome Bettis
    Drafting Lawrence Phillips

  4. Mike Martz, not handing the super bowl over to Faulk when BB was clearly out coaching him by instructing his DB’s to maul our receivers at the line. Pathetic.

  5. How about losing Super Bowl XXXVI to the Patriots? The Rams were able to move up and down the field, but let the game slip away with turnovers.

  6. how would giving a jerk what he had coming be a worst moment? since he was fred for causing it wouldn’t that be a rome worst moment?

  7. Everett blew a gasket? Like hell he did.

    Jim Rome behaved like the south end of a defecating north-bound moose, and Everett gave him exactly what he deserved. Then afterwards, Rome tried to justify his asinine behavior instead of a apologizing for behaving like a complete jack-ass.

    The only thing that would be considered a downer for the Rams about that incident is that Everett didn’t knock all of Rome’s teeth down his throat.

  8. As far as the Rams worst moments since the lockout?

    1. Drafting Lawrence Phillips.
    2. Losing Super Bowl XXXVI.

    3. Losing the double-OT playoff game to Carolina 29-23. Martz had a chance to go for the win in regulation, and only ran two plays in the final minute, settling for a tying FG.

    4. Giving up John Taylor’s two 90+ TD receptions in one game.

    5. The nearly complete waste of Steven Jackson’s best years of his career playing for a sup-par Rams team.

    Honorable mention: 1989: After rallying from an 11 point deficit in the final minutes, losing an OT game to Minnesota 23-21 on a blocked punt safety. Vikings won the game without scoring a TD (7 FGs, and an OT safety).

  9. Other than obvious ones like the Super Bowl loss and any Scott Linehan-related move, two honorable mentions should be:

    – Jim Everett’s phantom sack

    – Marc Bulger’s phantom first down slide

  10. Jim Everett was Jim Rome’s worst moment, not the Ram’s. It’s unfortunate that Rome even bears mention here. His idiotic white boy smack talk is only entertaining to twenty-somethings who still hang out with high school kids and laugh at fart jokes.

    As for the Rams, I look forward to reading about their highlights someday.

  11. The Everett thing had nothing to do with the Rams .

    Here’s the heartbreaking moments.

    1 SB 36 loss and the pathetic coaching performance:

    Martz stubborn refusal to change offensive tactics as the Pats grabbed and held Faulk and the receivers on EVERY pass play.

    Lovie Smith going into the old prevent defense allowing a stupid rookie qb to drive into winning goal range.

    Martz benching starting RT Ryan Tucker late in the 2001 season, apparently because he didn’t like him. Replaced him with some guy named Rod Jones who very early in SB36 whiffed on a Vrabel rush forcing Warner to throw a pick 6. Tucker was re-inserted and that was Jones’ last play in the NFL.

    2 Martz prematurely running Warner off cause he was mad at him.

    3 Martz declaring war on his defense in 2000 his rookie season. Co-coordinator John Bunting left in a snit and Martz constantly declared Rams would win in spite of the defense that they didn’t need the defense and they would outscore everyone (turns out they didn’t). Then he hired 100 year old Harry Carson late in the season in an attempt to make the playoffs (they didn’t).

    4 Martz controlling the draft for 5 disastrous years. 1st rounders: Trung Candidate , Damione Lewis, Adam Archuletta, Ryan Pickett, Robert Thomas, Jimmy Kennedy and Steven Jackson.

    Obviously SJ was excellent as was Pickett but they decided not to pay Pickett. The rest were bad to marginal.

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