Retired players have plenty of seats at the table today

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At a time when one group of retired players is suing the NFL and the current players who are suing the NFL in an obvious effort to have a seat at the table, another group of NFL players have a seat at the table.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the players’ contingent at Friday’s labor talks includes three retired players:  NFLPA president Kevin Mawae, Sean Morey, and Pete Kendall.  They actually outnumber the current players who are present, Domonique Foxworth and Jeff Saturday.

Given that there’s no single, unified retired-players group that speaks for all former players, isn’t the involvement of Mawae, Morey, and Kendall enough?  We’ll pose that question on Friday’s PFT Live to attorney Michael Hausfeld, who represents the class of retired players who have made a power play in an effort to be involved in the talks.

Once the labor deal is resolved, the retired players should strive to come together with one group and one voice in the future.  Without that kind of organization, it’s hard for the fans to understand why Hausfeld’s clients should be allowed to participate in a process that already features a player contingent that consists of more retired players than current players.

26 responses to “Retired players have plenty of seats at the table today

  1. They have nothing better to do. Why not try to get all the money you can out of people who owe you nothing who are out working out preparing for the upcoming season?

  2. Since Favre is retired and always on the hunt for drama….Will he make a suprise appearance?

  3. I am not naive enough to say I will lose interest in the football season or reliant factors such as fantasy football or following my favorite team. In fairness, I have never purchased a jersey or got an autograph, but I follow football as close as anyone and thoroughly enjoy the sport and have even played. I have, however, lost a lot of respect for basically everyone involved, and really could care less about any of them on a personal level. It was kind of stupid we ever did as they could give two (insert expletive) about any of the fans. I’m sure the networks will work extra hard on the emotional storylines this year, but this is one fan it wont work for. Please just go hit each other. At this point, they are pawns I like to play with to have fun gambling…and to be amused by with their physical gifts as they beat each other. Why should we care? They are all (owners included of course) just a bunch of greedy, “me-first”, prima donnas. Of course…we built this monster…and now we are paying for it.

  4. I’m sorry, but these retired players have no business being involved in these talks. None.

  5. Retired players are scrambling after hearing that social security is being scrapped. lol

  6. Carl Eller will represent the retired, the hungry, the maimed, the crippled and the deceased. As well as those players yet unborn. He may or may not appear in the flesh, but if the sky darkens for a moment, or a murder of crows pass by……..

  7. Even though Carl Eller wasn’t there, no one sat in his usual spot. Matter of fact there was a large vacant section around it, as the other participants gave the seat he wasn’t sitting in a wide berth.

  8. Wow, just give me football and shut up about it…that’s what fans are really saying? From reading the comments here, that is what I see.

    I am far from a bleeding heart, but as we learn more medically about the lasting effects a football career has on players, it seems to make sense to provide something for retired players in all the money there is in football today. If nothing more than better medical benefits.

    John Mackey died yesterday, suffering the last 10 years of life from dementia. The facts of the incidents of Alzheimers and other brain disorders are at an alarming rate among football players versus the regular society. And these retired football players, at least many of them, did not make the big money of today.

    Go ahead, joke about Carl Eller, and these other retired players. They had multiple concussions in a period where you played under the effects of them because we did not know any better. When later in life they start having issues, F’em right!?

    Players of today owe them nothing? How stupid is that comment. You really posted that one. These players of yesterday helped build the game to what it is today. It seems only right to help these older players when we know more about the effects of the game on them today.

  9. jw731 says:
    Jul 8, 2011 9:27 AM
    Since Favre is retired and always on the hunt for drama….Will he make a suprise appearance?
    Another way to continue FAVREWATCH!!!!!

  10. Players of today owe them nothing? How stupid is that comment. You really posted that one. These players of yesterday helped build the game to what it is today. It seems only right to help these older players when we know more about the effects of the game on them today.

    How is it that the players owe former players anything? The only thing that they should receive is medical benefits and that is all they should need. They don’t need anymore money besides that. Nobody forced the former players to play football. How is it that those players made more than the general public when they played and now they want more money? They could have saved up their money knowing football wouldn’t last forever and got a decent job when they retired. Do current military members owe former military members any money because they get paid more than the former members did? No. How can you justify saying that the players owe any of the former players anything? Drew Brees said the right thing and like I said yesterday, people get all butt hurt about it. People really need to start to think before they type.

  11. Pittman,

    You yourself should think before you type.

    First, what did former players do that causes current ones to benefit? You really need me to answer that one? How about perform and build up the popularity of the game? I guess all the greatness of players acheivements and championships different teams have won do nothing to build the value of a team or a sport over the years. You are are so smart. None of that matters.

    I also think you are just so smart to bring into this discussion our nation’s service men and women who sacrificed, and and some who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. First, let me say it is despictable to compare soldiers to ball players. I guess you have no respect for our service people to make this comparison (again, think before YOU type). And to the extent that today’s soldiers enjoy the same freedoms the prior ones fought for, you’re damn right they owe the prior soldiers. We ALL do! That is why veterans’s and their families get some etxtended benefits, beyond their career in the military. And today’s soldier, and you and I as taxpayers pay for it. And we should.

    But to continue this same comparison, when years later, after much debate and efforts from veterans and veterns advocates, there are times that the country rewards these vets with additional benefits. It is because, in many cases, despite the inherent dangers of being a soldier, our government learns new information that our soldiers were potentially exposed to. I do not have enough space to document the battles that veteran’s wage to try to get the country to pony up for things that are discovered after the fact.

    To bring us back to football, there is little doubt that football is a dangerous game that players willingly involve themselves in. But to think that behaviors supported by teams and the league that we now know was dangerous (such as handling of concussions and we now handle VERY differently today) seems to merit some consideration for how we take care of former players.

    I guess people who worked in coal mines or with asbestos don’t deserve any assistance either despite learning years later the dangers they were exposed to.

    You and Drew Brees need to realize that much of this issue has very little to do with players being irresponsible with their money.

    You’re right though, it is so much better for these players with extraordinary health care issues and no other insurance use medicare where you and I pay for their care. Let’s not make the rich spoiled athletes or owners who make billions pay for it. It is so much better to have taxpayers provide the assistance. You should run for office with how ill thought out your thoughts were. There is a Presidential election coming up…perhaps Drew Brees could be your candidate.

  12. First thing. Yes, I am a former United States Marine. I know what the dangers are of being in the military. I know what it is like to have to go through exactly what you have just typed. I know what it is like to have to see people make sacrifices that no one else would ever want to make.

    The only reason I even said anything about the military is because of both of them (the players and military members) sign contracts, know the dangers of what they are doing, and know that no one is forcing them to do something they don’t want to do. When you have a vet leave the service, you don’t ever hear of them wanting more money than what their medical benefits pay for. It is stupid for people to think that the company they worked for as in the military or the NFL in this case, should give handouts to those who did nothing after they left their respected job.

    Players of old made much more than their non NFL counterparts. They enjoyed a lifestyle that only today’s NFL players know about. Were they paid less than today? Yes they were. Were they put into situations on the field that were dangerous? Yes they were. Were they forced to play football and put themselves in that danger? No they were not. They knew that they made their own decision then to put their talents to use instead of going to work for a company. It’s like we say in the Marine Corps. You signed the motherf*****g contract. Deal with what you signed up for and move on.

    Taking care of a players injuries sustained while he playes is something that needs to be done. Providing money for them because they have run out of money and don’t have a job and didn’t use that college education that they earned is plain stupid. You don’t see people that worked in the original McDonalds companies saying hey, they make more than we did and we want them to pay for us now that we don’t have anything. See how stupid that sounds?

    Last thing. When Drew Brees made that comment on how many of those players squandered their money and now want someone to take care of them, I laughed. I think that Drew Brees said something that many people don’t like and people try to make him out to be the bad guy now. He didn’t say anything wrong. He just doesn’t see the point in paying former players money now when they were negotiating back then to make as much as they could. You people need to stop letting the media get to you and start to think for yourselves.

  13. pittman,

    Why compare yourself to these prima donna’s. As a Marine, they are not worthy of the same comparison to your prior service. Thank you for your service.

    The reason the nfl has a duty to take care of these people is so we don’t have to. There is plenty of money available to help these retirees with the health care and special needs. You do realize we pay for them when there is no other monies? Don’t let Drew Brees or the NFL stick this bill on us.

    This point of view I don’t see in the media.

  14. First things first, I would like to say you are welcome. I gladly served my country and it was and always will be the best time of my life.

    I don’t see why NFL players are called prima donna’s in the first place. They are just doing what we all do and that is trying to maximize their income. Are there salaries a bit bloated? Yes they are, but they are just being human.

    I don’t have a problem with the NFL being responsible for paying for the mental and health benefits of retired players. I also don’t have a problem with the NFL being responsible for the special needs some of the former players have.

    What I do have a problem with is the former players acting like they are owed anything else. They should not be trying to or allowed to try to get extra money from the NFL for other reasons besides what was stated earlier. That is all Drew Brees was talking about. Many of these former players didn’t try to save their money or try to get a decent job with the college education they were given. How are the current players responsible for any of that? If I were in his position, I would say the same thing because I feel the same way.

    The media has their own agenda, mostly dividing people to pick sides. In this case, I noticed that they put this up after John Mackey died. Drew said this months ago. Is there any reason that the media would go and put this up again besides trying to make people pick sides? It is one reason that I don’t believe in the media and I encourage everyone else to form your own opinions.

  15. Pittman,
    You obviously are dug in and cannot find it in you to say that not everyone is impacted by the media. I sense you believe you are the only one impervious to their drivel.

    This last response makes me think you believe the problems of the players (health wise) are not nearly as severe. You have sweepingly generalized all ex players as financially irresponsible and to hell with them. I have read each one of your messages and I get that. But I have not once advocated bailing out the irresponsible. And I have thought deeply before writing each of my posts despite your false criticism of my process.

    As the myriad of health issues have cropped up, there are some “possibilities” that there were things more hazardous than what they were believed to be at the time these ex players played. There are hundreds of former players with severe diabilities. Even your military example provides diability to those veterans who have become disabled despite knowing the dangers they faced upon enlistment.

    Many employers face resposnsibility for former employees who were harmed by what they did whle in their employ. Why should the NFL be any different.

    No matter what case I make, you keep beating the drum about irresponsible ex-players. You don’t seem to get it. It is not about that. It’s about making the NFL responsible so we don’t have to pay for this ourselves. The more you fail to acknowledge this makes me want to send my notice for taxes for my portion of helping these players to you. You obviously fail to have the capacity to admit there are other issues related to this that you have failed to think through.

  16. the NFL should only be responsible for medical issues only. when it comes to getting anything extra, that is where the line needs to be drawn. what else do these former players need besides their medical benefits? some of the guys only played for a few years. what company do you know of that will pay retirement to people who only worked a few years? they should be happy about the money they do get.

    us fans already are paying for the benefits of these players anyway. we pay for tickets and merchandise and some of that money goes to them. don’t try to act like we don’t.

  17. What a dope! I guess seriously disabled people from all jobs, regardless of whether they are in dangerous occupations, and regardless of whether the employers knowingly allowed employees to be at undue risk, should not see any disability income. Even if their legitimate impairment keeps them from being able to work and earn money that their college degrees would otherwise allow them do.

    F’em! Right?

    Thank goodness you’re not in charge. I hope you don’t procreate. You really should not pass that bloodlines on.

  18. Do you not see disability as a medical benefit? Like I said some of the posters here must be retarded. How many of these former players have impairments that keep people from doing work? Unless they are permanently disabled or have mental problems including memory loss, they can still work like the rest of us. I don’t see why normal people who need extra money besides their disability payments can work and they can’t.

  19. Pittman,

    Your true colors show. Now use “retarded” to slur others.
    I personally have two good friends with children with Down syndrome. To me that is the equivalent of the N word to a black person.

    For someone who started all this chatter that people should think before they post, you have shown through repeated posts that you are incapable of following your own advice.

    Just stop posting.

  20. Thank God you are not in the military. If you get all butt hurt over that comment, I would hate to see how you take other words people call each other. I guess you get offended when someone calls someone a pu$$y or a b!tch because it offends women too. People like you are what is turning America soft. Get some thick skin. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

    Also, I really hope you don’t have a son. People like you are the parents that raise kids that get picked on for being soft.

  21. Pittman,
    You should go into politics. You deflect issues better than most of the DC people. You certainly fall into the trap of not being able to accept responsibility for what you say. And when the truth hurts, instead of reacting to what you did wrong, you go on the offensive about it.

    I have a father that was a Marine and I spent all my many years with him never hearing him use the F word (not one time) or belittling people. He made me realize that being a man was about doing the right thing, being honest, owning up to your mistakes, and treating all people with respect.

    Hey, I am no choir boy, and boys will be boys. But you don’t know me well enough to take the liberties you just did. Respect and human decency are all about being a man. Unfortunately, you seem to lack both of those qualities.

    And last raising children is not something you should be giving advice on. That is very evident.

  22. First if all, you were the one who changed the subject and started talking about family. Don’t believe me, read your own posts. I am not sorry about the retarded comment because if someone is that dumb not to realize that disability is a medical benefit then I am going to call you a retard. If your dad was a Marine, I will say Oorah to him and have the utmost respect for him. As for you, stop being a b!tch when you try to talk bad about someone and they hurt your feelings. Marines today belittle each other everyday with every single slur you can think of. Get some thick skin and stop complaining about what people say because you don’t agree with it.

  23. Unfortunately, now the posts are truly Classless!

    One of the many things my Dad taught is that people that throw in slurs and bad language lack the ability to use vocabulary appropriately convey their point of view. He also said it makes you look stupid.

    Funny, my Dad does not appear to have been one the lemmings you seem to follow and refer to from your military career.

    In your case when inteligence runs out you throw in the slurs and start trying to bully people (see above post). You are rather predictable I must say.

    While you define disability income as a medical benefit, they are different. Paying for ones health care is not the same as disability. Disability is making up for income that could otherwise be earned. The other is a medical benefit to provide health care. Two different things. Sorry.

    Last, what you don’t seem to get is that your original post critized me for not thinking before I posted (I will invite you to read above if you can’t remember). It seems the lack of thought is not mine.

    I wish you well. Don’t be so angry. The tone of your message makes wonder which of us has thick skin and which doesn’t. Relax. It’s just words. It’ll be ok if you don’t understand all of it.

  24. here’s the thing. you come in here acting holier than thou and start questioning my intelligence and my family choices and then blaming me for saying things that hurt your little feelings. Getting offended by a slur is in my opinion being a b!tch.

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