Report: Jets third-round pick not a U.S. citizen, could be deported

Jets rookie defensive lineman Kenrick Ellis’ felony assault trial has been pushed back from July to November 28. Ellis needed the postponement because he recently changed attorneys.

However, Rich Cimini of reports that Ellis is not a U.S. citizen. Rather, the Jamaica native is a “permanent resident,” and any person who is classified as such and convicted of an aggravated felony is deportable, per United States immigration law.

Thus, Ellis’ best bet is to agree to a plea bargain before his trial. He must make sure his assault charge isn’t of the aggravated variety and carries less than a year’s sentence.

Ellis is accused of beating a man who allegedly came after him with a baseball bat on the Hampton (Va.) University campus two Aprils ago. Immediately after drafting him with the 94th overall pick, the Jets insisted they were confident in Ellis’ side of the story. The felony charge is for “malicious wounding.”

A repeat felony offense would also make Ellis eligible for deportation.

The Jets rated Ellis as the 36th overall player on their draft board. But one rival G.M. explained that Ellis’ court case made him all but undraftable in April:

“That was big for us. It’s a pain in the tail, the whole legal issue.”

66 responses to “Report: Jets third-round pick not a U.S. citizen, could be deported

  1. I’m waiting for the guy they cut to make room for this guy to say “Dey took are jarbs” (in redneck voice from South Park).

  2. Im sure nothing will happen, just like when Sebastian Janikowski had all of his rufi problems.

  3. You give me one Jamaican bobsleder on that jury, you’re gonna be a free man…..

    Jackie Chiles

  4. More importantly, he looks great in Italian High heels. Rex loves the imported talent.

  5. Reading comprehension is important, folks.

    He could be deported if he’s convicted, and considering lawyers with knowledge of the case say the case probably won’t even make it in front of the judge, I’m not all too worried. He was being threatened by a man with a baseball bat, so he broke his jaw with one punch. Once again, self defense.

  6. This guy needs to go. I am betting though that he will be allowed to stay in the country. I am all but certain of that. Next person he messes up will be owed major money from the government for allowing this animal to stay in the country.

  7. In exchange for a lighter sentence Ellis fingered his new teammate Sanchez to the immigration department. Kenrick thinks there are way too many Hispanics in the country as it is.

  8. Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One Love)
    There is one question I’d really like to ask (One Heart)
    Is there a place for the hopeless sinner
    Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?
    Believe me

  9. Way to go on not telling the whole story. Ellis was the one being attacked, and the whole premise of your Jets hating article can only come to pass if he is convicted. That will never happen. That’s why the Jets took him. This will never even get to court.

  10. Just some further context: Steve Spurrier kicked Ellis off the South Carolina team because of multiple and continued failed drug tests.

  11. Seriously no one looked at this in depth before the draft?

    Uh player personnel department helllooo???

  12. @ ampats says:Jul 8, 2011 9:15 PM

    Getting drafted by the Jets is like getting deported.

    Never was anything better said. These JEST fans just don’t understand they have been and always will be the doormat of the AFC East. The Pats and the Dolphins have RULED this division since 1970. The Dolphins in the 70’s, 80′ and the Pats in the 90’s and 00’s…..I keep telling ole Rex to climb back under his rock with all his loser Jest fans!! Maybe we gotta throw some imported 9″ heels under that rock to lure him back in!!

  13. casey anthony murdered her daughter and got off. i think ellis will get off for beating someone who attacked him with a bat.

    keep on hating haters. i cant wait to watch this kid rip it up for the jets

  14. The funny thing is, before, your Jets hating articles were about how if he was convicted he could spend 20 years in prison. It wasn’t anymore likely then than it is now. I guess the “if convicted” aspect of the story doesn’t really inspire too much Jets hate when you know about the case. I guess that’s why you left that part out of the main tittle.

  15. Never seen so much Hate for a team that has not won a Ring since 1969 I found it very FUNNY and Entertaining knowing that the team I have cheered for ALL My Life is Keeping you haters up at NIGHT ….The Joy ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. i really think the team most poised for a major downfall is the jets. sooner or later a team stops believing in the egocentric coach’s belief system (glanville). it feels like it’s about time for the jets. even shannahan, and holmgren, and many other controlling megalomaniacs get looked at sideways by their own players after awhile.

  17. @72perfection lol the ’70s and ’80s were a long time ago, my friend. I wouldn’t be so quick to put your pathetic team in the same sentence as the pats.

  18. schemefactory says: Jul 8, 2011 10:06 PM

    “i really think the team most poised for a major downfall is the jets. sooner or later a team stops believing in the egocentric coach’s belief system (glanville). it feels like it’s about time for the jets. even shannahan, and holmgren, and many other controlling megalomaniacs get looked at sideways by their own players after awhile.”

    Controlling? Rex Ryan is the complete opposite of a controlling coach like Belicheck. You can tell his players are sick of his ways. That’s why they tried to play the Jets game with the media, and were punished. There are players with the Jets that have been with him their whole careers. When do you think they are going to start second guessing him? When they retire?

  19. Reading comprehension indeed:

    Ellis’ side of the story alleges that the victim was attacking him with a baseball bat.

    Apparently authorities disagree with Ellis’ story, otherwise Ellis would not have been charged with the felony count of malicious wounding.

    I guess we’ll find out the “real story” at a criminal trial if Ellis’ story is true. After all, it’s hard to imagine Ellis pleading out if he was truly defending himself against an attacker with a baseball bat.

  20. “The Jets rated Ellis as the 36th overall player on their draft board.”

    Well, we all know the Jets draft board is crap. That’s how they chose Sanchez over Freeman.

  21. Hey how about this? Maybe T.O goes to the Jets, and then we’ll all know why the Jets suck, its cause T.O was there and he tore the entire franchise apart! Yeeeaaaahhh!!!!!! haha

  22. “One big factor in Ellis’ favor: He has been a permanent resident for more than five years. Even if he’s convicted of a crime of moral turpitude, as long as it’s a misdemeanor — a sentence less than one year — it won’t affect his residency status, Kovatch said. But a repeat offense, he said, would make him deportable.”

    – from same ESPN article. Apparently, the only risk of deportation for this first offense woulf be if Ellis’ attack was ‘ vile and malicious’.

  23. nyjetsmaniac says: Jul 8, 2011 9:56 PM

    Never seen so much Hate for a team that has not won a Ring since 1969 I found it very FUNNY and Entertaining knowing that the team I have cheered for ALL My Life is Keeping you haters up at NIGHT ….The Joy ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    equally as hysterical is that the team you’ve been cheering for ALL Your Life hasn’t wont a ring since 1969…

    so while we’re up all night…you keep sleep easy and keep dreaming of actually winning on buddy 😉

  24. I LOVE how quiet they get when their team gets embarassed. I love it. Respect to those who showed though.

    Pats and Phins fans will always show up for the beating. It’s like the executive who sees a dominatrix.

    I don’t think any Bills fans have internet, so fair nuff [ZING]

    This kid my have toughguyed himself and family out of a LOT of money, which is sad, especially if the guy did come at him with a bat, starting it. I kinda hate that about the law. I live in VA now, and I’m pretty sure if someone came at me with a bat I could shoot to kill in many situations. I’ve been in situations where I threw punches for ALL the right reasons, back in MA, and I was nearly charged. I think the white kid from the burbs thing helped there, plus one of the cops thought I did the right thing. Scary how it works though.

  25. The Jets, and every other team knew about this potential issue. That is why they were able to draft a late 1st/early 2nd talent in the 3rd round. None of this news is old. And considering the fact that he plays football, I wouldn’t be too concerned about him getting deported. He is/will be after this f’ing lockout ends, an NFL player. He’s not getting deported… lol. Not to mention, this is a criminal case. All Ellis needs is a reasonable doubt that it was self defense.

  26. @belicheckyourself

    …how were we “embarassed?”

    It’s not like the fact that his legal status was up in the air was a big secret up until now, the scouting department was well aware of his charges. The case will most likely be thrown out, and if not he’ll bite on the plea deal. Nothing will come of it, and Kenrick will be introducing Tom Brady to sod. Seriously, you haters will reach for anything to make fun of the Jets. “Tannenbaum worst since Millen.” Are you kidding me? I’m laughing my butt off.

    And it may not be that significant, but Cimini is a loser and bashed Kenrick from the second he was drafted. Nobody who follows the Jets takes Cimini seriously.

  27. @ you Pathetic Jet fans! Since 1970!
    AFC Division Titles
    Dolphins 14
    Pats 12
    Jets 2

    Playoff Appearances
    Dolphins 22
    Pats 17
    Jets 12

    Super Bowl Appearances
    Pats 6
    Dolphins 5
    Jets( 0 ZERO),I wrote it out for all you obnoxious dillusional,pathetic fans!

    Keep dreaming all you pathetic Jet fans! Keep Dreaming!!

  28. The average maturity level of the NFL fans seems to be dropping rapidly from some of the comments I have seen on this sight and others. This and the whole CBA dispute has seriously diminished my interest in the ND|FL in general.

  29. The Jets have drafted well over the last decade compared to most teams (aside from Gholston). This was a gamble.

    Anyone who thinks Tannenbaum is a bad GM doesn’t watch or understand football.

  30. News flash:

    Dolphin fans – namely skleech 22

    your team is irrelevant.
    have not even mattered for 15 yrs now.
    Pats and Jets are all anyone cares about in AFC East.

    Why? Because both teams are competitve.

    So please refrain from commenting and by the way, the Buffalo Bills have a richer history and get more respect as a football franchise than Fish EVER will.

  31. I am agent for DHS out of New Jersey… the only way he can be deported on this charge is if he is convicted and SERVES over 1 year.. which is not going to happen

  32. also, even if he that happens and Ellis is eligible for deportation, he will get to go before an immigration judge and more likely than not, get to stay

  33. Sure is alot of hate for the Jets. It’s hard to swallow when a loud, boastful person tells you they are gonna do something and then does it. Like beating a rival 2 out of 3, once at their stadium in the playoffs. It is frustrating, we understand. Maybe your team will be better this year.

  34. @Fat@$$ can’tcoach! For a team that is irrelevant, we beat your “superbowl team” every year! Keep talking like you guys always do! You won a championship in 69! HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING SINCE! NOTHING! But you pathetic fans keep talking??? Why? You’re the JETS! When you even get close to the Dolphins tradition which won’t be anytime soon then you pathetic,obnoxiou,stupid fans can talk!

  35. @skleech22

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: THE MIAMI DOLPHINS HAVE NOT WON D**K SINCE ’73, only FOUR years after we won our Super Bowl. The Dolphins “tradition” is overachieving and losing. Your pathetic team can’t even break .500 and you’re talking mess online, I love it. NOBODY cares about the Dolphins. That includes your owner, your players, your “fans,” ect. You can’t win, you can’t draft, you can’t even keep a name for your stadium. So remind me, what are you babbling about again?

    47-42-1, enjoy 4th place, phailures.

  36. @nysucksallday?

    C’mon bro? Are you freakin serious? I know success for your pathetic franchise is an appearance in the AFC Championship and now you are the team to beat? Everybody laughs at you guys! You talk about DRAFTS,you guys are the annual joke on ESPN for busts! Lagaman,Kyle Brady,Vernon Gholston,O’Brien etc. Keep chirping,at least we won the division a couple a years ago and oh yeah we beat you! Two division titles no Super Bowl appearances since 1970,yeah you guys are relevant,only in trash talk category like your fat coach!!!

  37. @skleech

    Haha, I bet you’d have loved to watch the Dolphins in the AFC Championship game. Oh wait, problem: The Dolphins havent won a playoff game in a decade! The Jets have drafted 3 players in the past 5 years that are in the conversation for best at their position. You got Jake Long. That’s it. Revis and Mangold alone are on track for HoF careers. Busts and average players are what the Fins consist of.. Seems the talents being taken to South Beach are sticking to basketball. And just for your information, O’Brien wasn’t even a bust, he just wasn’t as good as Dan Marino. Haha congratulations, you scraped by the Jets with our sloppy seconds noodle arm QB with Tom Brady out for the season. The most memorable part was how well they played in the postseason afterwards….oh wait. More mediocrity.

    Come talk smack when the Phailures can actually break .500

  38. mlcook30 says:
    Jul 8, 2011 9:43 PM
    Seriously no one looked at this in depth before the draft?

    Uh player personnel department helllooo???

    there’s no cap on spending for personnel departments. so if you have a superior dept., that knows it has a coach who can handle a wide variety of personalities/types, you reach into the fray and pick out some wide receivers who will help you A LOT. with the confirmation from your past success, you can get a superior nose tackle too! watch for it

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