Peyton Manning finds following labor dispute “exhausting”


Peyton Manning may have his name on the antitrust lawsuit filed against the NFL, but in some ways he’s like most fans.  At a certain point, he just starts to tune out labor news.

“I followed it early and it just got so exhausting because every day was the day it was supposed to end, and that was like three months ago,” Manning said Friday, via Larry Holder of “I’ve gotten to the point now where I’ve just told Jeff Saturday to call me when I can go back to the facility because otherwise it has been exhausting every day hoping that’s the day.”

Manning is also like the rest of us in that he doesn’t know where things will go from here.

“I have no information or insight as to when it’s going to end. I don’t think it’s going to be this week, but hopefully it will be real, real soon,” Manning said.

Holder asked Manning if he felt like he should be more involved in the talks considering his name is on the lawsuit.

“I know everything that I need to know,” Manning said. “At this point there’s a lot of talk between the lawyers that are making the decisions and I don’t have a law degree. I’m involved. I know everything I need to know. I don’t have any reservations about that.”

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  1. Peyton cautioned that just because he was in a park on a Saturday afternoon, pale and awkward looking, with skinny legs and a bit of a pot belly, wearing a ball cap, grey sweatshirt, black nylon shorts, and some old Nike Waffles, did not mean he was a lawyer.

  2. This is now a joke no one can say anything that they are sure of, please till me who know what and when did they know it.
    (the season do anybody care)

  3. “exhausting”? No Peyton, sex is “exhausting”, climbing a mountain is “exhausting”, running a marathon is “exhausting”….

    I think the word you are looking for is “frustrating”.

  4. Yeah welcome to the Club, that is why i tuned everything out if it works out great i will be here. If not life goes on.

  5. Hey Peyton you better not let Lostsok hear you whining about the lockout.

  6. I think the jackass lawyers are so in control of this thing that the players and owners are just spectators now. I truly believe that the majority of players are like Peyton – have no idea exactly what the hell is happening. But as we all watch the season teetering on the edge of ruin, the lawyers are getting richers.

  7. How does the guy that has his name on lawsuits not know whats going on? I would think of Peyton as a little bit more smarter than the average sheep, but I guess not.

    This confirms that the players know nothing about what is going on, and are just straight buying into the game their lawyers are playing.

  8. So, at least one of the players who helped cause this mess isn’t interested in it? And he finds it “exhausting”?

    Then why did he help cause so many people so much grief? He must be a pretty shallow person.

  9. I can relate. Living in a state where politicians are pulling rights (and money out of pockets of workers) away, watching the day to day headlines wears you down. This is a totally different scale, but I can absolutely relate to feeling the daily beat-down by headlines and political battles. This is not a positive or negative on Owners/Players, but the daily grind of trying to figure out your future and what you might have or might be stripped from you absolutely wears on you…

  10. Peyton.

    Do what all of us do. Check this site, maybe once a day (or more). See if there is a headline that reads. “Lock out is over.” If you don’t see it, say “go f***ing figure,” and move on with the rest of your day.


    the 3,653,135 fan who want football back ASAFP.

  11. @ idriveamoped-

    Not sure sure what peyton manning knows or does cares about personally “confirms” what any other player knows or does or cares about personally, let alone all of them. That’s like saying “Peyton studys film 20hrs a day. That just confirms that all NFL players stud film 20hrs a day.”

    Just sayin- of the people who just wanna play football and are gonna be rich as ball$$$ regardless of the outcome, as long as there is an outcome, peyton is numero uno, with a cherry on top. He just wants to practice and rehab, and cares about nothing else. Lawsuit included. No way it can effect his personal bottom line much, no matter what deal is struck.

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