Browns’ Massaquoi uses the lockout to pick the brains of Pro Bowl receivers


Here’s a good example of a player making good use of the lockout: Cleveland receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, knowing he couldn’t get any coaching from the Browns’ staff, has instead spent time with many of the best wide receivers in the league over the last few months.

Massaquoi told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he’s been able to arrange sessions with Cincinnati’s Chad Ochocinco, Pittsburgh’s Hines Ward, Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald, Detroit’s Calvin Johnson and New England’s Wes Welker.

“I’m looking at this as a fresh start and I wanted to learn from the best,” Massaqoui said. “I wanted to be able to start from scratch and be able to use what they know to help me.”

Massaquoi traveled all over the country for the opportunity to work out with some of the best receivers in the league, and he said he’s making a point of watching what makes each of those receivers special.

“If you watch Chad, you watch his feet,” Massaquoi said. “You watch Larry and you see how he adjusts to certain balls. You watch Calvin, how smooth and controlled he is at all times. Hines and Wes Welker, they understand the game so well. It’s not always about just running out there and running a route. They really understand what they’re doing out there.”

Ultimately, Massaquoi says, his offseason has been about learning from players who are better than he is, and starting to do things the way they do things.

“There’s a reason that they’re in the league as long as they are,” Massaquoi said. “You really can’t fix what you don’t know. You see how those guys go about their business, how they work, how they’re running routes and how they’re adjusting to certain things and it’s completely different.”

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  1. I am curious on what he asked Hines Ward. How many drinks it is ok to have before you get behind the wheel?

    Too soon?

  2. slizzyslizz…how about we give Colt McCoy a chance before we say that we need another quarterback? That is one of the things that has been wrong with this franchise since they came back…the fans piss and moan about the quarterback and the coaching staff feels obligated to make a change. Surround Colt McCoy with some weapons and see how he does for a year or two…I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. WRs have brains? Do they ever use them? ‘Cause I’ve never heard of that happening.

  4. Here were his questions

    1. “Hey Chad, whe are you going to realize you act like a jacka$$ and your not even that good anymore?”

    2. “Hey Larry, How the hell did you manage to catch 90 passes with Derek Anderson, John Skelton, and Max Hall throwing to you??”

    3. “Hey Hines, why party in Georgia when you know that no good can come from it?”

    4. “Hey Calvin, how did you get the name “Megatron??”

    5. “Hey Wes, do you think Belicheck would trade for me?”

  5. This is what Greg Jennings and Sidney Rice did before they broke out – went and worked out with Larry Fitzgerald. Should be a fantasy sleeper

  6. Smart on his part to seek advice from WRs with such different sizes & styles. A lanky, fast wideout with good hands seeks help from shorter quick-cutting guys. He’s smart. Might be a breakout year. He also got a fellow Bulldog WR coming in as a rookie & maybe he’ll be a good dawg and teach A.J. some of these tips.

  7. Alright you bunch of comedians…

    I actually think this is really refreshing. A little humbleness will go a long way for a young player. Most of them think they know it all and are too good to ask for help. If I were in the league, I would be calling Jerry Rice and Cris Carter begging (to the point of stalking them) to get some help and pick their brains. Rookies need a little humility IMO. I hope a rookie cap will smooth things over in that direction.

  8. skeeter1970 says:
    Jul 11, 2011 11:04 AM
    Here’s a piece of advice Mo;

    When you see #92 in Black & Gold coming at you…


    You mean he’s actually going to continue playing? Last I heard, he was upset with the league and threatened to retire.

  9. “If you watch Chad, you watch his feet,” Massaquoi said.

    I thought you do that with Welker…

  10. All the negative comments are from people who are fans of teams that have receivers who are too dumb to have thought of anything like this. Fact.

  11. “I don’t think Massaquoi has the speed or ability to be a number one WR”

    ramboo, i think whether he is or no is irrelevent.

    if this improves his game, he will become a more valuable asset in whatever fashion the browns see fit to use him.

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