Don’t count out the Hall of Fame game just yet

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Yeah, I read Rosenthal’s blurb based on Jason Cole’s report regarding the reluctance of the Bears and the Rams’ coaching staffs to play the Hall of Fame game with fewer than two weeks of camp to prepare for it.  Yeah, I realize that the two teams aren’t thrilled about the prospect of having to slap together preparations for the preseason opener.

But the NFL and the NFLPA* don’t care.

As an unnamed coach told Cole, “The decision is probably going to be made for us.”  And the unnamed coach is right.

It’s a meaningless glorified practice, in which the starters make only a limited appearance.  If the Bears and Rams have a week or less to get ready, they’ll have to get ready in that week or less.  The AFC and NFC all-star teams do it every year, even though many of the players haven’t practiced or played in several weeks.

If there’s any way to save the box office receipts and, more importantly, the NBC money, the league will get the game played.  And the Bears’ and Rams’ coaches can grumble all they want.

Like the unnamed coach said, the decision will be made for them.  And if the lockout officially ends by August 1, the decision undoubtedly will be to play the game.

30 responses to “Don’t count out the Hall of Fame game just yet

  1. I don’t get the preseason hate from fans. By the time August rolls around, I’m itching for football….even if it’s watered down football. I’d rather watch preseason than the AFL or CFL.

    Also, I had no idea this could go until August 1st and the game could still be played….

  2. This NFL lockout is stressing me out. May Allah lift the lockout in time for training camp!

  3. Why wouldn’t it? There’s way to much money to be lost on a game even a die hard fan like myself doesn’t even care about. Outside of football being back, it’s really a non-event. Besides, who would really believe someone saying we can’t play a preseason game cause we didn’t have enough time to prepare?

  4. The game shouldn’t be played in the first place. It’s not the rams and bears fault that the lockout went on for this long.

  5. Eff’em, I don’t care whos pissed off. The owners and players wouldn’t have a product or market if it wasn’t for the fans.

    You are blessed with the ability to play/manage/ or coach a sport to high level and are compensated fairly well for it.
    You own the rights to a franchise that we the fans faithfully follow ,and still in these uncertain economic times you make up new ways to bleed out even more money from us.

    Quit Bitching. You Play a Game…..wah.

  6. Why are people worrying about things that won’t happen? If there was going to be a football season this year I would have happened by now.

    Flash no HOF game this year is the least of the owners’ worries.

  7. The game should be played. How many of us have had to show up to work and pick up the slack of the big wigs in the front office who sat down one day and made something dumb up for us to do……oh wait, that’s politics…

    Either way same shiiii……SHIIII ALWAYS SLIDES DOWN HILL.

    At least the rookies who havent had the ability to make an impression by now that would have already been made will be able to play a lot in this game since veterans will be to out of shape and whining that they can’t play b/c they don’t want to get hurt……

  8. a “meaningless practice” that helps keep the economy of my city from completely tanking. but hey, the starters barely play so who cares?

  9. Hell yea play the game. First everyone’s bi***in’ there’s no football and now when we’re trying to get a first game played, y’all are STILL bi***in’! Get your panties out of your cracks, shut up and play! I don’t care if you have 24 hours to prep! I want it and I want it now, damnit!

  10. “The AFC and NFC all-star teams do it every year, even though many of the players haven’t practiced or played in several weeks.”

    I call B.S.

    You throw a bunch off all-stars together (some fresh off a long football season) in Hawaii (or whatever) with the most basic of basic playbooks and call that A GAME.

    Then you want to compare it to a preseason game where these players haven’t hit another human being in over 6 months (give or take). Plus, free agency might still be going on. Some players might have less time than that with the team and they could be expected to be starters.

    I say we make this game a scrimmage between the two teams. Don’t put these players bodies at risk.

  11. Greed will win out. The game will be played. Owners and players are not going to allow 200 million to be wasted. I’m just glad it’s not my team playing in this game. I fear we’re going to see some injured players due to lack of time to prepare.

  12. The game is good for Canton. It also is when I host one of my fantasy drafts so I hope it’s played.

  13. Old farts like myself will remember when EVERY offseason was like this. The season ended in early January and the players reported late July with the first preseason games about 10 days after reporting.
    There were no mini-camps, organized activities, in-house conditioning, free agency, etc. etc.
    Most of the players worked off-season jobs to keep their heads above water financially.
    All this nail biting is funny.
    If they lost the entire pre-season I wouldn’t care.

  14. If they scrap the game this year they should scrap it for good, sort of like the old College All-Star Game (called one year due to bad weather, and then just dropped from the schedule permanently).

    And even if they keep it, I’ve never understood why they have to have an extra preseason week just for that one game. If four preseason games is too long already (which it is, IMHO), five is just insane.

    If the NFL really values their HOF game that much, they should treat it like their annual London game: Ask for a volunteer to give up a (preseason) home date, and compensate them for it.

  15. Especially NBC, because this HOF game is going to be one of the most watched HOF games in many years. People cant wait for football, and I think Preseason games in general will have higher viewing audiences than normal.

    So be smart Owners.

  16. NFL Fans should boycott every televised preseason game. I’d like to see two teams playing in utter silence and the owners not getting food/drink sales.

  17. I don’t care if its preason game I need my football fix bring on preseason im dieing for it the cfl just isn’t cuting it for me

  18. This is just an example of how the NFL and the NFLPA really care about the players. Let’s risk injury to some people for what? A game that means absolutely nothing?

    The comparison of the Probowl game is ridiculous. They may not have played in several weeks (what 4 at the most?) but in this scenario they haven’t played in months. Huge difference and stupidity on both sides.

    That game will have players trying to make a team. Injuries will not only hurt that but it will also hurt their careers even if it is a minor injury. STUPID!!!!!!

  19. coleman121280 says:
    Jul 13, 2011 1:12 AM

    I could comment all day on this but it speaks for itself

  20. Just get the handshake done today! …and work out the details in the next week (behind the scenes). This will get the teams in camp and the HOF game will be on time. Most of those getting the majority of playing time will not make the teams anyhow – no different than it’s ever been – and Marshall Faulk and the rest of the inductees will be honored the way they should be. All this procrastination among so-called ‘smart leaders’ is really getting old, and is totally inexcusable!

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