Former NFL running back fatally shot in altercation with police

David “Deacon” Turner, a running back who spent three seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, has lost his life due to an altercation with police, according to

The incident occurred after police responded to reports of juveniles attempting to persuade adults to purchase alcohol for them.  When the officers arrived, they saw Turner, 56, his 19-year-old son, and a 16-year-old juvenile leaving the store with bags that contained among other things alcohol.

Per the report, police initially detained Turner.  He initially cooperated, but Turner then tried to leave.  When the officers tried to stop Turner from leaving, he allegedly fought them.

One of the officers reportedly was struck in the back of the head with a bag containing two 24-ounce cans of beer.  Another officer then drew his pistol and fired twice at Turner.

The incident is under investigation.  As it should be.  Deadly force is grossly excessive under these circumstances, especially when the officer surely had other means at his disposal for getting Turner to stop swinging a sack that contained a couple of cans of beer.

In 44 career games, Turner rushed for 549 yards on 142 carries.  He scored one touchdown rushing and one receiving.

Our condolences go out to Turner’s family, friends, and former teammates.

181 responses to “Former NFL running back fatally shot in altercation with police

  1. Sad to hear, definately excessive force.
    This needs a full investigation, but you should never be in this kind of position to begin with.

    Sadly, the real victims are those kids.

  2. That is awful news. Condolences to his family and friends and as you say it’ll be interesting what the investigation might show in terms of whether there was a need for lethal force in this circumstance.


  3. While it is utterly critical to have a well trained police force in a democratic society, the reality is that a majority of cops in our country are low IQ, high testosterone morons. On the bookshelves of the vast majority you are more likely to find a copy of “Guns & Ammo” than Crime and Punishment.

    I’ll bet every single person on this site could post at least one example of a cop acting like a major dick or worse. I could cite several, including one where a couple of friend jogging home were arrested for “loitering” (in reality, they made a wise-ass comment to the cop who pulled to see why they were running at night…something that is not illegal), and another where a suicidal friend, holding a knife with which he had just slit his wrist and completely dazed and non-confrontational (due to massive blood lose), was shot FIVE TIMES by a cop.

    The only unusual aspect to this article is that it happened to someone mildly notable.

    Otherwise…it happens every day.

  4. “One of the officers reportedly was struck in the back of the head with a bag containing two 24-ounce cans of beer. Another officer then drew his pistol and fired twice at Turner.”

    This trigger happy cop is in MAJOR trouble!

    So sad this man lost his life that way.

  5. Just reading this account, it seems we have one trigger happy cop in California. Not the first, not the last.

    There might be more to the story though…

  6. Negative. While to some this may seem unreasonable, it is clearly a deadly force situation. And no matter what you or anybody else feels nobody can criticize a situation like this unless you are an officer that was involved in the incident.

  7. Mace?… Nah, taser?… Nah, night stick?…. Nope lets go with the most f’n deadly thing in the arsenal and bust a few in a brother. I swear this $h!t is dumb who the hell gave him a badge and the authority to end someones life not to.mention it was in front of his son. Dude should be incarcerated for murder

  8. Wow, just, wow. His son probably watched him die right in front of him. I am sure this will get swept right under the rug. Unless Turner was threatening the life’s of these 2 armed and deadly police officers, with a deadly weapon, there was no reason for these cops to draw their guns and shoot him in cold-blood. I wonder what middle of the country town this took place in. I bet you this would not have went down like this in any of the more tolerant, progressive places in America.

  9. Man… that does seem a little excessive, but I wasn’t there so what do I know. I’m just surprised at the way some things go down with cops and “deadly force”. Man, when I was in Iraq I dealt a lot with vehicle searches and (sometimes violent) detainees and they damn well tied our hands with what we were allowed to actually do. I mean hell, that was a war zone and we practically couldn’t use our firearms unless we were damn near already receiving fire! The ROEs over there are such BS… but that’s just an off topic rant, disregard my blatherings.

  10. Another Bengal in trouble with the law?
    I bet cop was white! Watch Jeese Jackson and Al Sharpton stick there nose into this!
    By the way, WHO WAS David “Deacon” Turner!!

  11. Welcome to Bakersfield! BPD (local PD) are often investigated and never found at fault for officer involved shootings. Rarely is the victim armed with a deadly weapon but there behavior seems to justify lethal force.

  12. Look, me and cops never been real homies. But if a cop gets hit somebody’s getting shot and that’s all there is to it. I know it, you know it and that will never ever change until you ytake the cop’s guns away. That obviously ain’t happenin

  13. If that officer seriously felt that if his partner getting hit with a second blow to the head would cause serious harm……….then he has every right to shoot.

    At the end of the day, its all subjective and none of us were there.

    Clean Shoot.

  14. Things to consider: not all departments issue tasers, smaller female officers can be more easily overpowered than males, any blunt object strike to the head throat or spine IS a deadly force situation, and the cans may not kill you but your own sidearm will after you are knocked unconcious.

    Btw I am a 3rd year law enforcement student and my dad and brother are both cops who have been involved in shootings.

  15. Or maybe, when the cops have you detained, submit to them and go from there. If you attack cops with ANYTHING beyond your fists, you deserve what’s coming to you. Someone that dumb obviously can’t conform to our fairly loose society and should be removed, one way or another.

  16. Extremely excessive force. You go for the taser/nightstick/mace first, than the gun if nothing else works (when the suspect isn’t showing an obvious “lethal weapon” like a gun). This cop should be fired at the very least, and may need to sit in jail for a few years.

  17. Just read the comments and geesh. I hate cops as much as the next guy and have had a dozen encounters where they used their power excessivgely but gee, if the SUSPECT didn’t attack the cop he’d be in jail without a scratch. It’s pretty ignorant to judge this policeman before we know how badly threatened he was.

    I wish liberals would just go away.

  18. The man should not be dead but why swing at the police got to be look into it’s more than we know this is a case of wait and see.
    God bless the family and all involved.

  19. Are you guys kidding me?? How about this clown breaks the law, gets arrested, becomes belligerent, assaults a police officer and gets shot for being an idiot…and we’re being the most critical of the POLICE?! You have got to be kidding me.

  20. You guys are all crazy, he is the dirt bag not the cops! Fighting the police in front of your kids is a great move! And to all you ignorant people out there, getting hit in the head with an unknown object weather it be a bottle of beer or not calls for the use of deadly force. Remember the cop could have got knocked out, had his skull fractured! There is always a gun in a cop fight and I have seen too many times where the assailant could have tried to knockout the cop to get his gun. And I’m pretty sure the mans kids were just watching the cops were out numbered and in a violent situation where a man hit his partner in the head with a bard object. If someone hits another person in the head with a blunt object it is called assault with a deadly weapon. A felony, and a violent felony that justifies use of deadly force. Until u work a radio car and work everyday to make sure you make it home safe to your families everynight the. Keep ur minds open till u hear the whole story. He mAde his bed. Now he can sleep in it

  21. gberg09 says:
    Jul 11, 2011 12:38 AM
    Negative. While to some this may seem unreasonable, it is clearly a deadly force situation. And no matter what you or anybody else feels nobody can criticize a situation like this unless you are an officer that was involved in the incident.


    So it’s clearly a deadly force situation… because you say so? The guy was wielding a bag with a couple of beers. Do you think cops should shoot every homeless person who slings around a change-filled sock?

    And yes, anyone and everyone can criticize this no matter what you say because that’s the nature of our society. This isn’t a fascist police state.

  22. Doesn’t shock me at all when it comes to policemen in America. They do things like this all the time to people of any race who they feel are beneath them. That’s why when they get popped I smile and throw back a cold one for whomever popped the SOB.

  23. 4 pounds of beer inside of metal cans, inside of a sack, constitutes a pretty deadly weapon from my perspective. An oversized blackjack. Before you get on the cops maybe you should let a large angry man hit you in the back of the head with it, just to see what they were dealing with.

  24. I am typically a pro-police person and I understand that police must use their gun, on occasion. However, fatally shooting someone bearing nothing but a few 24-ounce beers is excessive, no matter the situation.

    Police have plenty of lees-lethal weapons available to them — taser, mace, nightstick etc. — and to pull a gun in that situation is simply irresponsible and it now ended a man’s life.

    Turner is not off the hook here. It was stupid of him to attempt to leave the scene and even more stupid to fight back. Add the two stupid people — the cop and Turner — and you have a deadly situation.

  25. Wait to see what really happend that would cause
    an officer to go to the last resort and kill a man.
    Seens gutless for those of you to accuse him of anything other than trying to protect the public.

  26. why does everyone jump to the otherside and automatically assume the police are the bad guys it is such an juvenile stupid thing to automatically jump to do you think it would be any better if we didn’t have police i mean if people think they do this all the time and still go out and commit crimes what the hell do you think will happen if you don’t have any law enforcement LMAO seriously people think a little further instead of letting your ignorance jump out

  27. i bet if the guy was white that got shot nobody would be saying “deadly force” give me a break. the cops were doing there job…

  28. Nice to see everyone jumping to conclusions before all the evidence is in.
    Though 3 solid pounds hitting you in the head can cause damage (2x24oz=48oz, 16oz=1lb).

  29. Police are typically authoritarian in most societies. That is why when revolutions happen in countries, the police are the least likely to be trusted by those who are trying to overthrow authoritarianism.

  30. What else is to know about the situation. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Over what, the huge threat to society that is underage drinking? It seems to me that these cops are more of a threat to society than Deacon Turner was. Whatever the sentence was for the last single homicide case with a minority as the defendant should be handed down to this idiot.

  31. It’s called the Use of Force Continuum. Law Enforcement officers are trained to act in manner that exceeds the action of the suspect. Turner struck an officer in the head with a hard object. By definition, Turner used Deadly Force before the officer. If ANYONE on here doesn’t believe that a 24oz Beer can cause death, I invite you to ask a Former NFL player to drill you in the head with one. Is it likely? No, but you can find dozens of examples of people dying from a single punch. The officer could have easily suffered life-threatening injuries.

  32. People jumping to conclusions without knowing the full story. Surprise, surprise. Yeah, from the very short snipet of info above, it does seems excessive. And very well could be. But the key words here are “very short snipet of info” and “seem”. What the story does state, is that the dude was resisting arrest, beating on a cop, using a deadly weapon (yes, two 24oz cans of beer in a bag can easily, and quickly, kill) and very well could have pulled another weapon, like a handgun, in an instant. I’m not saying the cop was in the right… just saying that people should get some more facts before knee jerking to an ignorant conclusion.

  33. Couldn’t shoot him in the leg or any of many already mentioned methods?

    How many people do you know that have only a high school (or equivalent) diploma with NO police record that want to be a cop? Slim pickens.

  34. Nothing good ever happens after you disobey a police officer, regardless of the time of day.

  35. That’s not “excessive force”! That’s murder!! Wearing a badge does not put you above the law your job tasks you to defend.

  36. Damn. You can never give the 5.0 even the slightest excuse if you value your life. No investigation will bring Turner back. What a shame.

  37. to all the wannabe LEO’s out there including MF himself…..stop with all of the “he should have used his mace or nightstick” garbage. i dont know how big this dude was, but im 6-1. if im intent on taking your head off with a couple of one and a half pound beer cans, you wont have a prayer in hell of spraying me with mace or hitting me with that bogus PR-24 nightstick they give us, before i crack your head open.

    as usual, everybody is an authority on a job they wouldnt have the cajones to ever do themselves.

  38. when are people going to learn…


    police have the right to use lethal force for good reason.

    not saying they ALWAYS have good reason to use it, but NEVER give them the need to…. just cooperate to the best of your ability.

    it’s sad he had to die, but this guy was a moron.

  39. @movieman5

    The “middle of the country town” was Bakersfield, California, only 100 miles from Los Angeles. It’s too bad when the facts don’t fit your agenda, huh?

  40. “Negative. While to some this may seem unreasonable, it is clearly a deadly force situation. And no matter what you or anybody else feels nobody can criticize a situation like this unless you are an officer that was involved in the incident.”

    All officers are given a taser for a reason, so they don’t shoot men who are displaying “deadly force” with bottles of alchohol. Because the officer didn’t use his taser, his son got to see his dad get shot and killed over some beer. So not only are you uneducated, you’re empathy has clearly dried up.

  41. Police in Kern County have a 97% hit ratio. Too bad it appears to be excessive this time (among others).

  42. Alright now this is effed up. That cop deserves to be in some DEEP s***. I don’t care if he’s a cop or not, that’s manslaughter.

  43. Wait a minute, this idiot who has “been in trouble with the law in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s” attacks a police officer by beating him in the head with a heavy object and you fools call defending himself “excessive”?

    I’m sorry for the guys family for losing someone they love but he was a grown assed man and should have known better.

    20 years from now, this is Pacman Jones we’re reading about. Mark it down.

  44. And I thought Grand Theft Auto IV cops were ruthless. You don’t kill a a man over no alcohol, you just don’t.

  45. movieman5 says:
    Jul 11, 2011 12:39 AM
    Wow, just, wow. His son probably watched him die right in front of him. I am sure this will get swept right under the rug. Unless Turner was threatening the life’s of these 2 armed and deadly police officers, with a deadly weapon, there was no reason for these cops to draw their guns and shoot him in cold-blood. I wonder what middle of the country town this took place in. I bet you this would not have went down like this in any of the more tolerant, progressive places in America.
    Hey, Mr. Tolerant /Progressive, Bakersfield.Com (first paragraph of article) Last time I Checked Bakersfield CA isn’t considered middle of the country or intolerant. Anyways, I agree that was definitely excessive force, but when you decide to beat a cop on the back of the head with cans of beer you pretty much leaving yourself open for some bad sh*t. I feel for the kids, but am tired of people assuming before knowing the facts such as- the cops were white, it happend in Coon Holler, Ky., it was racially motivated etc. etc. This happens in many towns in many parts of the country, and it is a shame!

  46. @movieman5

    California is a real middle of the country, backwards place huh? Think before you comment.

  47. sdboltaction i dont know what your mos is or was..or where you we at in iraq but roe went out the window for us..if we felt like our life was threatin in any way shape or form..2 to the chest..look..4 infantry combat tours..2 irap and 2 afghan..and counting..look people put your self in any cops have a family your making a living protecting the city you live in..its ur job..people know the laws..its not like these things are just made over night without anyone knowing..everyone knows cops carry guns..mace and other stuff..but if you have never been in a life threating conflict you wont understand that mace and tasers are the last choice on your is a good common sense idea..if you EVER GET ARRESTED OR DETAINED BY THE COPS THEN DONT FIGHT BACK REGARDLESS IF YOU HAVENT DONE ANYTHING WRONG…if your innocence then you got no reason to sooo sick of this black white cop crap..people of all race and color if you dont fight the cops back maybe just maybe its a hunch they wouldnt be trigger happy..we as people have made them that sorry if i was a cop the minute someone tried to fight me or hit me with an object or act like they have a gun or weapon they are gettin takin down..either in the chest or the legs..because i for one want to go see my little daughter and wife at the end of the night..and i will bet anyones life who reads this if you where in there shoes you would have done the same thing..

  48. Casey Anthony —-> Aquitted of 1st Degree Murder out of prison on Sunday the 17th of July
    David Turner —-> Convicted of Supplying Alcohol to Minors sentenced to death


  49. I understand that if you’re fighting the cops you should be taken down, but not with fatal weapons. They do have tasers and clubs and things that they can use that’s not deadly force. Sad to see things like this, especially with his 19 year old son right there.

  50. this is ridiculous…the fact that cops are even trying to arrest someone for buying some liquor with his son and another kid whos 16..come on..who wasnt drinking at 16..give me a break, and even if it is wrong, it shouldnt even come to detaining, let alone need for use of force…whens the last time you saw a cop that didnt have a taser and/or a nightstick..clearly just either racist or intimidated by an NFL sized person…so unnecessary..i hope he cant even get a job as a rent-a-cop at the mall after this matter what the circumstances were…unless deacon pulled a weapon (which is highly unlikely)…no way a firearm was necessary

  51. So striking an officer in the back of the head is Okay? Cops are always viewed as being pricks but in actuality they are there to enforce the law and prevent things from getting worse. I’m not saying this man deserved to die but why the F is he stricking an officer in the back of the head. Getting struck in the head with any object can do some damage to your head or even kill you.

    I really hope the officer that shot the RB does not get in trouble. Officers are trained to make quick decisions. Obviously the criminal needed to be stopped before he could do more harm to the officer.

    Here is some advise to criminals: 1st- do the right thing. 2nd–i understand its hard to do the right thing sometimes, so when you get brought into the police station, do the right thing and cooperate the entire time….3rd let the lawyers take care of your problems…..look at Casey Anthony and OJ…you can basically get away with murder.

    Don’t try to f-up an officer when he is doing this job. Also maybe you should wait till your sons turn 21 to let them drink.

  52. I would first like to give my best wishes to the Turner family, no family deserves to experience this type of travesty. That being said, I find it funny that everyone is grouping this one “police officer” in with the rest of us police officers. Was he trigger happy? Absolutely. Does that mean the rest of us are the same? No way.We take this profession very seriously, go through rigorous training and put our lives at risk everyday to ensure you live a comfortable life. So if you want to keep badgering us, that’s fine. We are here to protect your civil liberty of free speech. But I’m sure all the things posted above will go flying out of your head when you need help. That’s ok though, because us real police officers will always be there to help, no matter who you are.

  53. @ movieman5,
    It was in Bakersfield which is in California. Which according to you should be a “progressive” place, since it’s in a coastal, state not in the middle of the country. Jackass, way to try and stereotype half of the country and fail.

  54. To everyone complaining about “excessive force”, here’s an idea, don’t throw beer bottles at a cop.


    It’s real simple.

  55. Isn’t this situation the textbook reason why they carry tasers? I don’t pretend to be an expert on law enforcement, but if a weapon can fire just as quickly and subdue a violent perp, it seems to be a better choice than the weapon that can/will kill him.

    In the end, isn’t the main goal to investigate him for allegedly purchasing alcohol for minors?

  56. He never should have been shot down over that – no excuse for deadly force. Also, since Turner was with his son, who is to say he was not just shopping and his son and friend were just helping a 56 year old guy carry his bags? But he should not have ran – The alchohol was probably for his son and friend, but he could have beat that in court as he was related to one of the juveniles. Would be a little harder if they were random kids. Sad story, let’s see in the past week, we had a guy “carrying beer (unopened) with juveniles present” get shot trying to flee, and a mother who most likely killed her 2 year old daughter get away Scott free. We still have the best justice system, but it is not always executed correctly.

  57. Wow, even ex-Bengals are tussling with the law. Guys, you aren’t the Ravens – chill out, you should know better!

  58. As one who has seen a lot of “stuff” – a big man swinging a sack with beer cans can be a serious situation. Those beer cans are essentially deadly force themselves, and it’s not like the policemen have a long time to make a quick decision when a situation suddenly “explodes”.

    So rather than jump to conclusions – I suggest you wait and see how the story further unfolds.

  59. It’s great when we read two paragraphs and immediately decide that deadly force is grossly unwarranted.
    Having said that, I have cops in my family and know many others. These days they really are trained with a commando mentality, not a cop mentality. You can see it in the way they act on and off the job.
    Commandos, on the other hand, are taught not to shoot the enemy overseas and adhere to strict rules of engagement that get them killed more often than not. We’re ass-backwards, America.

  60. “One of the officers reportedly was struck in the back of the head with a bag containing two 24-ounce cans of beer. Another officer then drew his pistol and fired twice at Turner.

    The incident is under investigation. As it should be. Deadly force is grossly excessive under these circumstances, especially when the officer surely had other means at his disposal for getting Turner to stop swinging a sack that contained a couple of cans of beer.”

    Without knowing the exact circumstances it is unreasoanble to make a judgement on whether deadly force was “grossly excessive”.

    One person had been struck in the back of the head, with a 48-ounce metal container being whirled round in a bag by a former pro-athlete. That could be carrying a lot of momentum. If the lip of can impacts the head, that energy could be disipate over a very small area. So we are talking about an attack to the back of the head that could potentially have cause skull fractures, may have knocked the officer unconcious or at least dazed if not concussed the victim.

    Now if that cop has ended up face down on the floor, with Turner standing above him and preparing to stove his head in with another swing would it really be excessive for another officer to shoot him? I am not saying that’s what happened, but that’s kind of the point. We don’t know what happened.

  61. Freedom. Yeah, right. It’s called a fascist police state. Anybody who doesn’t realize this or isn’t fighting against it and trying to warn others that this country has been hijacked by FASCIST CRIMINALS is just as guilty of murder as these effing pigs.

  62. Hopefully at some point we won’t have to hear these stories- where it appears the biggest crime anyone committed is being black – with so much regularity.

    People on here actually believe a guy who is with his two kids going to the store to get groceries is going to create a real threat to a couple of cops? Come on people…

  63. Clearly excessive use of force. He swung a bag of beer at an officer, while standing outside of a liquor store, and after having already had a conversation with officers, so the officers knew what was in the bag. Other actions could have resolved this without the use of a firearm.

  64. Deadly force may have been excessive, but a grown man should know better than to buy alcohol for minors. A grown man should know better than to resist arrest. A grown man should know better than to assault an officer of the law. You play with matches, you get burned.

  65. Very sad to see/hear. However, if you try to attack a cop, as this man did, no matter with what, you will be shot. You cannot attack a police officer. That’s it. Simple as that. The guy tried to hurt the police officer, and he got shot.

  66. It does seem like excessive force, but there is NEVER a good outcome when people start resisting arrest and try beating cops with makeshift weapons.

  67. Sad that he died, especially in front of his kids. But does anyone in this country take responsibility for their actions anymore? He’s teaching his sons to disrespect authority. Resisting arrest? Swinging a bag with beer cans in it? You know that you can die from a blow to the head with a blunt object right?

    Maybe the cop was trigger happy, but his job is to maintain order and protect his partner. The fact is, if this guy had done what he was asked to do he would still be alive.

  68. I don’t know who hit the cop with the bag of beer and what it means when Turner “fought” the police, but I’m totally fine with anyone who is crazy enough to assault cops getting shot.

  69. There you go talking like a lawyer again. “…Grossly excessive..”, really I wasn’t aware that you were at the scene with your life potentially hanging in the balance.

    You are part of the problem. If an Police officier was hit on the back of the head with something which could cause death, shooting the person doing the hitting is not grossly excessive.
    I am satisfied with the results of this, if indeed the guy who was shot, hit a cop in the back of the head as described here.

    Police officers are people with families, families they would like to go home to every night. The person who was shot did not consider the officers life at all. To look at it any other way is simply encouraging criminal behavior.

  70. Maybe the police should use deadly force more often. Possibly then people will begin to understand that they need to follow the law. Why does it seem that the criminals in this country have more rights than everybody else in this world? The inmates of this country are already living lives with everything provided for them while so many people outside the pen cant afford health insurance. Inmates get it, on us. People cant afford food. Inmates get three meals a day, on us. People following the law are losing their homes. You get the point. The only down side to being an inmate is shower time, and thats only a down side to a percentage of them. What percent do you think looks forward to shower time? I may be stretching the whole deadly force thing a little to make a point but damn.

    **No, I don’t really think he should have been shot and killed for what he did. How many people will give me a thumbs down and a response comment before they get to this part? Let’s see!**

  71. I don’t think he’s dead because he’s big and black… he’s dead because he made a BAD decision to resist arrest and try beating a cop in the meantime… he also happened to be black

  72. @budro99

    Sure. He would have taken responsibility when he had an extra resisting arrest charge tacked on. Well, that’s if the cop hadn’t murdered him. Why don’t you expect the cops, who I think should be held to a somewhat higher standard than the public, to be responsible for their actions?

    Fact is, if the cop wasn’t trigger happy, this man would be alive today. All over someone under 18 potentially getting alcohol. Because that’s worth killing people over…. Our society is a sad joke.

  73. @kingjoe1

    It is an officer’s job to protect the public. If they aren’t willing to risk their lives to do that, then they shouldn’t sign up for the job.

  74. I guess for a black rb he didn’t have run away from the cops speed. God rest his soul but this guy was a dumb ass. Don’t put the cops in that situation where they even have to think about opening fire. Stop blaming the cops.

  75. Wow, even ex-Bengals are tussling with the law. Guys, you aren’t the Ravens – chill out, you should know better!


    Hey dumbass, name me the last Raven who got into serious trouble with the law. Just because your team can’t cut it on the field like mine is no reason to take shots. Don’t you have a porn site to go play on?

  76. Tell you what, next time you’re in trouble, call a washed up former NFL never-was instead of a cop.

    If some Joe Frazier-looking fool starts beating you in the head with a three pound blunt object, it’s not going to take many swings to make sure you’re eating your steak through a straw for the rest of your life.

    Some of you are really quick to play the race card, too. Without even knowing the race of the cops, even!

  77. Police make stuff up. You know that, right? Like all those folks who ‘attack them with their cars’… they’re really just trying to get away. But it looks bad if you shoot someone fleeing a speeding ticket.

    Same thing here … use your brains … attacked them with a bag off beers so the police had to shoot him? C’mon … that’s ridiculous. It’s idiotic to believe a story like that.

  78. Land of the Free home of the brave huh?? My god. The United Police State of America is about as “free” as the former Soviet Union.


    Unlike the old Soviet Union, you are free to leave anytime you wish, sir. If America is so repressive, you are certainly free to move to North Korea and root for the Pyongyang Agricultural Collective Farmers of the Peoples Football League! Maybe that’s an option you should take!

  79. Wowzers. Shot dead for resisting arrest for something that is legal in 90% of the western world.


    Wow, I wasn’t aware that beating a cop with a blunt object is legal in 90% of the western world. You are part of the reason why the formerly mighty British Empire is now just a lapdog of the US.

  80. drinking SHOULD be taught at home by parents from a very young age. it’s our age limit that makes it extra appealing here. get a seven year old “throw up drunk ” and see if it doesn’t curb society’s drinking in the future.

  81. Perhaps this guy should have thought about the ramifications of hitting police officers in the HEAD with blunt objects? If someone was smashing the back of your head… Wouldn’t you want it to stop? I sure would… In fact, I’d probably be willing to shoot someone to stop it.

    I realize that there are plenty of jacka55 cops in this country, but let’s let the facts come out first before we all get our panties in a ruffle.

    Is the lockout over yet?

  82. I love all of the ignorant wanna-be lawyers on this site.

    The use of deadly force in this situation, at least if the details in this article are correct, was most likely used correctly. There are always investigations when a police officer shoots a person, but I’d bet anyone here my life savings that this poilice officer was in the right. The cop was hit in the back of the head with what will be deemed a deadly weapon.

    Per the article: “…out of work and repeatedly in trouble with the law throughout the ‘80’s, 90’s and 2000’s according to Kern County Superior Court online records.”

    I looked up his record and he was arrested at least 26 times since 1986. This guy has everything from domestic violence to DUI to drug possession on his record. Seems like he was nothing but a POS.

  83. @dylanmusicfan

    You do make a great point. I lived in Japan for over a year and they have beer vending machines on every corner. The kids don’t even bother with them. Why? Because alcohol is no big deal there. Kids in the U.S., like kids everywhere, want to try things that are forbidden. If alcohol was looked at differently here we’d have less kids getting in trouble over it.

  84. I’m sure there’s a little more to it than the original story here indicates, but if these are pretty close to the facts, then there’s a big reason for outrage here. I’m white, but I have little doubt that Deacon would be alive today if he had been a white guy in the same situation.

  85. Wow, I have never been more concerned for our nation after reading some of the views on here.

    Wow. You assault a Police officer and then it’s the police officer’s fault for protecting himself and his partner. Until some of you have had to try to apprehend a big strong disagreeable person who decides to start fighting you and assaults you, and in a split second have to make a decision on how to protect yourself and your partner. Whoever commented that once you are unconcsious and your gun is stolen, who is at risk then.

    You know, these aren’t video games with a pause button to figure out what you do next or so you can go get your next glass of milk. Real life, people who assult the police run a huge risk!

  86. Kids in the U.S., like kids everywhere, want to try things that are forbidden. If alcohol was looked at differently here we’d have less kids getting in trouble over it.


    You could probably say the same thing about crack and meth. You know if we legalize murder there would be less people getting in trouble over it.

  87. Don’t fight with the police. Not that hard to understand.

    Multiple beer cans in a bag could cause major bodily harm or death, especially when theyre swung at the head. That is just a justification for deadly force, let’s look at some other facts. At least two officers and anywhere between 1-3 aggressors (story doesn’t say what the young ones were doing, would be nice to know). I’m assuming at least Turner was in much better shape than the cops, another factor. It’s unknown what other weapons were at the disposal of the officers, mace? taser? baton? And what weapons were at the disposal of Turner and the other two? knife? gun?

    Luckily, for the officer, the law will look at whether or not the officer took reasonable action based on the known facts at the time? Let’s not forget that officers are required to make split second decisions when it comes to deadly force. It’s not an easy thing to do. From the looks of it, the officer appears to be a little trigger happy, buy from just reading the PFT article, there are hundreds of questions that need answered before we crucify this officer. Let’s not forget, if Turner would have cooperated with police, hadnt attacked them, he wouldn’t have been shot. Obviously at least one officer, at the scene, thought deadly force was necessary. The question is would another reasonable officer think the same thing when put in the same situation and faced with the same facts.

  88. Another officer that cares more about himself than the general public.


    Dude beat an armed cop in the head with a sack of beers. Imagine what he’d do to you.

  89. Let’s see two trained police officers against one man with a bag of beers. Taser, mace or just plain man up and help your partner you pussie but this slacked jaws choice was to fire not one but two shots yeah that was the right choice but in most cases with these storm troopers nothing will happen

  90. Mike:

    I love your website and have followed you for many years. Sometimes you jump to conclusions that “may” not be supported by the facts.

    “Deadly force is grossly excessive under these circumstances, especially when the officer surely had other means at his disposal for getting Turner to stop swinging a sack that contained a couple of cans of beer.”

    I don’t know the exact circumstances involved with this shooting. I am not a cop and I was not there. If I were a cop and I had just been hit in the head by a bag containing two 24 ounce cans of beer swung by a former professional athlete, I would expect that my partner would take some action. I don’t know if pulling out a gun and shooting it would be the correct course of action, but it “might” be.

    Also, after reading the underlying story linked to in your story, I decided to do a little “research”, you know that boring stuff you used to do when you were a lawyer….

    According to the Kern County Criminal Records database, David Turner (born in 1955, by the way) was arrested in Kern County:

    3 times in the 1980’s
    12 times in the 1990’s
    9 times in the 2000’s
    2 times in the 2010’s

    Most of his charges cannot be uncovered inline, the ones that can are mostly for possession and for alcohol infractions. Some arrests included multiple charges.

    Among the more serious charges (pleaded no contest):

    ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON, PERSONAL USE filed on 12/3/2003 (First Strike) – No Contest


    DUI ALCOHOL filed on 1/26/2010 No Contest


    For the last charge he had a Court Hearing scheduled for 7/7/2011 at 830AM. (Did he show up? Was there a Bench Warrant out for his arrest for failure to appear?)

    For all of his charges combined that I could research (most charges were from old databases so you could not get all of the information) Mr. Turner had been sentenced to the following jail terms:

    1 year, 4 months
    2 years, 52 days
    180 days
    365 days
    3 days
    15 days
    4 days

    He pleaded no contest (NOLO CONTENDERE) 10 times.

    He was placed on 3 years Probation on 2/2/2010 from his plea in the DWI case. Presumably he was still on probation at the time of his shooting.

    There you have it, since 1986:

    26 arrests
    Total Prison sentences: 4 1/2 years+
    Total Prison Time served: 361 days (7 instances)
    Total Pleas of no contest: 10

    Sorry about the long post Mike, but maybe a little context as to who the police officers were dealing with may have been in order.

    Again, this is a partial breakdown of Mr. Turner’s criminal record check. Many of the charges could not be researched because they were older charges and were not electronically search-able. A check at the courthouse may reveal more about his criminal history.

    I do not know the exact circumstances of the shooting from the criminal record check, in just one county in California, I do have a better idea as to who the police were dealing with….

  91. I am not a fan of cops by no means, my insurance went up, because some lady lied better than the truth when she hit my vehicle from behind. Of course the cop not being there, he has to pick a side, and said that I stated what she said, totally screwed me over, despite the fact I made him do an addendum, that does not count for my insurance… I think another way to look at it as Deacon probably is a big dude, this guys partner just got clobbered by two 24-ounce cans of beer, maybe he knocked the guy unconcious and his partner thought he was dead.. two 24 ounce cans being swung in a bag gots to hurt and has to do some serious damage. It also could be if this guys partner is screaming in pain, that probably scared the poop of the cop and he might have reacted based on that. We definately need more facts on this..

  92. Nice police work – you have ended the illegal sale of alcohol to a 19-year-old…by shooting a 56-year-old looking to escape.

    Where’d these boys do their training…in Guantanomo Bay…under the watchful eye of Col. Nathan R. Jessep?

  93. Contact your local law enforcement agency and ask for a copy of their Use of Force Policy. You will find that based on the circumstances reported in Bakersfield this was a justifiable use of force. Stunning techniques, impact weapons (batons), chemical agents (OC Spray), or use of a Taser would have also been expectable means. However when a suspect starts using blunt objects as a weapon against an officer the door is open for deadly force.

    You don’t have to like it but the shooting is justified if the suspect was in fact assaulting the officer and the possibility of serious injury or death existed.

  94. I love how everyone bashes all cops when something like this happens. I personally have had issues with a few cops but I also try to consider how frustrating their line of work is. They literally deal with the scum of the earth on a daily basis and wear a target on their backs that any psychotic loon can use if his last string breaks. I also am smart enough to know that for every one bad cop there are probably a thousand or more good ones.

    You people bashing the cops would love their use of force if someone was doing harm to you or one of your family members.

  95. @melonhead..

    Just a dumb comparison. Actually, dumb doesn’t do your post justice.

    First, murder, crack and meth are ALL legal in this country, dolt. Alcohol is not.

    I’m not advocating for kids under 18 drinking, I’m saying that if the “thrill” of alcohol were less we’d have less kids tyring to get their hands on it. If the perceived “forbidden fruit” of alcohol were less then the want by kids would be less.

  96. marinephinfan: really dude really..come on..i have spent 2 years in japan and i agree with you that japan is like that but guess what america know why..cause in japan there name is do something to make your familys name look bad..the whole family pays..and i mean from how people look at you its a really important thing over there..they care how others think of there the japensese have way to much class and respect to do things like in america or hell even people in general dont give 2 cents about there name or anything they leave here in america will kill there parents for toys…for not bein allowed to date certain people and they told me i couldnt be out past 10..i hate rules..blah blah blah..our whole problem is in our country we glorify everything that is bad is cool…you have to break the law to get the have to do bad things to get people to like you so on and so on..we have made it this way ourselves and have not tried to change it…making things legal will not solve anything cause guess what..we make meth you got the best weight lose supplement on the market and i bet you those weight lose companies would sale it to us in a flash just to make money even if it ruined your life or killed you..making things legal dont fix nuttin..bein a good parent and teaching your kids right from wrong and not to go with what is cool is a step to fixing the problem

  97. Just a dumb comparison. Actually, dumb doesn’t do your post justice.

    First, murder, crack and meth are ALL legal in this country, dolt. Alcohol is not.


    And you call MY POST dumb.

  98. I feel bad that he died, but anyone dumb enough to buy alcohol for young kids and then attack the cops is also prob dumb enough to be carrying a knife or gun. The cop does have a right to protect himself.

  99. Though the use of deadly force may be questionable, unless you were there you have no room to talk. As to this being racially motivated, it works both ways. Did “Deacon” over react because they were white cops (if they were)?

    Root cause of this incident? Deacon chose to break the law, then chose to fight with the cops. Did he deserve to die for this? No. But the fact is, all this could have been avoided if he had accepted the fact that he was caught and it meant being arrested. Too often people look past that fact.

  100. Shooting an unarmed man is absolutely unacceptable, period!

    You must draw your gun and give the perpetrator a warning and a chance to comply, or several warnings.

  101. If they HAD TO use their gun (as opposed to other means like taser, club, mace, etc.) why didn’t they just shoot him in the fat part of the leg or something? I doubt that would have caused a life or death situation and I’m sure it would made him drop his deadly beer cans.

    Though it can never be proven or admitted to, most cops have wet dreams of getting to shoot someone someday.

  102. There’s an awful lot of commenting going on here by people who weren’t there, with only the sparse information from a couple of news articles, by people who are ready to hang the deputies like a lynch mob.

    How about waiting for the results of the investigation first? Let me tell you, the DAs and IADs in most metro areas have no problem with lowering the hammer on cops who screw up.

  103. A lot of foolishness on this thread … especially the guy who doesn’t want to give up his guns because then only cops will have them. So you think this would have ended better if Turner had been armed? Yeah … then a lot of people might be dead.

    The cops may have been out of line in detaining Turner … or he may have been the guy they were after. But regardless, you do not get into a physical altercation with cops. You can’t just walk away from police detainment, or clobber the cops with beer cans if they try to stop you. Did the cops use excessive force? Sounds like it, but by physically attacking the cops, Turner created a dangerous situation for himself and his companions … and for the cops. Even if they’re being little Napoleons, for your own safety, you have to stand there, grit your teeth, and cooperate. Been there. If Turner had done that and they were harassing him unnecessarily, he could have lived to file a complaint later.

  104. …and as far as whether cans of beer can be used as a deadly weapon — let’s think about it for a minute. A 24-oz can of beer probably weighs, what 8 ounces or so? A bag with two of them then would then weigh about 16 ounces, give or take.

    A blackjack, on the other hand, which can be wielded with lethal effectiveness, usually weighs only about 4 ounces.

    Like I said, just think about what Turner was swinging at those deputies before you drag them to the hanging tree.

  105. In my second post in this category I am amazed that I must live around way too many law abiding people. I know I am a middle-aged white guy, but really! No one I know of, without a history of some type of criminal activity, hates the police to the extent of some of the posters on here.

    Can anyone answer, can convicts from prison also post on this blog site? At least that would then explain the comments levied by many on here.

  106. Racist punk should be charged with at least manslaughter. So what if he was with his son and friend, that proves no wrong doing on their part. Too much force is an understatement but it will be swept under the carpet after an ‘investigation’. I say this as a white guy, it sickens me that this crap is still going on in the 21st century. My wishes go out to his family and friends, RIP.

  107. You should probably wait for the facts to come out.

    From some of the posts here, it’s obvious that alot of the posters here have had run ins with police.

    The 160 officers that died in the line of duty last year probably deserved it. Right?????

  108. @ sterilizecromartie says:

    “Though it can never be proven or admitted to, most cops have wet dreams of getting to shoot someone someday.”
    Do you really know any cops? Because I know quite a few and to a person, they would dread pulling a gun if they have to, much less shooting someone.

    Lay off the Dirty Hary movies for awhile.

  109. @ phil

    Where in any of this can you find even the slightest mention of race? I don’t get it really. So if anyone other than a white person attacks a cop the cops are required to just sit there and take it?

  110. You hit a policeman in the head with any object and are an imposing ex-athlete what good should come out of that. He must have a death wish. He didn’t hit him in the shoulder or leg or he would still be alive. I would want my officer friends to protect me from this dangerous man also.

    My mom used to say stay away from bad situations and bad want come your way. He should have heard my mother’s advice and he might still be alive!

  111. Will things ever change?!!! White cops killing unarmed black man in the street. I guess the cops will somehow get off or get less than 3 yrs if convicted. God bless America!!!

  112. Ohhhh here we go!! We got all the people wanting to make it into a “race thing”! This is so old people! Slavery was 200 yrs ago people. We are in the 21st century and have a black president for God’s sake and here we are every white person in America is by default “racist” get off the wagon people! You don’t here Native Americans, Jewish people calling everyone racist. It was and is tragic it happend! But that does not mean! EVERY white man is racist! It’s an excuse token and complain. The man obviously was not in the right frame of mind or he would NOT have hit a cop in the head! Was it excessive on the cops part? YES! Was it because he was black? Doubt it! More like the cop was probably fresh out of the academy! He panicked and made the wrong choice! And WHEN the investigation is done IF deemed he DID React beyond the nessecary means! He WILL go to jail! That’s why we have a legal system to deal with these types of things!

  113. What a surprise Simmermonz. There wasnt any post made mentioning slavery or blaming all White men for being racist. That is you who is pulling the race card by getting defensive over someone making a comment about an issue with overly aggressive Police Officers and their handling of White youth & Black/Hispanic people. Are you an overly aggressive Police Officer? If not, why is their a need to pretend as if someone making a comment about that specific group represents you as a person or all White males in general? Based on population statistics alone a majority of those overly aggresive police officers are White. What does that have to do with you or others?

    Im not the sympathetic type but it literally is getting ridiculous seeing stories of overly aggressive police officers pumping unarmed men full of hot lead. If the guy has a knife or a gun and is attacking you, you should have the right to use deadly force. However we continue to see stories of these officers reacting like idiots when faced with any uncomfortable situation. From a police officer in Washington state killing a deaf Native American woodcarver for carrying his tool to a police officer shooting an unarmed man for hitting him with a bag with 2 beer cans. All the while they have mace, a billy stick, & this new found weapon called a taser at their disposal.

  114. Cops are public servants, or, at least they should be. But in the year 2011, they are agents of a police state. I have been accosted several times by utterly disrespectful cops who have taken issue with the fact that I hold the belief that they have a duty to protect and serve, not to harass and intimidate.

    And no, I will never say “yes sir” or “no sir” to anyone unless in a military situation. Cops are not entitled to more or less respect than any other citizen, period.

    Time to take our country back. End the war on drugs. Slash police forces and lower taxes.

    Cops and citizens should not be adversaries. But until the drug war ends, the US will be a police state.

  115. By the way, those of you who suggest that the victim had it coming need to wise up. Not only was the force excessive, the incident itself did not demand the hyper-vigilance of this “officer.” The fact that the original complaint was in regards to teenagers trying to buy beer and the outcome was a dead father killed by a cop demands whatever scrutiny a free society can muster.

    The Framers would be outraged by this, not to mention the War on Freedom (e.g. Drugs).

    In a country founded on the principle of individual freedom and limited government an incident like this should chill your bones.

  116. Really “mahatmagarden” maybe you should read further back through the posted message’s? I “DID agree” that it was “excessive” should the cop have taken an alternate route in terms of neutralizing the situation? “absolutely he should HAVE”! What I’m saying is that there are “several” posts on here where it’s an issue of a “black man, white cop”. Cops have a thankless job. Are exposed to people the majority of the time when they’re not at “their best” as citizens. From a cops stand point things escalate quickly and in that split 3 seconds the decision made can be the difference in getting to see your loved ones again! Or getting shoved in the ground your self. Everyone
    Wants to hate a cop until they “need a cop”. All I’m saying is that in these types of situations is that if it happens to be an African American whose possibly broken the law (providing alcohol to minors) and a caucasian police officer “IF” the situation goes bad (as this one clearly did” then it “WILL” (99.5% of the time) come down to it being a “race issue”. Plain and simple the posts on here and statistics speak for themselves. Called me a racist if that’s what it takes for you to express your view point. But I know me and I k ow where I’ve been, what I’ve read, and the situations I’ve been in. And it was me expressing my opinion is all. Good day sir.

  117. I wish liberals would just go away.
    Funny. I figured you were the kind of idiot who thought some clown like “deacon” should be allowed to conceal carry a sidearm of his own. That way, instead of one dead man, there would be 2+. Turns out I was right

  118. A blow to the head with a sack of beers can be fatal. Look up standard use of force options and you will see firearm is the way to go. If you don’t think so please allow me to hit you and see if you don’t fear for your life. Tragic yes but don’t blame the officer for protecting himself. The lesson learned is don’t attempt to hurt an officer in the lawful execution of his duty or be prepared to face the consequences.

  119. When will people learn, cops equal the biggest gang in America full of the equivalent of low lives we all see in our day to day life, except they’re licensed to carry guns and generally disregard laws that everyone has to follow unless they come under scrutiny.

    Just think about it, you’ve got to be either extremely passionate or nuts to even be doing the job for the scale of pay they make, and I’m betting on more of them being the latter from my encounters.

    Research LAPD’s Rampart scandal, NOPD’s general corruption, or just dig a little in any major city in this country and you’ll open your eyes to how bad these organizations are.

    This guy was a moron, but he didn’t deserve to die when there were definitely alternative submission techniques available. He was swinging a beer can for god sake, it wasn’t even a bottle, gees.

  120. Oh, and race isn’t a factor. It’s the Boys in Blue Gang vs. the public. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the officers were the same race as Turner.

  121. @movieman5 “…I wonder what middle of the country town this took place in. I bet you this would not have went down like this in any of the more tolerant, progressive places in America.”

    Pardon me but your stupidity is showing. It happened in Bakersfield CA, why don’t you do a little research before you post.

    In what society should it be considered “more tolerant, progressive” to hit a police officer with a sackful of beer?

    I agree that the second officer overreacted and should be punished but let’s not overlook the fact that if Mr. Turner had been cooperating with the Police he would still be alive, instead he chose to be violent and aggressive and it cost him his life

  122. Don’t know if any of you Redneck apologists know this, but there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Bakersfield and the rest of the toothless, barefoot, moonshine making, suspender wearing, Jack-guzzling, sister-marrying NASCAR zombies that populate the South. It’s our own little bit of Jaw-jah!

  123. So all you idiots are thinking its excessive force? I would’ve shot him too! He deserved it! Get over it and place this hunk of meat in the ground! Apparently he wasn’t a productive part of society anyways.

  124. newsflash…he was swinging a bag containing beer cans at the officers head…he got what he deserved. lethal force is justified here….idiots. he was looking for a fight and got one. he lost.

  125. The experience of killing someone in the line of duty is one I would not wish even on the most critical of posters here.

    The shoot I had was of the most justifiable nature: the guy stabbed me with a large knife. Still, the grilling and interrogation by IA made ME feel like the criminal. The public second guessed me and said I should have shot him in the leg, or hidden from him, or tased him. His family tried (unsuccessfully) to sue me. And the guy CUT ME FIRST! I was defending my life, and that of his badly beaten wife, who he screamed at me that he was going to kill. The Grand Jury completely exonerated me.

    Still, I dream about the guy, and I still have nightmares about the incident. To this day, my heart aches for the little children (who are now adults) that he left behind. Even though I know in my heart that I did the right thing.

    You people who think you know so much about the job really need to ccheck yourselves.

  126. athirson says:

    Don’t know if any of you Redneck apologists know this, but there isn’t a whole lot of difference between Bakersfield and the rest of the toothless, barefoot, moonshine making, suspender wearing, Jack-guzzling, sister-marrying NASCAR zombies that populate the South. It’s our own little bit of Jaw-jah!

    Bigotry is ignorant and ugly, whether it’s directed toward a race or a region. Your presumption that you are in any way intellectually or morally superior to Southerners is clearly unfounded.

  127. Good call tmaxeytmaxey1! To those who think the cops are trigger happy: do you really believe cops enjoy killing people? Do you realize how foolish that sounds?! After shootings, some traumatized so badly they never return to the force. And remember all of your derogatory comments next time you got robbed, or you are in a car accident, because that same cop you are cutting on will be the one to help you, possibly saving your life.
    Let’s not forget these cops put their lives on the line everyday for lowlives like this guy. Newsflash: you fight authority, you deserve to get put in your place. I would never even consider swearing at an officer, let alone running from one or fighting one. What has happened to the respect for authority?!

  128. I thought we were past the days when a convicted felon on probation, wife-beating, career criminal on his 26th arrest should die over something so simple as attacking a police officer.
    They must be racist.

    Sound about right, libs?

  129. i thought we were past the days when anyone would dare question the judgement of a cop who killed a guy buying beer with his son. anyone who doesn’t blindly defend anything a cop does, and nervously salute every time they see one of them, must be a troublemaker.

    sound about right sheeple?

  130. “I would have shot the bastard too, right between the eyes.”

    why is it that the most frightened people feel they have to pretend to be tough for strangers on message boards?

    what else would you have done? told your mom to stay out of your room? told that customer at mcdonalds to stop yelling at you for screwing up his order?

  131. “i thought we were past the days when anyone would dare question the judgement of a cop who killed a guy buying beer with his son. anyone who doesn’t blindly defend anything a cop does, and nervously salute every time they see one of them, must be a troublemaker.

    sound about right sheeple?”

    I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with police and I’m not blindly defending anyone. But I can’t believe we’ve reached the point in society where a college lib like you is pathetic enough to call me out for not questioning the cop’s judgement….

    while you don’t question the judgement of a dude who beats his wife, has 26 arrests, has more DUI cases than you can count on two hands but is buying brew for his underage son, and then attacks his arresting officer.

    Any more nuggets of wisdom from you? And sheeple? I don’t remember my side willfully handing over their power and money to the government.

  132. stop calling yourself a conservative, real conservatives aren’t afraid to challenge authority and understand the dangers of abuse of power whether it be government or any other public institution getting into our lives and our liberty too much. sheeple aren’t allowed to be conservatives.

  133. Cops many times use improper force. This cop’s actions did not call for deadly force. It’s the path
    of least resistance so he did it. The fact that this
    man was using a bag with beer bottles as a weapon,
    does not meet the standard. He should be tried for manslaughter promptly. Too many cops act like cowboys from the old wild west. Very sad times
    we live in.

  134. ” real conservatives aren’t afraid to challenge authority and understand the dangers of abuse of power whether it be government or any other public institution getting into our lives and our liberty too much. sheeple aren’t allowed to be conservatives.”

    On this, we are 100% in agreement. I’m not saying I know all of the facts in this case, but I’m not going to villify a police officer blindly for gunning a guy down, especially when that guy has a history of criminal activity dating back..well, his entire life.

    Are you going to defend his freedom to beat his wife up, assault someone with a deadly weapon, attack the cop, get 10 DUI’s and whatever the other 26 arrests were too, just because it’s a free country?

    Come on, man. Lay off the politics, common ideals aside.

  135. @ruvelligwebuike …

    “My side”? That is as frightening as it is intellectually ridiculous and sadly childish. People who disagree with you politically are just as American as you are and just as entitled to their views. And people capable of thinking for themselves generally assess issues individually on their own merit. You’d probably consider me a “lib,” and I have issues with the way police behave in many situations. But as I’ve said, Turner was wrong to physically attack the officer, creating a potentially dangerous and deadly situation.

    Turning every situation into an opportunity for political diatribe, and labeling people, dismissing them without bothering to hear their views, assuming you know how they think and why just demonstrates your own ignorance and immaturity. And it’s obnoxious.

  136. cops don’t get to consider a suspect’s arrest history when deciding whether to use lethal force. what bothers people about a story like this, and the reason why 430 people gave a thumbs up to the comment “Police being excessive. surprise surprise” is because there has been such an increasing trend in these kind of police incidents in recent years, or at least since the proliferation of iPhones etc. have allowed such documentation.

    you can debate this particular incident but you can’t debate the trend. cops have a hard job because it needs to be a hard job – if it’s not hard, it’s a police state. and when they abuse their authority and we let it slide, we’re contributing to the problem and we deserve the consequences.

  137. so let me get this straight….u guys want the police officer to stand there and let this guy knock him out with a bag of beer cans to his head and possibly take his gun from him? i think u guys live in bizarroworld….if any of u think its ok for someone to swing a blount object at a police officers head and not be dealt with accordingly, i challenge u to arrest an out of control drunk sometime who is trying to kill or seriously injure you. the officer didnt force this guy to wanna fight him. the guy would rather kill or injure the officer than go to jail,plain and simple.the officer did his job and went home to his family….end of story.

  138. And so far, 15 people have seen fit to put a thumbs down response on retiredsgt15’s story. That’s pretty sad.

    Turner had no good reason to start a fight with those deputies. If you don’t think that swinging a 16 ounce weight at someone’s head (the bag of beer cans) can’t inflict a lethal wound you better think again. If he knocks the deputies out and gets their guns, then what? Then you probably have two dead deputies and who knows what else this idiot might have done, based on his record?

  139. Had to stop after the first half-dozen posts.

    Blaming the cop?

    If some jackass hits me with a sack of beer cans and I have a gun, take a guess………..

  140. Chronically troubled Pacman Jones gets arrested in a bar at 2:30 AM for alleged misconduct, and we are told to give him the benefit of the doubt. A police officer shoots a former NFL running back when he becomes violent after being stopped, and the officer is immediately labelled a white, tigger-happy racist.

    Hypocrite much?

  141. It’s sad to see so many people defend a violent law breaker from police action. Large parts of this society are trained to distrust and resist police by their criminal friends and relatives.

    In the BA we read too often about some mother crying about how the police shot her innocent son for no good reason. Of course her son was out on parole for a weapons charge and was caught dealing drugs or vandalizing some business.

    But he was a good boy. Yeah, right.

  142. Using common sense, it appears that this cop used excessive force, abused his authority, and managed to turn a beer run by teenagers into a manslaughter case.

    America, I weep for thee. This cop should be locked up; he’s no better than a criminal.

    Cops are public servants. They should show civilians as much if not more respect than they expect in return. That’s what law enforcement in a free society does. Sadly, that’s not the status quo in the USA anymore.

  143. After the fact, yes it does appear that he used excessive force, and there should be an investigation. However, at the moment these things occur police don’t know exactly what they are dealing with. They err on the side of self-preservation. I have no problem with that.

    America, you want to decrease your chances of being shot by police? Stop performing crimes, of any nature, especially the ones that make you look like you have a concealed weapon or where you assault a police officer. There, that should seriously reduce your chances of being shot by police.

  144. Something similar to this just happened in my town…cops are becoming more and more aggressive and its sad to see. Guy was a veteran too!

    I know some people that were there. They took the dude and his friend into the alley arrested him and after sprayed him with pepper spray then beat him with a nightstick. His friend was the one who vandalized…not even him. They lie on police reports quite often I’m sure some places more than others depending on the officers in town.

  145. “America, you want to decrease your chances of being shot by police? Stop performing crimes, of any nature, especially the ones that make you look like you have a concealed weapon or where you assault a police officer. There, that should seriously reduce your chances of being shot by police.”

    this is a dangerously simplistic attitude. even people “performing crimes, of any nature” are protected by basic rights that were the cornerstone of what this country was founded under. people who unthinkingly write any authority figure or institution a blank check and refuse to monitor or question them, whether because they are undermining everything this country has always stood for.

  146. ikickgypsies, you ignored my opening statement that in retrospect theresponse may have been excessive and should be investigated. So there was clarification of my “dangerously simplistic attitude”.

    Fact is your chances of being shot by any police officer are drastically reduced if you are not committing a violent crime and not attacking police. That statement may appear simplistic to you, but it really cuts to the point.

    However, if you’d like to stand still while I hit you in the head with a bag of beer bottles/cans you can tell me first hand how you would disarm me before I hit you again, if you are even concious after the first blow. Perhaps your Ninja skills are better than the police’s and you could provide training to them.

  147. Wow. That was an inciteful look into your reasoning skills.

    Given the information that has been discovered about this individual I believe he was more violently resisting arrest than was reported. You don’t collect that many arrests and jail time and then just politely say, “Excuse me officers, but I’m going to slowly and gently walk away from you without giving you any excuse to fear me.” To think otherwise at this point is naive.

    Still, there definitely should be an investigation into excessive force.

  148. skinsfaninnebraska says:
    Jul 11, 2011 11:28 AM
    …and as far as whether cans of beer can be used as a deadly weapon — let’s think about it for a minute. A 24-oz can of beer probably weighs, what 8 ounces or so? A bag with two of them then would then weigh about 16 ounces, give or take.
    you might want to think about it for another minute or two. A 24 oz can of beer weighs pretty close to 24 ounces.

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