Warner responds to suggestion Cardinals were too cheap to keep him


Former Cardinals scout Dave Razzano made waves this weekend when he criticized his former employee in how they handled Kurt Warner’s retirement.

“Warner’s people told me he wanted to continue playing but decided to retire after being low-balled,” Razzano wrote.

Warner was due $11.5 million coming off a season where he led the Cardinals to a playoff victory before losing to the Saints.  The idea that the Cardinals didn’t do enough to entice Warner to return is hardly new.  Still, Warner took offense to the suggestion.

2set record straight: I did NOT retire due 2 anything $$$ related!” Warner wrote. “I retired because I sacrificed enough for the game & didn’t want to do it anymore!”  (We’ve edited some words for clarity.)

There is room here for both statements to be true.  If Warner was primarily concerned about money, he would have played and/or pushed the issue.  He had many avenues to do so.  Instead, he retired in January.

With that said, the Cardinals may have had an opportunity to make Warner’s decision tougher if they had acted more aggressively before his final decision arrived.

(Hat hip to ESPN.com’s Mike Sando.)

17 responses to “Warner responds to suggestion Cardinals were too cheap to keep him

  1. That’s why some organizations win and some will NEVER win. When you do not put an importance on commitment to players you can’t win.

  2. “2set record straight: I did NOT retire due 2 anything $$$ related!” Warner wrote. “I retired because I sacrificed enough for the game & didn’t want to do it anymore!” (We’ve edited some words for clarity.

    If you edited words then it’s no longer a direct quote. Present his words as he typed or spoke them or don’t post about them at all. We can figure it out but you could be putting your own spin on it.

  3. This is Kurt Warner we’re talking about, not Brett Favre. Kurt has always led by example and has done what he thought was best for him and his family. What makes this any different? What has he ever done or said for anyone to question his real motives?

    If he said it was about family, then I believe the guy.

  4. It was time to blow that team up, you cant hang on to the past for ever – They had one great chance in that Superbowl and that was it….

  5. In his last game (against the Saints in the playoffs), he threw a pick and tried going after the guy with the ball. He got completely blindsided and was down for a few minutes. You could see it in his face right there that he was done. I think he might have realized that he was relatively healthy for how long he had been playing and at this point he would be pushing his luck.

  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Yeah SWS I was wondering about that myself. EMPLOYEE? I think he meant employer.
    I believe Warner.

  7. Kurt Warner doesn’t have to explain anything, to anyone!
    He played with the giants, until Eli was ready, I only wish he had stayed and the giants surely let a guy go way to early!
    Look at our BK ups Sorgi & Rosenfels, scary, huh?
    Warner could have made some nice $$$, even half of 11.5M would have been enough to send his kids through Yale & Harvard twice!

  8. If the Cards had made a serious run at him he would have been hard-pressed to turn the money down.
    Bottom Line – The Cards did not offer enough money to even make him think twice about it. Maybe they offered all that they thought was prudent and maybe it still wasn’t enough. Only the Cards and Warner know for sure.
    He played well and played with integrity, Good Luck Kurt!!

  9. Kurt was always one of the good guys who created a feel good story about a guy down on his luck and never gave up. As a Niners fan, I hated him but respected the way he played the game with integrity. Unlike another elder diva QB who may or may not retire, Warner exited gracefully and with class.

  10. How long has this guy been a former employee cause this might have caused more of a stir during the season last year.

    But let me see if I have this argument right. Kurt Warner leads the Cardinals to the Superbowl. Re-signs or signs an extention that is gonna pay him for 2 years, with the bulk of the money coming in year 1 when you add in the signing bonus. Tells everyone up front he’s not even sure he wants to play for 2 more years, makes it through the season with a bad shoulder, gets rocked in a playoff game and announces he’s gonna leave $11.5 million on the table because he wants to leave the game on his own terms. But the Cards didn’t do enough to bring him back? Is that right? So, throwing money at an injured 40 year old who says he’s ready to quit equals a commitment to winning? Thanks to his own decisions and the Cardinals Kurt Warner will likely be a very wealthy and relatively healthy 50 year old. Enjoy retirement Kurt, you earned it.

  11. Never has one guy retiring effect an entire division before till now. Seriously he leaves and the best the NFC West can do is a 7-9 team in the playoffs. What a joke, bet they’d pay top bill now.

  12. The guy got to play in three Super Bowls and got out of the game without having his eggs scrambled. Now he gets to talk about the game for money. I think Kurt Warner is a very smart man.

  13. kindbass already said it: the Saints tore into Warner and by the end of the game you could feel it was the end of Warner’s run.

  14. i remember after the superbowl year warner saying
    ” i think God might be calling me somewhere else.” then they offered him more money and apparently God told him to stay. not saying Warner is a bad guy or anything but it just cracks me up when i think about it

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