With Vrabel retiring, Brady plaintiffs can cut off Eller plaintiffs

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Lawyer Michael Hausfeld, who represents the plaintiffs in the Carl Eller class action, explained on Friday’s PFT Live that his clients are in position to speak for the retired players because the Tom Brady class action has no plaintiffs who are retired players.

With one of the Brady plaintiffs — Mike Vrabel — reportedly retiring, the Brady class action now has that base covered.

And so the Brady plaintiffs immediately should file a motion for leave to amend the complaint to assert on behalf of Vrabel, and thus on behalf of all retired players, any and all claims that retired players may be able to assert.

Frankly, it’s still doubtful that retired players have any claims to assert.  But to the extent that the Brady plaintiffs represent all current and former players, the Brady class can settle all claims without having to worry about the Eller plaintiffs screwing up the process.