Expect the Broncos to run a lot more this year

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While Brandon Lloyd and the Broncos receivers may not have loved seeing Josh McDaniels go, one group of Broncos had to be thrilled when John Fox was hired: The offensive linemen.

After years of throwing the ball a ton, the Broncos figure to be a run-heavy team this year.

“Even when Mike [Shanahan] was here and Jay [Cutler] started playing we threw the heck out of the ball,” guard Chris Kuper told Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “Running the ball will be great.”

Klis points out that John Fox called runs on 54% of plays in Carolina from 2008-2009.  (Shanahan and McDaniels were around 40% between them.)  Even last year when his team usually trailed big, Fox kept the Panthers balanced.  Klis thinks the Broncos may run the ball two-thirds of the time if Tim Tebow is at quarterback.

That number sounds high, but it helps to illustrate the mindset Fox brings.   It makes us think the Broncos won’t be shy about signing another running back to pair with Knowshon Moreno, possibly Fox’s old player DeAngelo Williams.

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  1. Tebow is a better runner than 50% of the RBs in this leauge anyway, so why not???


  2. I’m probably alone, but hell. I think DeAngelo Williams could very well be a free agent bust. He’s 28 years old (nearing the dreaded 30 year old mark) , already near 1,000 carries. I’d be more than a little worried about making a long-term investment in him. I don’t believe he has more than two years left as a really effective back. He’s not built like a Steven Jackson.Buyer beware.

    I think they should bring back Portis. Say what you want about the guy, he was pretty effective in DC when healthy. That’s a pretty big problem with his health, but he’d be in a timeshare role. He’d be cheap. Could be a nice steal.

  3. Well of course the Broncos will run more. Timmy Rah-Rah can’t throw. The Broncos will throw when they draft a real QB next year Luck or Barkley………..

  4. “Even last year when his team usually trailed big”

    At least he’ll know what to expect in Denver.

  5. As a Broncos fan, it’s hard to get excited about a strategy that produced 2 wins last year. If anything, it sounds to me like Fox should have been less balanced once his team got behind.

  6. They have to run the ball. Tebust cant throw with any accuracy at all.
    But without the threat to throw the ball behind the defense, how effective at running it will they be?

  7. They were clearly serious about running the ball when they drafted a phone-booth guard in Orlando Franklin with a premium pick in the 2nd round to play right tackle in place of Ryan Harris, who is probably one of the best all-around RT’s in the game when healthy, which seems to be sparingly.

    Fox’s philosophy is clear already–rushing the passer and running the football have been given top priority in Denver. It could be a slow year for Broncos fans, who will live and die by dink and dunk football, but it will be great for the development of a young quarterback and it will be great for the fans to see the running game restored to what it used to be when cell phone salesmen could literally run for 1,000 yards in that system. By the way, that cell phone salesman–Tatum Bell–was the last Bronco to rush for a thousand.

  8. “Tebust”. Clever. Almost as good as the classic “McDummy” or “NoShow Moron”.

    Keep trying, you’ll get there someday.

  9. snaponrules says: Jul 9, 2011 9:10 PM

    They have to run the ball. Tebust cant throw with any accuracy at all.
    But without the threat to throw the ball behind the defense, how effective at running it will they be?

    He *threw* 88 touchdown passes in college. Peyton Manning threw 89. Oh yeah, he ran in another 57 TD’s as well. No accuracy at all huh? Try and think of something original.

  10. U TT haters r sad. The kid will do fine. He will be a playoff QB. I wouldn’t pick John Fox to be his HC, but give him 3 yrs at starter and u will change your minds

  11. You know how you can bet on how many wins a team will have at the beginning of the year? (if gambling was legal *wink*) well I wonder really what the bar is set at for this team, cause if it’s like 6, I would take the under all day long!

  12. scrotiemcb says:
    Jul 9, 2011 7:54 PM
    Que the whiney McD haters, with their dry Shloshon wit…

    I’m not going to whine but I HATED that throwrthrowthrow 24/7 from the shotgun crap when he was in NE. I don’t care what kind of QB your team has, it makes your offense less tough. Not only physically but less tough to prepare for. And it hurts your defense and chances for winning if you can’t/won’t grind clock on the ground.

  13. Tim Tebow had the highest passer rating of any rookie QB last year. Some of you people just love to hate, even when you have no clue what you’re talking about.

  14. Ahem. The reason Fox had suspect QB is because he believed in running the ball as much as possible and having a QB that manages the game for him. Not win the game for him. His own system called for the QB and WR that have been on the Panthers teams the last 8 years.

  15. Even though Im a Broncos fan, my opinion would be the same regardless, and that is I beleive Tebow will succeed. He does have heart,& a will to win. He really hasnt done anything to warrant all the negative comments. I try to be open minded, and I am one who knew McD was a bad choice from the start! But I dont get that vibe with Tebow. He’ll be fine.

  16. Yeah 88 TD’s and 16 Int’s in college isn’t bad at all.
    Oh btw Tim won a Heisman, was the only person to ever be invited to 3 Heisman ceremonies.
    Won 2 National Championships.
    Also surpasses Herschel Walker’s rushing TD’s while in college.
    What has he done wrong??
    Everyone keep on hating and saying whatever you must to make you sleep better at night.
    But just wait and give Tebow some time to start and get used to the NFL and he will be a top “elite” QB in this league. Mark my words!
    Tebow Time!!!
    Go Broncos!!! GB2

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