Rams worst moments since 1987

Friday’s journey into the abyss of a franchise on PFT Live focused on the last 24 years of the Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams.

It’s a video that probably proved particularly painful to our resident Rams rooter Evan Silva, which makes it even more fun to do.

For a franchise with a recent title, there has been a lot of pain.  The team moved.  2007-2009 only included six wins.  Even the Greatest Show on Earth felt like it underachieved because of the Super Bowl against the Patriots and the ugly aftermath.

Okay, now we’re just rubbing it in.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

17 responses to “Rams worst moments since 1987

  1. We all take comfort from Silva’s misery. But I think the segment is a bit premature. Bradford hasn’t blown out his shoulder at the NFL level yet.

  2. BTW I love how your site always auto-reloads halfway through me watching a video. It’s just awesome.

  3. Missed a pretty big one, Mike.
    Ask a Los Angeles Rams fan what the team’s worst moment since 1987 was.

    Odds are you will get this:
    April 1995.
    NFL approves the Wicked Witch of the NFC West’s plan to move the team to St. Louis.

  4. My worse moments in no particular order:

    4. Dick Vermeil retiring. Giving Mike Martz the keys to the car was a huge mistake. Vermeil would have ran Marshall Faulk 50 times if need be against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

    3. Lawrence Phillips. Need I say more?

    2. Letting London Fletcher go in free agency. Middle linebacker was a hole until lauranitis was drafted.

    1. Kurt Warner’s exit. The fans still love him, but it was a disgrace how the organization treated arguably the second greatest player in franchise history (Dickerson would be first in my book) and the player that lead the team to more success than it has ever seen before or since was deplorable.

  5. how is drafting sam bradford one of the best moments, he’s been in the league 1 year didn’t have great stats, the rams were much improved yes, but lets not put this guy hall yet. I will give sam all the credit in the world when he earns but to me he isn’t great yet.

  6. They played their games in Anaheim which in NOT in L.A. and probably way nicer then the hellhole you live in

  7. david7590 says:
    Jul 8, 2011 4:24 PM
    Leaving LA was probably a great moment. Who wouldn’t want to leave that hellhole?

    Comment above was meant for you

  8. Every single draft from 2000 to 2007. Except for 2004 which got Steven Jackson. Take a look at the guy who was selected right after Adam Carriker in the 2007 draft. D’OH!

    @ least we’re gettin better. Guys like Bradford, Laurinaitis, Long, Quinn, Jackson, Big Mike (the TE), Saffold, Jason Smith, are formin a legit young nucleus of good players.

  9. “Leaving LA was probably a great moment. Who wouldn’t want to leave that hellhole?”

    @David7590 – a note to the ignorant: the Rams actually played in Orange County ( Anaheim) at the time they left for St. Louis. BTW, just what hellhole were you born into?

  10. @ emperor

    Kurt Warner won just 32 games as a starter the final eight seasons of his career. His final 33 starts as a Ram, threw 60 TDs against 52 INTs. Really, his departure was the best thing for all parties involved. He wanted to be a starter again but wasn’t playing well enough on a team that still had playoff aspirations.

  11. Bradford and Laurinaitis are greatly overrated by Ram fans. Bradford had a great rookie year by QB standards…but let’s see what he does next before we put him in Canton. Rick Mirer won AFC Rookie of the Year and it was all down hill from there. Laurinaitis is a try hard guy and good leader, with average skills.

    On Warner…He was horrible and couldn’t grasp a football for 5 years. He had to go.

    Fballguy (Ram fan)

  12. The only way to beat the Rams that year was to to tape their first ten play walk through! Secondly, the Patriots had no business being there with the worst call in NFL history and the tuck rule!! Then you had Ty Law jumping an out route on the fastest receivers in the NFL? Thank you for the the taping of the walk through!!! PATRIOTS=CHEATERS!!!

  13. Probably my favorite Rams’ Linebacker of all-time is Kevin Greene. He was such a beast(he had 4 1/2 sacks in one game all against Joe Montana) and even though the Rams changed defenses and he struggled initially, his last year with the Rams he had 10 sacks. He then signed with the Steelers and later with the Panthers and the most hated 49ers. He left after the 1992 season and tore up the NFL for the rest of the decade. I don’t blame him for leaving the Rams even though they did match the Steelers’ offer, but under the Frontiere, the Rams were cheap and let a lot of studs go elsewhere.

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