Why Cadillac Williams looks unlikely to return to Tampa

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Florio asked Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik about Tiki Barber on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday.  While Dominik was careful not to say anything about Barber, he did say the Bucs have three young backs they like a lot, including third-down option Kregg Lumpkin.

Translation:  They have no use for Tiki.

The same logic could be applied to Tampa’s need to re-sign Cadillac Williams.   While Williams is a leader and a great guy, Tampa doesn’t need to overpay for a third-down role.

Pewter Report writes that Dominik and head coach Raheem Morris were “said to not be enthusiastic about bringing back Williams.”  While the club feels Williams may have one more “good year” as a third down back left, they seem more interested in developing young talent.

Williams isn’t going to make big bucks as a free agent, so it’s not crazy to think he could return to the Bucs on cheap short-term deal.  Based on Pewter Report’s article, however, it sounds more likely that the former top-five pick will move elsewhere.

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  1. Caddy has lost a few steps over the years, but he knows how to pick up the blitz. Raheem doesn’t trust Blount on 3rd down. Hate to see him go.

  2. Tough to argue with what is being said above. He was a great buc and a better leader on a young team that desperatly needed it, he just didn’t have the same burst after the knee surgeries..

    You will be missed Caddy, here’s to hoping you can find an opportunity to play somewhere else.

    You will always be a Buc!

  3. I would love for Caddy to come back but in the little time I did see Lumpkin play he was rather effective and much younger and with 2 good knees…. Doesn’t sound good for Caddy

  4. “THE TOUGHEST DIVISION IN FOOTBALL”…thats my NFC SOUTH! Caddy was a nice ride…but ride over. Aside from my PANTHERS, I believe this is one of the youngest teams in the league…The Caddy dont fit in the fleet any more…just my opinion.

  5. We have a stable of blount, cadi, graham, bradford, lumpkin, and huggins. I see 4 of them staying. the city of tampa loves cadi…but i think his time has come. He was a great 3rd down back last year…but i think there are some FA out there who could come in and be even better spell back if bradford/lumpkin dont impress the coaches.

    Reggie bush anyone?

  6. @ panther74 :

    Granted, the NFC South always seems to have 1-2 solid contenders (In last year’s case, 3 teams) every season; however, between the Ravens and especially the Steelers, the AFC North is without question the best division in football over the past 10 years.

    A good division, but not the best. The NFC East, for example, holds ELEVEN of all 45 Super Bowls… that’s almost one Super Bowl in that division every four years, which is absolutely ridiculous when you think about it.

  7. He may not be a good RB through the tackles but if he could be signed for cheap, I’d keep him. None of the other backs on the Bucs can pick up a blitzing LB like he can yet. You need him to be in there when you play teams with good D-lines and/or like to blitz, which is the case with 2 teams in the NFC South and the case with the opener.

  8. The Bay will never be the same without you Caddy. You did so much for our community and showed us that if you get knocked down when things were going great, you have to pick yourself up and put those pads back on.

    The words “respect” and “gratitude” doesn’t even begin to describe how much we love you here Caddy.

    BTW, I still hope to see you again on the felt at the Hard Rock sometime even if you leave…

  9. you have to love guys like cadillac williams. just reading the comments here, he’s done a lot more than just play football.

    i’m a fan and i wish him all the best.

  10. If the Ravens release McGahee… Cadillac might be a decent option for them to back-up Ray Rice. But he’d definitely have to take an almost insulting contract. I guess it’s still better than what most of us make, and pretty good money for a guy who has had a pretty sad injury history since coming into the league.

  11. lumpkin could actually be pretty good for the bucs. I was high on him as a Packer and frustrated when they tried to stash him on the practice squad and lost him.

  12. From Wikipedia:
    “Jeff Reynolds of Pro Football Weekly predicted Williams was the rookie most likely to have the greatest impact in the 2005 NFL season, writing that “at the Senior Bowl, Jon Gruden was salivating over this kid. He pulled him out real early. Don’t think that was a coincidence. He’s the offense. Gruden has set it up, Cadillac or bust”.”

    Jon Gruden salivating over a college player? Sounds eerily too familiar.

  13. Think I read somewhere Huggins may have to go on PUP.

    Also, don’t think Caddy has missed a game in 2 years.

    Last year, in some articles I read, he did an outstanding job as a 3rd down back.

  14. blount is a beast. could be the best back this season. this from a packers fan living in oregon. saw him in college. he’s a flat out monster waiting to happen.

  15. Imma miss caddy he has been one of my favorite bucs the last few years. Tampa really should sign him he played a bigger role last year than some realize, please resign him Tampa, please

  16. Yeah i remember when Cadillac come to the league this guy ran violently, and i remember Chris Berman and Tom Jackson saying that he may not last long. Well countless knee surgeries later, and injuries even though he is still playing he doesnt have the burst he used to have. We can safely say he gave it his all. Of course he wont get anywhere close to his rookie contract, this is hoping he saved up.

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