Ravens’ Webb not worried about losing job to Jimmy Smith

Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb was widely criticized for giving up a 58-yard catch by Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown during Baltimore’s exit from the playoffs, and so when the Ravens drafted another cornerback, Jimmy Smith, it was widely regarded as a vote of no confidence in Webb.

But Webb doesn’t see it that way.

You can stop asking me about that draft because I don’t care about [drafting] Jimmy Smith,” Webb told the Baltimore Sun. “Me and him could be great together. . . . I’m thinking he’s a good addition to our squad. Why not pick a good player in the draft we all [will] be happy with? I want us to be two great corners, two of the greatest corners who ever played the game together. Why not that? Why do I have to be mad because they drafted him?”

The Ravens also drafted cornerback Chykie Brown in the fifth round, but Webb says there’s no connection between the Ravens’ decision to focus on cornerback in the draft and his own coverage breakdown in the Ravens’ playoff loss.

“It’s over. It happened. I don’t care about all that,” Webb said. “That wasn’t the play that lost the game.”

Webb says that despite the influx of young blood, he expects to start this year.

“I’m going to be the starter,” he said. “I don’t think they can draft somebody that’s better than me. I don’t think they’ve got anybody better than me.”

13 responses to “Ravens’ Webb not worried about losing job to Jimmy Smith

  1. I guess we can add Webb to the list of guys who smoke a lot of pot in the offseason. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. love to see foxworth, smith, webb, and carr as the ravens top 4 cb’s. reed is going to have a monster year with the addition of jimmy smith.

  3. “Webb says there’s no connection between the Ravens’ decision to focus on cornerback in the draft and his own coverage breakdown in the Ravens’ playoff loss.”

    And he’s right. The Ravens have 3 corner backs up for free agency, Carr, Wilson and Washington. The only other CB besides Webb is coming off an ACL injury (Foxworth). So, going into the draft the Ravens essentially had 1 healthy CB under contract. They’d be stupid not to pick up some reinforcements.

  4. Webb shouldn’t be worried….Smith will end up suspended or in jail before he has an opportunity to ‘steal’ anyone’s job.

  5. I think the best throw of the NFL season last yr , gutsy ad-lib by Ben, and great catch nothing that Webb could have done about that.

  6. Webb has a lot of promise and it’s great to see this kind of mindset from a young player. Jimmy Smith will only make the team better and CB could change from a weak spot into a strength for the Ravens.

  7. Webb should be more concerned about the Ravens going out to get Nnamdi putting Webb in competition for a nickel corner spot. Jimmy is a beast. The Ravens did not spend a one on Jimmy to play him a nickel.

  8. People have already stated the obvious. The draft selection had nothing to do with Webb. Bottom line is… the Ravens only have 2 corners under contract. 1 of them is older and coming off ACL injury. And there were no other players available that were as likely to provide immediate help as Jimmy Smith was(AKA…. he was obviously the best player available in the draft).

    The only thing Webb was wrong about was that his getting beat wasn’t the play that lost the game in the playoffs. 3rd and 18, and you let your guy get behind you. Absolutely no excuse for that. Sure, you could say there were other plays. But that was definitely one of them, and he was responsible for it.

  9. Ravens like their rookies, but to Ladalius they are just a couple more guys named Smith and Brown.

  10. Webb will be better this year & show the flashes of his rookie year before he tore his ACL. The 2nd year back the player is always stronger. Smith, Webb, Wilson & Foxworth, Secondary will be better this year if there is a year!

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