Suh wants to erase the “stigma” of being the Lions


Ndamukong Suh has been vocal this offseason about his lofty goals for the Lions, including going 16-0.

But as Suh continues to talk about the Lions as a team that can go all the way, he also mentions another goal: Changing the perception of the Lions around the NFL, so that players on other teams don’t just assume they’re going to be an easy win.

“Playoffs should no question be a goal, but that’s the first goal,” Suh said on ESPN, via the Detroit Free Press. “The second goal is to get to that next level, getting to the last round, getting to the Super Bowl and moving past that stigma of the Lions are just another team that, ‘Oh, we just beat you guys every, single year and that’s it.’ We’re going to be a team to be reckoned with.”

If that’s the way players on other teams talk to players on the Lions, it’s easy to see why: In 10 years since Matt Millen took over the team, Detroit has an 0-16 season, two 2-14 seasons, two 3-13 seasons, two 5-11 seasons, two 6-10 seasons and a 7-9 season. But Suh is extremely confident that the Lions can quickly turn those records into a distant memory.

“We can be 16-0 if we want to,” he said. “And the mind-set is that we want to be 16-0. Being able to have everybody fully healthy, all running on one cylinder, one engine — I mean, I think the sky’s the limit.”

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  1. I think they’ll go 9-7 this year. The Pack will win the division by 3 games, the Bears will be 8-8 (with luck) and the Vikings will go 5-11.

    The Lions are coming, and that’s a good thing.

  2. I like this kids attitude. He is just motivated with out being a douche about it. There need to be more players like Suh in the NFL.

  3. Barring injuries, the Lions appear to be a team that nobody is going to want to play in the very near future. Nice job being done by Mayhew and Schwartz.

  4. @Sneckel23: You’re forgetting that due to the asshats in charge of the CBA negotiations that we’re going to miss 3 games this year. Obviously what he was referring to.

  5. If Stafford can stay healthy, they’ll win a LOT more this year, but the Packers are a team to be reckoned with…..But hey, they’re on the right track. I wish my Redskins had things going on like the Lions do.

  6. Being able to have everybody fully healthy, all running on one cylinder, one engine — I mean, I think the sky’s the limit.”

    I have to agree with part of Suh’s comments. His analogy of a totally healthy Lions team being the equivalent of a one-cylinder engine (like those found in tiny mopeds and weed-wackers) is just about dead-on perfect. That whole “sky’s the limit” nonsense on the other hand….

  7. *Process of removing “stigma” of being the Lions*

    Step 1: No more commercials about stalking people in a sporting goods store wearing nothing but your underwear…

    Step 2: No more losing games against bad teams…

    Step 3: Get OVER .500 for once…

  8. The Lions are starting to put some serious horses in the stable over the recent years and it’d be great for the city, the fans, and the NFL to have the Lions be on the upswing. Hopefully the coach and GM keep up the good work and get things moving…but from the outside, it seems that they’re trending in the right direction.

  9. I’ve been a Packer fan living in Lion country for a long time. I can remember back 40 seasons. Put simply, they always find a way to blow it. Every one of their few trips to the playoffs has ended either in a complete melt down or a loss to the Packers. Talk is cheap. Until they prove it they will always be THE SAME OLD LIONS.

  10. Good luck to Suh and the lions. They really made a lot of progress this year, and I would like to see them as contenders in the North.

  11. Being able to have everybody fully healthy, all running on one cylinder, one engine — I mean, I think the sky’s the limit.”

    Glad this football thing is working out for Suh and he doesn’t have to fall back on a career as an auto mechanic.

  12. I have a better chance at winning the mega millions jackpot then the lions do of erasing that stigma.

  13. to erase any stigma you must change the name and move them out of Detroit

    Until then they will always be the team we watch when falling asleep on Turkey day

  14. I have to laugh at some of you people. It wasn’t too long ago that the Colts, Chargers and Patriots were the laughingstocks of the NFL. Detroit has had its difficulties due to questionable management and their ownership. But I think they finally have the right coach, the right GM and as a result they are getting a bunch of talent on that roster. 16-0 is a goal, not a prediction. As for requiring Stafford to be healthy to compete? They won their last four games using their second and third string QBs as starters. Also, if you recall they DID beat the Packers with their 3rd stringer as the starter. The Lions are not to be overlooked. The NFL teams and players know this, so the stigma is gone for them. Now the stigma only lives with under-educated fans.

  15. Ok, lets be real…

    The Lions are clearly on the up slope of a good team. They have all the tools, not to mention adding to it with a solid draft this year. Good coaching, and a surgicly repaird QB…FINALLY, thank god he got that fixed.

    If you disagree with their talent and what they are capable of, well, your just a hater or dont know much about football…I’ll bet, both.

    Anyone can clearly see this team is loaded with talent when healthy.

  16. lol i have to laugh at some of the comments on here. obviously not many people on here had their team face the “same old lions” last year…anybody who has, knows this team is a much much different team than the “same old lions” of years past.

    My favorite is when people begin the trash talk against suh…like everyone of you don’t wish you had him hahaha oh yea and all the packer love…the same packers that the lions beat with their 3rd string QB, and the same packers that limped into the playoffs (you’re welcome GB for beating TB btw) or the same packers the “same old lions” nearly beat IN GB with a backup QB?? I get it they won the big one but people need to stop with this “unstoppable force” from GB in 2011…its just not the case. Should be very close between the top 3 in the division come seasons end regardless of who you are a fan of.

    Looking forward to 2011…

  17. I’m glad to see the Lions improving. Whats wrong with a new team providing some competition instead of the usual suspects?

  18. I’ve been a Packers fan since ’91 and the Lions have always been good for a couple of cheap wins.

    Remember when Lovie Smith was hired and said the first mission was to beat Green Bay? Well, the Lions haven’t won in Lambeau since 1991. Maybe that should be the Lions first goal. They play the Packers at Lambeau in week 17 this season, and by then the Packers won’t have played a meaningful game in weeks. The Lions might be able to sneak one and break that streak…

    But I doubt it.

  19. Thank you, karateman. Some of these “fans” have a football frame of reference that spans and a whole 10 years.

    Also, I hate the Packers and their fans are the worst.

    Live from Madison, WI.

    Go Badgers! Go Lions!

  20. The 50-year curse of the Lions ended a couple years ago, allowing the team to rebuild and finally blossom. The Lions will be very good this year, ranging anywhere from 9-7 to 12-4. They will probably make the playoffs and could even win their division. They should go at least 4-2 in their division this year.

  21. “moving past that stigma of the Lions are just another team that, ‘Oh, we just beat you guys every, single year and that’s it.’ We’re going to be a team to be reckoned with.”

    THE Redskins BELIEVE!!!!!!!


  22. The force is with the Lions, but they are not Jedis yet. They still have huge holes on the o-line and the secondary that need to be addressed. Stafford needs to get through a season, and seeing as he’s only played 13 games in his career, there’s going to be some growing pains. This is probably a 9-7 team with better things to come in the next few years. My advice to Lions fans is to enjoy having a winning season first before they start worrying about filling up trophy cases.

  23. 1historian says: Jul 11, 2011 7:18 AM :
    the Bears will be 8-8 (with luck)
    I’m glad that you added the “with luck” part to your prediction. The Bears are never good unless it’s entirely due to their unbelievably good luck, so, obviously, they can’t be mediocre without luck, either. It must be tough for the rest of the league, since the Bears have a monopoly on luck, year in and year out. Just as the Bears lucked their way into a division title this past year, I hope they may luck their way into a winning season this year as well. Of course, whether they are lucky to finish 5-11 this year or lucky to finish 11-5, rest assured that it will be mostly dependent on Jay Cutler’s body language.

  24. A good way to measure where a team is at is by counting the number of ‘blue-chip’ playmakers that exist on the 53-man roster …… I count two on the Lion’s roster (Suh, Johnson) ….. The rest of their roster is littered with ‘maybes’ & ‘yet to be determined’ …… The Lion’s roster isn’t remotely close to being in contender mode ……

    Try this …. Combine GB’s 22 positional starters with the Lion’s 22 positional starters ….. Let them compete for starting positions on this fictional team …… Face it, the reality is that very few Lions would be starters ……

    The moral to the story …..Lion Fans …… Be happy with 8-8 …… It’s actually pretty good when compared to the last ten years ……

  25. woody –

    sorry but its a bit tough to make that comparison given the teams play completely different defenses. However the liions def field more then 2 players out of the starting 22.

    Suh (POSSIBLY Fairley, but Raji is a must at DT so I’ll leave him off assuming a traditional 4-3 front)
    Best (even leshoure as an unproven rookie)
    Delmas – one of the top young S in NFL
    Levy – one of the top young LB in NFL
    Pettigrew (you could argue Finley but thats like me arguing Stafford over Rodgers…potentially someday may be better but as of today…)
    and at least one or 2 of the OL would start

    so thats 10 or 11 of the 22 would be Lions…far from your estimate of 2

  26. lifetimeskinsfan739 says: Jul 11, 2011 12:23 PM

    “Ive always thought the lions played like a one cylinder engine.”

    hahahaha said the redskins fan!

  27. The Lions D-line is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The addition of Kyle Vanden Bosch was huge! His leadership and on-the-field coaching, along with the addition of Suh, has changed the D-line from a joke to something other teams fear.

    We have other holes to fill for sure, but I like what Suh is saying. When you have a very physical defensive line demanding the locker room adopt a winning mentality … it’s a good thing.

    Compare this to when Rod Marinelli tried to get players to work harder and rookie Mike Williams complained to the NFL (and got trainning camp shut down). Or when the same Mike Williams told veterans to shut up about losing a game the team should have won (on an airplane flying back from a loss to Green Bay).

    Suh is definitely a major improvement for the Lions locker room.

  28. An undefeated season won’t happen, but I love Suh’s attitude and leadership. The mental aspect is overlooked and believing you’re going to win can go a long way. Look at the Women’s World Cup win against Brazil in the last minute. Despite being down a player and having the worst refs in the tournament, the team never thought they’d lose.

  29. Been saying it for a couple of years now. Keep an eye out for the Lions, they’re building that team right. Here’s the main issue I still see though (there are a few others but this is the big one). You have GOT to build a solid O-line. Absolutely necessary if you don’t want to get Stafford killed. Do that and your offense is going to be really good (Stafford, Johnson, Best, Pettigrew, etc…). Still a few holes on defense, but having Suh and Fairley up front with vets like Vanden Bosch and solid young guys like Delmas behind them are a good start. I say two more solid drafts with heavy focus on the O-line, Linebackers, and Secondary and the Lions are a playoff team.

  30. I’m sorry, but I still don’t see the lions as a play-off team. I thought they got Fairley as a steal to put alongside Suh, but the fact is I don’t think Titus Young is going to be that good, and I don’t think that Mikell Leshoure is a great option as a power back.

    People keep talking about “if Stafford stays healthy”, but the fact is the Lions never addressed the offensive line in the draft and he’s probably going to end up getting hurt again.

    I don’t believe the Lions are a play-off team yet, because I don’t think they’ll be able to win the division, I think that the Saints or the Falcons will take one of the wildcard spots, and then I also think the Cowboys are going to be much better with Tony Romo back at QB, and take the other spot.

  31. Packerfan 12

    I’m not sure if your watched to many lions games this year but the lions didn’t give up that many sacks. I think you might want to protect aaron rogers more, he did have a few concussions and was getting pressured all day. But hes just that good that he overcame all those hits ” last year”. I could see rogers loosing a half of a season maybe more because of all the hits he takes… Staffords will hopefully put theses injuries behind him and show the rest of the nfl what the lions fans know he has.

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