Just in case Pacman Jones needed longer odds to stay in the NFL

Getty Images

One thing that’s easy to forget when considering Adam “Pacman” Jones’ recent troubles: The guy was no lock to make the Bengals roster anyway.

Jones is a nickel back coming off neck surgery.  Check that: two neck surgeries.  Evan Silva noticed this section from a Bengals.com article:

“Adam Jones indicated in a Channel 9 interview Sunday following his disputed arrest in a Cincinnati bar that he “just had” surgery on the neck he injured last season,” Geoff Hobson writes.

Jones also had neck surgery last October.  So unless he was referring to that one (while wearing a neck brace), it appears Jones has undergone two surgeries of late.

We’ve counted Pacman out too early before, but this combination of events could wind up marking his eighth and ninth life as an NFL player.