Field or booth? Pennington will “make a good business decision” in 2012


After Chad Pennington tore his ACL in March, he decided to spend 2011 working for FOX Sports, and take a year off from the NFL. But that doesn’t mean Pennington is done playing football for good.

Pennington told Todd Wright on Sporting News Radio that a year in the booth will give him the time to get healthy and then decide whether he wants to focus on football or television next year.

“It’s just being able to take a step back and take some time to heal, get healthy and then make a good business decision for me and my family in 2012,” Pennington said.

At the start of the lockout, Pennington was rehabbing a shoulder injury and expecting to play this season. Tearing his ACL changed that, and he referred to the 2011 season as an opportunity to test the waters in television and see if it will work for him as a post-football career.

“This is a way for me to try something new to see if I like it,” Pennington said. “It’s hard enough to come back from a fourth shoulder surgery — much less when you don’t have a strong foundation because you’re coming back from an ACL surgery. So it really had to do with the knee injury.”

If rehab on his knee and shoulder goes well, the 35-year-old Pennington wouldn’t mind playing in 2012. But it’s easy to picture him deciding that staying healthy and staying in the booth is the right choice for him going forward.

15 responses to “Field or booth? Pennington will “make a good business decision” in 2012

  1. Good luck to a good guy and class act which Chad has always been.

    Just think if the Jets didn’t DUMP him in 2008 before they fell in love with Pic Favre they might not have celebrated their 42nd Anniversary this season.

    But then again many fans of that team would argue they won the Super Bowl last season in Foxboro in January.

  2. good luck to you chad no matter what path you choose. this dolphins fan really appreciated what you did for the team. you are a class act and a great player. wish you nothing but luck in th efuture.

  3. His eventual career could easily be similar to that of Frank Gifford or Fran Tarkenton, where an entire generation doesn’t even know he played (and played well) before moving into the broadcast booth and excelling there.

  4. Chad has already made a sound business decision, he left the Dolphins.

    Best of luck Chad. The Jets made you a wealthy man and you brought a ray of light to their franchise. You deserve to have a good life after football.

  5. Or he could follow in the footsteps of other Jets QBs and date 16 year olds, or get drunk and hit on sideline reporters, or text pictures of his junk to disinterested coeds. Stay classy Jets.

  6. Take that year off in the booth, Chad.

    You’ll be great as a broadcaster and having you means we’ll have one less tool to have to watch and listen to on our TV sets.

  7. Chad came to Miami ran out by the disgusting jets washed up and no longer able to perform. It did not take long to see Miami offense to start opening things up. I remember most of the season was all smiles, Especially the patriots game when we unveiled the “Wildcat” and sent the patriots fans home early in the 4th quarter. I really hope that is chad does not play for the dolphins he comes back as a QB coach. I love chad for his tenacity and leadership skills. If only our younger chad could start moving the rock like penny. B.Marshall,D.Bess,B.Hartline, and now the burner Edmund Gates..A power running game, a strong offensive line and yet we are ranked 30th in offense. I know you cant blame everything on a QB but damn you have all those weapons…. NO EXCUSES!!! DOLPHINS SB CHAMPS 2011

  8. Chad is a class act, but he’s made of glass. Hoping to see him in a coaching role one day. Good luck, Chad.

  9. Selfishly, I hope he stays in the booth because would bet he will be good there and I don’t want to see him get another injury. One of my favorite people ever in the NFL and I say that as a Pats fan.

  10. I can’t wait for him to become the first man ever to blow out his knee while broadcasting a game in the booth.

  11. This guy had a chance to walk away from the game into a decent career twice once in broadcasting the other as a coach on Miami’s staff. After this past season it looked like most of the coaching staff was going to be fired, but eventually they didn’t I still believe he made the right choice.

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