T.O. makes his child support payments


Last month we noted that the mother of one of Terrell Owens’ children was suing him for failing to pay child support. Now the woman’s lawyer says the situation has been handled.

Melanie Paige Smith, who has a child with Owens, filed court papers on June 20 in Atlanta, saying Owens refused to pay the full $5,000 a month he owes. But the Associated Press reports that her lawyer, Randall Kessler, has now filed court papers to dismiss the request that Owens be held in contempt, saying that Owens has made the payments.

There have been conflicting accounts of how many children Owens has. An episode of The T.O. Show featured two of his daughters meeting each other for the first time. Owens said in an interview last year that he has a three-year-old son whom he’s never met because of hard feelings between himself and the boy’s mother. It is not clear whether Smith is the mother of one of those children.

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  1. so as far as it goes for professional athletes paying there child support thats one down 856,432 to go.

  2. Little T Learns to Share –
    … and the commentator said, T.O.’s behavior is so childish,” Parker said. “And then [Owens] says, ‘That’s not a bad idea for a book. It should be about discipline since the world thinks I have none.”

  3. Nice to see that someone with his ability will be ruining several kids lives by being a screwed up father. Whats the over/under on how many of these kids end up locked uP, 4?

  4. Hasn’t met a son because of hard feelings with mother. Now that’s freaking weak. And this is coming from a TO fan. No force on earth could stop me from meeting my son.

  5. I’m not nearly as hard on TO’s antics as most fans. But it is scary realizing this man has bred.

  6. come on TO, pay your child support so your baby mama can go buy a new escalade (or blow through it in various other ways that in no way/minimally help your child).

  7. gimmeabruschi says:
    Jul 11, 2011 9:32 PM
    I’m not nearly as hard on TO’s antics as most fans. But it is scary realizing this man has bred.

    hard on? if it wasnt for that, TO wouldnt have this child support issue. (rim shot??? sorry i couldnt resist)

  8. Once again T.O mans up and does the right thing. Gotta love T.O! And T.O haters,(Eagles fans) keep on digging for a reason to knock on T.O. And after mommy tucks you in and kisses you on the forehead and you see the silhouette of her flapping her arms and doing “the eagle” for you in the doorway before you go to sleep, just remember that T.O was the best WR your team ever had

  9. Hey…five grand a month for having to put up with T.O. for one night isn’t such a bad deal. Its a wonder he doesn’t have 20 kids by now. On the other hand…maybe he does!

  10. Travis Henry and Shawn Kemp think T.O. and Cro are getting out of hand… oh wait, they are just hoping that they dont get surpassed..

  11. I’m not so sure I’d be so open about not knowing how many kids I had…. That’s pretty pathetic, I try to give this guy a pass, because he is a good football player who loves the game, plays it with passion and at certain times, has been picked on by the media. Now, I know he has done his fair share to get picked on, but not all the time, and you all know what I’m talking about… but after hearing about this? Wow, that’s just total failure as a father and a man.

  12. We’re gonna need a school just for the illegitimate kids of pro athlete’s soon.

    Great sports teams, but hand puppets are needed for most classes.

  13. Owens is just another piece of crap among a huge pile of turds.

    And some people actually like this guy, wow.

  14. How newsworthy!
    “Millionaire Whackjob to ‘Do the Right Thing.'”
    Call Spike Lee-
    Bad sequel to a crummy movie! 🙄

  15. OK!!!

    Now it’s time for Hines Ward to make bail!

    Also, T.O. makes Antonio Cromartie look dumber than a Kardashian!!! But it’s good to see this crap for Owens go away.

  16. 5 G’s a month???!!!

    Nobody says the kid has to eat steak and lobster every meal, did they???

  17. 4512dawg4512 says: Jul 11, 2011 10:00 PM

    Once again T.O mans up and does the right thing.

    The right thing would be to meet the son he brought into this world and be a father to him.

  18. 5G’s a month isn’t even that much. At his peak, what was he making – something like $7-8 million? He made $5,000 in about 1 minute of gametime.

  19. The right thing would be to meet the son he brought into this world and be a father to him.


    Yeah well unfortunately the baby mama makes that impossible sometimes.

  20. My 15 y.o. son and I were watching “American Restoration” on the History Channel the other day and they were restoring an old 1940s era Pepsi store display cooler that sold Pepsi bottles right out the refrigerated water cooler in the 1940s. You insert a nickle, lift the top and pull a bottle out the refrigerated water cooler. My son asked me: “Dad?…couldn’t they just put the nickle in and take as many bottles as they wanted to?….what would stop them from doing that? I told him….things were different back then Danny….people just didn’t do stuff like that. People had a different set of values….better values….an honor system and they just wouldn’t do it. It also applied to many many other aspects of life back then.

    I think T.O. is a perfect example of the present day blatant erosion of such fundamental values.

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