Hines Ward says he wasn’t impaired by alcohol

Hines Ward, who was released on bond Saturday following a DUI arrest, released a statement through his manager that disputed he was impaired by alcohol when he was pulled over.

Here it goes, courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

“On July 9th Hines Ward was stopped by Dekalb Co. police for suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence. He cooperated fully with the police and truthfully answered all of their questions,” the statement reads.  “We are currently in the process of ascertaining all the facts.

“From our preliminary investigation we can tell you that we are confident that the facts will show that Hines was NOT impaired by alcohol while driving. However, Hines is deeply saddened by this incident and apologizes to his fans and the Steelers organization for this distraction.”

The police that pulled Ward over after 3 a.m. obviously had reason to believe Ward was drinking.  A Steelers spokesman said the team and the Rooney family are aware of the arrest.

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  1. This ought to get the deniers out en force! You don’t just get arrested (granted he is black…) for a DUI for no reason, especially when you “cooperate”. This is what he pays his agent for though, to control media spin surrounding his client.

  2. After what happened with the Jackass jackass you’d think this jackass would have learned.

    Thorw the book at him for endangering other people’s lives.

  3. Hines is deeply saddened by this incident and apologizes to his fans and the Steelers organization for this distraction.”

    Distraction??…isnt there a lockout going on right now?..this is all the news we have!

  4. While Hines is quick to point out he “wasn’t under the influence of Alcohol” it’s important to point out he wasn’t arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol – he was arrested for “driving under the influence” of anything (including prescription drugs)

    Nice try though to try to get all the media to blindly report that he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol

  5. I’m not willing to “thorw” the book at him just yet I wanna hear these facts. And contrary to what a lot of people think he is a pretty classy guy…. And you guys just mad cause pit has 6 rings!!! Go on and hate!! Go steelers!!!

  6. It wasn’t da beer in his belly that caught the cops’ eyes in the dark, but rather De Beers in his ears.

  7. When you make millions a year, you can afford to have a designated driver at ALL times.

    There is absolutely no excuse for ever “needing ” to drive after even one drink!

    So tired of these guys doing this. Everyone caught driving drunk should serve time. Hines, you first.

  8. In related news, Desean Jackson’s agent says that it was not Jackson’s intent to disparage the LGBT community, he merely intended to call the guy a “jovial bundle of sticks”.

  9. He’s saying he wasn’t impaired by alcohol, not that he didn’t have any in his system. Hell, anyone can claim that they weren’t impaired by their own standards.

  10. There’s too little information about the arrest that’s been made public to really pass judgement. We don’t know if the officer had a legitimate reason to pull him over, whether he blew positive for alcohol (which is being alluded to as a no), if any drugs (prescribed or otherwise) were involved, whether his “cooperation” is being taken as evidence or a confession, etc.

    While he may get a break for being cooperative, everything he said can be used against him to build a case or enforce the officer’s suspicions. You should never talk to a cop without a lawyer present. Anything in a conversation with an officer(s) can/will be used against you, but is inadmissible in court to use in your favor.

  11. gbfanforever – of course one can get arrested for no reason……..just because you get arrested for something doesn’t mean you are guilty…….are you really this big of a tool?

  12. So are they going to cut him like they did Santonio Holmes who committed no more serious of an offense? Or are the Steelers organization going to continue living by their double standards?

    I guess when you’re Big Ben or Hines Ketchup, you can get away with anything?!

  13. What a nice rush-to-“justice” lynch mob mentality we have here. “String him up to the highest tree, Earl — he wuz eyeballin’ one o’ yer hogs!!!”

    It’d be interesting how starkly different you’d feel if your father or grandmother was arrested for DUI because they were on meds.

    The point is: none of you clowns has any idea what the facts were, but are carrying on as if you do.

    If this were a player with a long rap sheet, it’d be somewhat understandable. But in Hines’ case, look at the man, his causes, what he stands for and his history.

    P.T. Barnum is reported to have once said you’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. You miserable self-righteous punks, the Casey Anthony jury and others continue to make Barnum’s words sound more prescient with every passing day.

  14. Which line did he try before getting cuffed? Did he try:
    “Dont you know me, I am the Dancing With the Stars Champion!”

    or maybe

    “Dont you know me, I was MVP of the Super Bowl”

  15. Shocker he said he did not do it. Bill Clinton said he did not cheat. George W still saying there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Matt Leinart says he is a really good player….. Just saying.

  16. If Casey Anthony can walk….so will Hines.

    There is no justice anymore in America!

  17. Hines has now been pulled over by the police twice this year, both instances were after 2:00a.m. Hines, the only people out after 2:00 a.m. are the police and the revelers. I have to go to sleep now, I am old and tired.

  18. Okay, I have no idea what happened here–and neither do those of you getting high on the fumes of his arrest (gbfanforever :roll:).

    But it is too bizarre that earlier yesterday he was posting on Facebook asking fans to help him overcome his “addiction” to texting while driving because he knew it was dangerous and would get him into trouble at some point.

    Maybe he overcame his texting addiction and had a few drinks to celebrate.

  19. @bearsrulepackdrool …

    Hines grew up in Georgia. He played college ball at the University of Georgia. He’s loved in Georgia. But we Southerners always enjoy hearing thoughts on racism from places as colorblind as Chicago … where life is a Kumbaya tableau.

  20. @muhangis …

    Santonio had a history of behavioral issues going back a few years and was embroiled in multiple issues that summer. The two situations are not comparable. But I’m sure the Rooneys appreciate your interest. I know I do.

  21. At times like this, Hines wishes he could turn into vapor and climb back into his magic genie lamp.

  22. @paulieorkid … Whoa calm down captian . He put countless lives at risk , he deserves to be blasted for what he did !
    Oh and by calling us clowns and idiots does not make you come across as intelligent , it just makes you seem like a pretencious tool .
    I may not be brilliant but my dumba$$ knows not to drive a 2 ton weapon while trashed . So sorry for saying mean words about your favorite dancer .

    PS .. Every1 knows Casey was guilty but as Alonzo from training day says ” its not what you know , its what you can prove “

  23. Hines got pulled over because his left earring had been flashing for the last mile and a half with no turnoffs in sight.

  24. Ray Lewis is a genius,, no football,,,, a lot
    of weird things and crimes are and will happen.

  25. Hines will be aquitted of all charges as soon as they knock out a settlement agreement. I think $10,ooo to the F.O.P. should make it go away.

  26. Here’s a few things that PFT is leaving out… First, he was arrested for SUSPICION of DUI, not DUI. Suspicion can mean anything, he could have been tired and slurring his speech.

    Hell, my mom was arrested for the same thing, turns out she had a bad reaction to her medicine.

    Secondly, he was released into his own custody within an hour on bond. A truly drunk person is not released into his own custody, someone else must collect them.

    It’s likely going to come out shortly that he was not drunk and his bond will be refunded by the courts.

  27. Hines is proof that you can put earrings on a Bulldog and take it to the dance.

  28. Did they catch it on tape? We all know this is Bill Belichick’s fault somehow.

  29. Soooo, if he wasn’t driving drunk, and was innocent of wrongdoing, WHY is he issuing an apology to fans and the Steelers organization?

  30. Cops will pull you over at 3am for a dent in your car just to trap you in a DUI. If ever asked “have you had anything to drink tonight?” say no!!! They can’t ask you to get out of your car unless you yes and if you say yes you are going to jail!

  31. Do you notice how Hines Ward said he wasn’t “impaired”. He never said he wasn’t drinking, he just wasn’t impaired.

    And why did he apologize if he did nothing wrong?

    He refused a breathalizer. This WILL get swept under the rug……

  32. I thought I read in the last post how Hines Ward was gonna admit to it and take it like a man. Way too many idiot, blinded steeler fans out there.

  33. Anyone who’s ever been in the Atlanta area knows to stay the heck out of Dekalb County. These “law enforcement” goofs are notorious for going after anyone for doing nothing. It’s a “pit” and you can’t even go around I-285 without going through their precious area. It doesn’t matter what time it is as the interstate is crowded all the time. Ask Kid Rock about his wonderful experience there not that long ago. They go after $$$ and fame and don’t care how they obtain it. It’s more worth it to everyone to go all the way around the west side to go anywhere and if you’re actually wanting to be in Dekalb County hire a taxi, chauffer, etc. to do the driving for you. As a rule, this county is a joke in the law enforcement circles anyway. There is more crime in that one county than anywhere, but they close their eyes to the more serious crimes, such as murder, rape, assault, etc. It happens so much no one pays any attention to it, unfortunately. If it’s fame and money they are all over you.

  34. Sure, Twinkle Toes wasn’t drunk, he’s still riding the high from shaking his fruity booty ,and winning dancing w the stars. Hines is the king of cheap “shots” so a little irony that cheap shots finally catch up with this punk. What a Classy organization Pissburg is, once again making me proud to be a Browns fan.

  35. @paulieorkid: Surely you realize any black man out driving at three in the morning is presumed guilty of SOMETHING. He HAS to be (1) Drunk, (2)High on drugs, (3) Stole the ride he’s driving (never mind he has a ton of money in his checking account). We don’t know exactly what he’s done but he had to have done SOMETHING!
    Don’t they know there’s a tacit curfew on?

  36. This will bring out a ton of Steelers haters, because we all know there’s a lot of them on these comment sections, but the truth is your team isn’t any better or “more classy” than the Steelers, and the Steelers really aren’t any more classy than more football teams (there’s a few that deserve the bad rap they get probably). A lot of Steelers fans will rush to his defense because he’s a Steeler.

    I’ve been a Steelers fan for as long as I can remember because my dad is from PA near Pittsburgh and I’ve always had so much fun watching them play, and win. I’m not some hypocrite that’s going to sit here and act like I’m perfect and crucify the guy for a DUI. I myself never drive if I’ve had a drink, but I know people that have and they’re not all horrible people… I bet a lot of the morons on here commenting probably have done worse than Hines in their lives.

    As a Steelers fan I’m disappointed because Hines has always been my favorite player because of his attitude on and off the field. If he’s laid someone out on your team you can cry and call him dirty but if you’re honest with yourself you’ll realize you’d love to have someone like him on your team.

    He keeps saying he wasn’t “impaired” but he isn’t saying he didn’t drink in drive. In his opinion he may not have been impaired but he had a few drinks and he drove… and probably would’ve failed the breathalyzer if he took it, and that’s the law… Hines’ personal opinion on whether he was okay is irrelevant. So for that I’m disappointed in him, and he should stop this and just admit he made a mistake and own up to it like a man, even though a lot of you idiots would still crucify him for it.

    I’m disappointed in his actions but I realize people make mistakes and move on, nobody is perfect.

  37. How do you cooperate fully if you refuse a breathalyzer? Yes, thats right, the effects of booze on me doesn’t have the same results as the average person.

  38. I don’t give a rats a$$ if your BLACK or WHITE if your out driving @3AM and it’s not a Semi Truck your asking for trouble from the cops it’s part of their job.Once they pull you over if you haven’t been doing somethig(drinking/drugs etc.)you don’t get arrested, the cop’s don’t want to go thru all the B.S.(paper work/reports/court etc.) just because…

  39. He denies being a cheap player but yet he still is. No one who doesn’t crash their car or hit someone ever believes they should be pulled for DUI.

  40. So I’m waiting to hear from all you Steeler fans who presumptively said your hero would “own it” and “stand up like a man”…I guess we’ll have to wait to find out if he has a legitimate beef, or if he is much less than the person you wish him to be?

  41. How stupid with the kind of money these guys get not to have a driver. I am sure he could get a limo. Whether he wants to admit he was impared or not, denial, if he had just employed a driver in a nice fancy limo, he could party and make it rain until the sun shines and not have a worry in the world. This happens over and over in major sports, yet none of the guys ever seem to learn anything from it. In fact some of them are repeat offenders.

    I know only what I have read here on line about the incident.
    I know next to nothing about Hines Ward, great player, great team, great dancer thats about all I know, but why he doesnt get a driver when he spends a night on the town makes zero sense to me.
    Now I will wait for all the appologists to attack me for daring to apply logic to this situation

  42. @ golonger…

    “of course one can get arrested for no reason”

    Not legally, one can’t. Ever hear of “probable cause” as the standard for affecting a lawful arrest? Before you insult another person on this website, perhaps you should know what you’re talking about, instead of talking off the top of your head.

  43. Im a Pats fan all the way. But I would give the guy a break. He’s a balls to the walls competitor and seems like a decent guy. Everyone screws up.

  44. I’m not saying this is what happened, but it’s certainly possible Ward was pulled over for DWB (“driving while black”) in a nice car under the pretext of something else. Especially in Georgia. Again, not saying it happened, but it’s naive to think that cops never pull anyone over for “no reason.”

  45. Did he or did he not blow a .08 or higher that is the question. With an alcahol DWI everything else is almost meaningless.

  46. Check out his eyes in the picture — his eyes aren’t even red or glazed over like we usually see in these situations. And BTW, I’m saying this all as a Broncos fan and I don’t like the Steelers in any way.

  47. The Steelers are giving the 06-07 Bengals a run for their money. Of course the media and most fans won’t give them nearly the crap they gave the Bengals.

  48. @Tommy

    Please don’t fill this thread with BS. If a cop has reasonable suspicionor probable cause to believe you’re drinking and driving, or anything else that’s against the law, he is well within his rights to have you get out of your vehicle.

    Hell, if an officer pulls you over in an area he deems to be unsafe, i.e. An area you/he/your vehicles may be struck by a passing motorist, he is well within his rights to have you step out of your vehicle.

  49. “Hines is deeply saddened by this incident”

    How true. He is “deeply saddened” he got caught.

  50. palinforpresidentofnorthkorea says:

    Don’t worry Hines. Super lawyer Deb will defend you in front of that mean ol’ judge.


    Awww, how sweet of you to think of me, but I’ll stick to writing and leave the legal practice to the brother and sis-in-law. They’re pitbulls, but unfortunately, not barred in Georgia.

    I have no patience with people driving under the influence and favor stiff penalties for anyone who does it–including Hines, if he’s guilty. But sorry … you can’t live around criminal defense attorneys without broadening your perspective (unless you choose to remain ignorant). I’ve learned from discussing their cases that the system is flawed and people are often arrested for DUI with little cause when they weren’t really impaired. So I can’t condemn the guy until all the facts are known … and that’s the position I take with players from every team. Unlike the rest of you, I wasn’t born with godlike omniscience that enables me to know exactly what happened when I wasn’t there.

  51. They thought that Hines was driving drunk but as it turns out he is half Asian.

  52. @mswravens …

    He has apologized for getting arrested and becoming another legal distraction for the team, which was pretty straight-up … especially if it turns out he wasn’t impaired by alcohol. But since he’s pleading not guilty, he’s owned as much as he can–more than most would under the circumstances.

    You know, driving at 3 a.m., he may have been falling asleep at the wheel–and driving while sleep-deprived is responsible for more traffic accidents than driving under the influence. Or maybe he was texting since he was posting about texting and driving on Facebook just yesterday. The bottom line is that none of us knows anything except that they let him bond out into his own custody in an hour–and they wouldn’t have if he’d been drunk.

    I know it’s tough, but try to curb your Steeler hate until the facts are in 🙂

  53. Players strongly identified with a team are said to be a member of that team “for life”. With the Steelers the expression is “life plus a day”.

  54. While doing the straight walk part of the required field sobriety test Hines spontaneously broke into interpretive dance.
    He smiled at the arresting officer and proclaimed that it was his take on I won dancing with the stars which was more important than winning Super Bowl 45 dance.
    The officer being a football fan immediately placed him under arrest for being a drunken ahole

  55. Thanx @Deb I can read.

    Exactly my point.

    Yea he grew up in GA but I’m saying it always the best place to comeback to when you get money.

    You’re a marked man/woman.

    I grew up in TN and got family in GA and its amazing how its like going back to the 60’s in some places.

    Compared to some places up north its a lot worse.

  56. theblowtorchreview says:

    If Casey Anthony can walk….so will Hines.

    There is no justice anymore in America!


    And these two situations have soooo much in common. You are an idiot.

  57. Gee! The way I see if Ray Lewis can get away with murder and then make the game cover of Madden 2005. Hines should at least get on the cover of Sports Illustrated NFL Preview issue.

  58. hines ward is so cool. dude is a fxxking vulcano ready to explode when he is on the field and yet he knows very well in a bad situation you keep your mouth shut and cooperate. lots of nfl pinheads can learn a lesson from dude. ps, i hate the steelers.

  59. Dear Roger Goodell,

    Please suspend Hines for game 1. This way the Steelers will have an excuse when they lose.

  60. bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Jul 9, 2011 6:49 PM
    The South just isn’t a good place for black athletes. Play the season and get out!
    Too many backroads and lynching still going on (yes they do)


    Please document even one case of lynching a black in the South in the last decade.

    Back that statement up with an example.

  61. alan226 says:
    He refused a breathalizer.

    steelbydesign says:
    probably would’ve failed the breathalyzer if he took it

    justamaz says:
    How do you cooperate fully if you refuse a breathalyzer?
    I hate to defend this jacka$$, but I read that link and didn’t see anything about him refuring a breathalyzer.

    palinforpresidentofnorthkorea says:
    Super lawyer Deb will defend you in front of that mean ol’ judge.
    Everyone knows that Deb’s not a real lawyer ….. she plays one on PFT.

    Rule#1 for ANY body – athlete or not: if you’re on the road at 3AM, the police are going to ASSUME you’ve been drinking….

    …. so make sure you HAVEN’T been.

    Driving while “sleepy” is every bit as dangerous as DUI, and just as inexcusable. If you’re a famous athlete with Ward’s kind of money at 3AM – drinking or sleepy – you CAN’T afford NOT to (say it with me, people):

    TAKE A TAXI!!!!!!

  62. richm2256 says …

    Everyone knows that Deb’s not a real lawyer ….. she plays one on PFT.
    Almost said that myself, Mr. Smarty Pants … but I do make clear I only write about legal issues and leave the practice of law to the family attorneys. Meanwhile, you’ve given a great blog performance as a stormtrooper 😛

    @bearsrulepackdrool …

    I’d never deny the South’s racial history or ongoing race issues. But I bristle at the suggestion that in 2011 those problems are uniquely Southern. Since you’re a Bears fan, I was alluding to the fact that Chicago’s South Side has seen a tremendous amount of racism since the turn of the last century, and “Driving While Black” can get you pulled over anywhere, not just Georgia. It’s been too easy for the rest of the nation to pat itself on the back and ignore its own racial divides while directing an accusing finger southward.

  63. I used to work at nightclubs and have long drives home at very late hours frequently. One time I got pulled over for weaving on the road because I was opening a sandwich from a 7-11 while driving on what seemed to be an empty road around 4 AM in some rural area. I got a lecture about what an idiot I am from some cop, who otherwise just let me go on my way.

  64. Deb, stop defending your steeler trash. Do you smoke cigarrettes and drink iron city all night waiting for steelers to visit georgia so you can spew your legal gibberish!.

    Seals got Bin Laden

    Raven’s gonna beat Ben Rapin!!!!

  65. ok Hines is a cool dude… I will give him benifit of doubt until I hear what actually happened… there are some people who i think deserve that and others who dont… Hines I think should get that respect as far as a person goes until I hear differently.. If he was stoned or his BAC was way over limit.. then throw book at him and I have no problems with him being treated like average Joe… but unitl I hear what he actually did.. hard to pass judgement on the man unless you just hate the Steelers and cant sleep at night unless something bad has happpened to a Steelers player. He is a good guy, will be in HOF.. I think befor bashing him we should know what he did first lol lol … amaming how people judge without knowing anything that may or may not have happened.

  66. Let’s recap the potential excuses….Posted obviously by twits who actually celebrated his “Dancing with the Stars” title….
    Maybe it was prescription drugs….
    Perhaps he was texting….
    Quite possibly it was sleep deprivation…
    The earth fell off it’s axis for a nano second (OK i made that one up)
    Or it could be the fact that he visited at least two bars, a strip club and another bar, during the evening, and yes, the bar employees reported him to be in fine shape, as the libel suits of letting one leave an establishment drunk are stiff….But let’s conjur up some more excuses…

  67. I love the fact that all these players are so smart but yet it is always an agent who comments. My son in law is a state trooper and everybody he stops for drunk driving they claim they have not been drinking of if they had it was only two beers, the difference with the people he picks up is that they do not have an agent to speak for him and most are not rich and cannot afford the good lawyer. I have always said and it applies to Hines, “you are innocent until proven broke” and since you are rich you will get off when your expensive lawyer takes over.

  68. @Deb – come now my friend – Go back & read my original post. What did I say? I said we will have to wait to see if he has a legitimate beef or if he’s not the man you wish him to be. I have reserved judgment.

    Apologizing for being caught while denying the conduct is NOT “owning it”….BUT WAIT – he may very well have every reason & right to complain. We shall see. BUT, if he is indeed guilty, then he hasn’t quite “owned it,” has he?

    I totally agree with you – we have to wait & see. I just happen to litter my comments with anti-Steeler barbs. I can’t help it. I am part of the large majority who hates the Steelers. And, because Baltimore is a more pleasant and vibrant community than Pittsburgh, I have to live with all these transplanted Burghers who root for their Steelers (people don’t leave Baltimore for Pittsburgh, so you probably don’t have much if any Baltimore transplants in Pittsburgh to deal with).

    Anyway, we shall see…at least I haven’t started ranting about Hiney’s recent repeated run ins with the law…I mean, I “know” the first time was just a big misunderstanding, right? And doesn’t every law abiding citizen get repeatedly stopped by the cops for no reason anyway??? we shall see…we shall see…

  69. The Car was just impaired by Hines Ward. Stick to dancing old man, you’re too slow to play in this league. Blocking just wont cut it. This guy gets chased down by linebackers in space.

  70. richm2256 says:
    Jul 9, 2011 11:48 PM
    bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Jul 9, 2011 6:49 PM
    The South just isn’t a good place for black athletes. Play the season and get out!
    Too many backroads and lynching still going on (yes they do)


    Please document even one case of lynching a black in the South in the last decade.

    Back that statement up with an example.
    Come on dude, aren’t you a Pats fan? Have you forgotten that Richard Seymour’s wife was arrested for lynching in SC I think? Granted that term as a legal term there doesn’t mean just what we think of when we say it but still….technically it fits your query. 😛

    I too have been pulled over when I worked a late shift. I was “weaving” to avoid potholes on their crap roads and the town I was where I got pulled over was known for having cops who were um….sticklers shall we say.

  71. @CKL:

    Nice try.

    We all commonly associate the term “lynching” with the hanging of a black person, from a tree, by the neck, until dead.

    Seymour’s wife was charged in SC with 2nd degree “lynching” , which has an entirely different meaning, for her part in a brawl.

    Have no idea why SC calls a brawl “2nd Degree Lynching”, but she hung no one – black or white – from a tree, b ytheir neck.

    Will someone produce ONE example of a black person being lynched (hung by the neck from a tree) as bearsrulepackdrool says still happens in the South?

  72. I am not from Dekalb Co so I cannot speak with 100% certainty, but I have spent many years in the bail bond business and 99% of jails in this country – whether you have paid your bond or not – will not release you until you are 100% sober. Even .01 will get you back in the drunk tank for a half hour.

    The fact that he was arrested, booked, bonded and released all within a couple of hours to me appears to be a good sign in his favor when it comes time to settle and/or dismiss this.

  73. msclemons67 says: Jul 9, 2011 6:19 PM

    That is the first time I have seen Hines Ward when he wasn’t smiling. Looks weird.

    You should have seen his lack of smirk after the Super Bowl.

  74. Maybe he was just falling asleep behind the wheel at 3:00AM. A sleepy driver’s behavior can appear similar to an intoxicated driver’s behavior.

    Maybe the Steelers should just stay the heck out of Georgia altogether. Seriously.

  75. @mswravens …

    Yes, I’ve seen news reports about the pleasant and vibrant community of Baltimore 😯 Meanwhile Pittsburgh just keeps making that list of most livable cities 🙂 But I’m in Fla. where everyone seems to migrate.

    I wasn’t commenting on your original post but on your snarkiness about Hines owning up. You can’t own up if you’re declaring your innocence, but I appreciate his apology just the same.

    You’re overreaching about me considering whether he’s the man I wish him to be. I’m much less invested in these players than PFTers think. Only a couple of players past and present have captured enough of my interest that it would bother me to discover they aren’t who they seem–and not all of them were/are Steelers. I like Hines but he’s not an uber favorite.

    On issues like this, I can’t help being who I am–a person who waits until the facts are in before passing judgment, a person who understands the flaws in DUI laws, a person who knows Hines couldn’t have bonded out into his own custody in an hour if he’d been drunk. People want to carry on about me being the ultimate homer, but I’d be saying the same thing under the same circumstances if he were a Raven or Bengal–and I think you know that. I’ve vigorously defended players from rival teams in comparable circumstances.

    @jw731 …

    Read my paragraph above to mswravens. It’s a character thing–I’m not surprised you don’t get it. And as far as those “excuses” go, texting is as dangerous–maybe more–than driving under the influence. If Hines were doing that, I’d want him to receive a harsh penalty. And if he was too tired to drive, he shouldn’t have been on the road at 3 a.m. So I don’t see raising those possibilities as making excuses.

  76. @tjacks7 – not BS. In Houston they were pulling folks over for crossing a solid white line and then saying “have you been drinking”. DUI laws are BS plain and simple. If I want to go have 3 beers after work and drive home I am perfectly fine, but if those beers were within 2 hours I am legally not fine. Hell, texting is more dangerous.

    @citiciti – what world do you live in? If I am driving at 3am I am looking for trouble?

    Police are supposed to protect and serve but I see motorists on the side of the road all the time as cops speed by. Where is the “to serve” in that? This is about $$ (which is why there are seatbelt and inspection sticker checkpoints). Some police take there jobs very seriously and I appreciate them, but others are just looking to get back at society for some reason, power trip.

    Until we know the facts we don’t know what happened. But all of you in your glass houses should stop tossing stones, as if you drink I will bet you have at one point in your life driven illegally.

  77. Deb says: Jul 10, 2011 2:58 PM

    @mswravens …

    Yes, I’ve seen news reports about the pleasant and vibrant community of Baltimore 😯 Meanwhile Pittsburgh just keeps making that list of most livable cities 🙂 But I’m in Fla. where everyone seems to migrate.


    Another bandwagon Steeler fan…. shocking.

  78. Everyone please. I’m sure Hines will be completely vindicated.

    It’s not like people who drive around at 3 A.M. on a Saturday morning are ever on their way back from a bar or a party.

    I’m sure it was late night Bible study group. And Hines had offered to take Bibles to underprivileged kids because he’s a swell guy. He just had so many in his passenger’s seat that they were throwing off the car’s equilibrium and causing it to swerve, thereby causing suspicion among Dekalb County’s finest.

    Jesus can explain everything away…see?

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