Report: Free agents pressing for progress on CBA

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We’ve arrived at an undisclosed location on the East Coast for a one-week vacation, in honor of U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, who bailed out on the labor talks just as the two sides arguably needed him most.

Coupled with Boylan’s inability to get the Eighth Circuit to hold off on issuing a ruling that by all appearances has bogged down the discussions, a settlement in the near future won’t come because of Boylan but in spite of him.

And with the parties opting not to keep meeting over the weekend, the lawyers only due to reconvene on Monday, and Boylan not returning to the process until July 19, Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reported moments ago on SportsCenter that free agents are making known their desire that the horseshoes-and-hand-grenades negotiations be concluded ASAFP.

The problem for the free agents is that, with each passing day, teams will be less likely to splurge on strangers to their organization, given that the time for preparing for the 2011 season will be shorter and shorter.

Unfortunately, the NFL and the NFLPA* seem to be motivated only by the looming loss of $200 million per week once preseason games are scuttled.  Limiting the ability of the teams to prepare for the season and/or restricting the attractiveness of free agents simply isn’t a priority.

It should be.  Whether it will be remains to be seen.

41 responses to “Report: Free agents pressing for progress on CBA

  1. Oh that’s weird because I’ve been saying get this damn thing done ASAFP since before there was even a lockout, but nobody listens to me. Why should they? I’m just a fan.

  2. I don’t know how you can say a settlement won’t come in the near future. At this point all bets are off and anything is 50-50. The July 19 mediation session with Boylan is most likely to decide whether an agreement has been reached or not. If there has been an agreement they will then on that date drop the antitrust case on the 19th and then vote to ratify the deal by all owners on their previously scheduled july 21st meeting in Chicago if not sooner.

  3. Just heard from a reliable source that STRIP CLUBS are being flooded w/ applications from current cheerleaders in absence of a season

  4. Why is this Boylan’s problem? The babysitter just took a vacation, which was previously scheduled. DeSmith and Roger need to understand that they don’t get special treatment and the courts don’t care if there is football or not. That should be enough to get a deal done!!!

  5. I noticed the CFL is on NFL Network tonight. Maybe we should all try to follow that since the NFL owners and players (and their dumb ass lawyers) aren’t interested in having a 2011 season.

  6. Is it possible to fire DeMoron, Kessler, etc. , form a new union and get this damned thing done with a football person as head of the new union ? I’m thinking Troy Vincent or Brian Dawkins .

  7. Free agents and minimum wage guys need to wake and realize two crucial points.
    1)The NFLPA is not representing them. The PA only cares about the big money minority
    2)FAs and minimum wage players are the majority
    Together you have the power, yet you have allowed the agents of the Brady/Manning/Brees elite to be your proxy?? Wake up and take control of the situation and demand a resolution that covers the entire NFLPA…not just the 8 figure elites.

  8. I’m almost to the point where I’m rooting for these greedy fools to screw it all up and lose the season. I can take a nice relaxing vacation with my season ticket refund – plus attend more college games in my part of the country.

  9. “free agents are making their desire known about wanting to get a deal done”

    You just posted an article about Peyton manning(free agent) telling Jeff Saturday to just let him know when to show up for work. They want a deal, they don’t want a deal, they want a deal. Bottom line is the free agents, especially the 5-6 year players have been pushing for a deal from the beginning!! They can lean back and relax!! Jeff Saturday can call them too!!!

  10. Be prepared for this to drag on. If they were serious, they would have met through last weekend. Until they get hit in the pocket book, this lockout will continue because both sides are dumb.

  11. drgfri says:

    Report: Mark Sanchez pressing for some sweet post prom action



  12. Why blame Boylan? What power does he really have?

    And uno mas: Who was the dummy who said the talks were at the five yard line? 🙂

  13. You couldn’t find a picture of live grenades? You have to use a picture of dummy, training grenades that do no harm?

  14. The whole process is driven by profit. Every last detail. If the NFL could magically cancel the season without jeopardizing profits, they would. They don’t care one little bit about the players, fans, non player employees or anything else. Period.

  15. I’ve already passed on renewing my pair of season tickets and will probably pay much less attention to football when the season does start. They don’t need or deserve a nickel more of my money, that’s for sure.

  16. Given that there will be over 500 free agents if the 4 years to FA holds, I’d imagine that they might want to be reducing the supply some, maybe only 5+ this year.

  17. Some of you are just incredibly outside the realm of reality. First off, a Federal Court is not going to drop everything it is doing and dismiss the Brady case just because the fans want football. This is going to continue to take a lot of time to get done. There is way to much going on here to expect this to be resolved in the next couple weeks. The only one who seems to think Pre Season is that important is the writer of this blog. The important thing is not losing regular season games, not Pre Season garbage time.

  18. Everybody is worried about Free agency…what about half of the season. The Owner’s i believe are now ready to hand out some reality to these misguided players. Game checks are about to be missed, free agents are about to lose out on the big payday they have worked so hard for, and the revenue split is about to shrink. It’s about time for the big boys to flex some muscle, and they aren’t going to settle for a compromise that doesn’t make long term sense. Who said this deal was about done? Football will return with the snow, and the Owners will take short term losses, for a long term plan. Players are way over their heads now…….

  19. Free Agents were just run over by the lockout locomotive ! No negotiations over the weekend, 8 th circuit court ruling and Judge Boylan upcoming 19 July meeting. Zero sense of urgency.Were not near as close as many people have been promoting. The eternal optimists on this site are going to start to get worried because we are in crunch time starting next week and revenue is going to be lost with pre season games scrubbed. I think the owners have decided wait out the players and regular season games [if not the whole season] are at high risk. If I am wrong, I will admitt same.

  20. Bring back the XFL BABY!!! Guys got paid in Dirt…and maybe we’ll end up with another HeHateMe once they finally agree on the new CBA

  21. He has no reason to cancel vacation plans likely made a year ago…long before this mess was dumped in his lap. If the people “leading” the league and players can’t meet more than once or twice a week, why should he change any plans he has?
    The idiots should have gotten this done loooooong ago without Boylan.

  22. My interest in college football grows with every passing day…I’m at the point where I say we fans should just boycott going to NFL games this year. Watch it TV. Embarrass the NFL with the amount of empty seats in their stadiums on Sundays.

  23. Can’t believe they’ve waited this long without asking Chuck Norris to negotiate. Here’s your window!

  24. If the labor deal was as close as everyone thinks it is, why would the judge take a vacation? Hes someone with actual knowlege of the progress (or lack thereof) he went on vacation because he knows one week won’t settle this. We, as NFL fans, are screwed. I pulled a random team out of a hat and it looks like I’ll be a Texas A&M fan this year. Go Aggies!!!

  25. Big surprise here. This is the same union m.o. used everywhere… subsection of the union gets absolutely, royally screwed to (union line) preserve the “rights” of the whole and get a “better” deal for everyone. Only problem is, that is complete b.s. They sacrifice some to get a better deal for select others without regard for their union “brothers”.

    Think about it…for most of these FAs it is their one and only chance for that big payday with all important signing bonus in a game where their contract is not guaranteed and their career can end tomorrow. This is the most important business moment of their lives. Who cares though…..right? Let’s bill more hours, get more face time, advance a cause no one cares about and throw these guys under a bus. Union Brotherhood!!!!

    It is like here in Milwaukee where instead of making a small contribution towards our pension and health insurance, the union decided they would rather accept the layoff of over 500 of us. “Hmmmmm….let’s see…..everyone has to give up a few bucks a pay period so the district can afford to keep us all employed, or we can keep every penny of ‘our’ money and over 500 of us will get axed? F the 500! Sorry ‘brothers’….ya gotta go.”

    The folly of union mentality. Too bad this idiocy is screwing more than just me.

  26. the NFLPA are being lead by a blind Mule…the worst move The NFLPA ever made,was taking this to court,if they dont get this done by the 15th?Which they want….,IMHO,I hope the Owners shut down the whole season now..every NFL fan is tired of of the BS,Fans arent as dumb as both sides think we are…

  27. I think that most fans are at or approaching the “Who cares”? point. The greedy, cynical lawyers have the doofus players convinced that they can outwait and intimidate the owners. What fools. Now I want the owners to take a hard line. These players need a good whack from the sledgehammer of reality. Missing some paydays should send most of the rats scurrying for the lifeboats.

  28. famousp22 says:
    Jul 9, 2011 8:03 PM
    drgfri says:

    Report: Mark Sanchez pressing for some sweet post prom action




    There was an epic fail in this post but with 2 thumbs up and 46 down…. it wasn’t the Sanchez comment.

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