What’s happening Monday in labor fun

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The week in labor news started with a bang Monday morning, and we’ve spent part of the day clarifying matters, looking ahead at obstacles, and wondering how the league will work after the lockout ends.

Lost in all of this: The process towards a deal continues Monday, albeit slowly.

Albert Breer of NFL.com reports that lawyers for the NFL and NFLPA* met separately this morning. They will get together this afternoon to go over language and details as groundwork for a future deal.

It remains uncertain when NFL owners (and players) will return to the mix. Owners are “prepared” to be at meetings on Tuesday if necessary. There will reportedly be some negotiations between players and owners Tuesday, but it could be via video conference.  Face-to-face talks will re-start Wednesday at the latest, likely in New York City.

(Maybe that’s why not much has been said about labor talks Monday. Not much going on yet.)

14 responses to “What’s happening Monday in labor fun

  1. And why couldn’t they do this video conference over all those 5 day weekends? Either way sooner they get back at it the sooner we get football back! At the end of the day that’s all any of us (fans) want anyways right?

  2. From what Schefter has said, looks like the deal should be finished on July 21st. I fully expect them to stretch this out all the way to that day. Sounds like they are still a ways off on the Rookie wage scale. Should take another couple weeks for these geniuses to figure that out.

  3. it seems like the only people that want football are the fans. The owners and players seems they couldn’t care less at the rate they are meeting and making progress. Thank god for college football.

  4. i think they are close enough to an end that we can stop worrying about losing regular season games unless something catastrophic happens. the only issue now is how many preseason games will we miss. relax folks… we are going to have a 3 course meal of FA signings, camp, and preseason games all august.

  5. Still no training camp practices, pre season or regular season games missed- plus a frenzied free agent signing period the likes of which we’ve never seen in NFL history coming soon.

    Now that the target date has been leaked, the pace of the negotiations that seemed painfully slow makes more sense. They can leak all the stories they want to now to make it seem like they didn’t have a target date agreed to all along, but we know better, don’t we?

    Better get them servers on steriods, PFT, it’s gonna get crazy in a few weeks.

  6. You are looking at the winners of this whole thing in the attached picture in the article. The more this thing drags out the more those 2 vultures make!

  7. You know what would have been crazy? If they started this process back in March rather then trying to get an upper hand.

  8. Well I had read that for a full pre-season schedule, an agreement would have to be reached by July 14. That’s 2 days from now. Doubt anything will happen by then. But, will both sides really want to get this all wrapped up before the July 21 court date???

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