Ronde on Tiki in Tampa: “I don’t know how realistic it is”


As Tiki Barber prepares for an NFL comeback attempt, he says one of his top choices would be to play with his brother Ronde in Tampa Bay. But Ronde doesn’t seem to be getting his hopes up about playing with his brother.

“It was an entertaining thought four or five years ago,” Ronde told the St. Petersburg Times. “I don’t know how realistic it is now. I’ve not had a chance to talk to [Bucs GM Mark Dominik or coach Raheem Morris] about it. Maybe the situation would be a little different under different circumstances. But I know he wants to go somewhere where feels like he’s wanted.”

From all indications, Tampa isn’t somewhere where Tiki is wanted. As soon as Tiki said he’d like to play for the Bucs, reports in Tampa surfaced saying the Bucs aren’t interested.

Florio asked Dominik about Barber on Thursday’s PFT Live, and Dominik declined to discuss Barber because of tampering concerns, but he gushed about the Bucs’ three young backs.

Still, Ronde says he’s confident that Tiki will be ready to help some team this season, after four full seasons away.

“He’s prepared, he looks like did pre-retirement,” Ronde said of Tiki. “He really dedicated himself and has been in there working out for four months. The only thing he doesn’t have is the on-field endurance. He’s very adept at what he used to do. I don’t see him having a problem. The one thing he can’t fail at is football.”

But Tiki might fail at finding a team willing to give him a chance.

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  1. At first glance of the title, I thought I had clicked on my kids book club (Ricki Tiki Tavi). Who named these guys ??

  2. Doesn’t seem like rhonde is even pushing for tiki to join the bucs. What does that say about tiki? Probably the same thing everyone else has said.

  3. Ronde knows how (un)realistic it is, but he’s not going to tell a reporter that there is no no no way Tampa will sign his brother, so he’s being diplomatic.

  4. its RONDE, not RHONDE.

    And these Bucs do not bring in re-treads, because that takes away a young guys reps, and stuns his growth.

  5. Who cares Tiki. We all know you just doing it for the money. I hope he comes back and gets his head kicked in. Retiring at your peak is a slap in the face of every athelete that would give their right arm to just play a down in the NFL

  6. Anyone else laugh a little at Ronde’s comment, “the one thing he can’t fail at is football”?
    I’m sure he didn’t mean it as smack but it sounds that he CAN fail at everything else…but not football.

  7. So Tiki wants to go someplace where he’s wanted. What an idiotic statement. Who would sign him that doesn’t want him. What a crock of ……

  8. “It was an entertaining thought four or five years ago,” Ronde told the St. Petersburg Times.
    “But now that my brother’s a washed up has been…”

  9. @paulbrownsrevenge:

    Tiki lost his money due to his extreme spending. The guy constantly has on $10,000 tailored suits, drives Bentley’s, etc. Soon, Tiki will be learning to drive a Corolla like the rest of us, and be living in an a small apartment if he doesn’t change his wreckless ways. I’m rooting for him to not change a thing; I’d love to see that turd enter reality that we all all call everyday life.

  10. Funny that these guys are the same age, but tiki is washed up and Ronde is still playing at a high level. Rb versus Cb

  11. Even Plaxico Burress has a better chance at finding a team that wants him than Tiki does. You can’t tell me that a running back at age 37, who hasn’t played in 4 years, will be much in demand anywhere in the league.

  12. Tiki, please go to the iTunes Store and look up Johnny Taylor. He has a song for you called “Cheaper to keep her”. You would would still be on TV instead of begging back into the league.

  13. Ronde on Tiki in Tampa: “I don’t know how realistic it is”

    Translation: He’s my brother, I can’t tell you there’s NO WAY IN HELL he’s playing.

  14. Let me list the NFL teams that want Tiki:

    And this concludes the list of NFL teams that want Tiki.

  15. A bit too late Tiki, you should be trying harder with the G-Man, now this train called NFL has left the station. Besides no one wants you anyway….

  16. Tiki has short term memory loss. Doesn’t he remember how hard it was for Shawn Alexander to find a team? Shawn was a better back than Tiki. Maybe the raiders will take you and you can fall in the black hole and never heard from again

  17. It’s funny how everyone jumps on Tiki like a bunch of jackals. I wish the guy nothing but the best. He deserves a second chance just like the rest of us. EVERYBODY screws up in this lifetime and makes mistakes.

  18. Wouldnt it be cool to have, Tiki, Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, and Plaxico on the same starting lineup!

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