Reggie Bush blames injuries on turf


We’ve repeatedly heard from Reggie Bush this offseason that his first priority is to return to the Saints.  We’ve heard from the Saints they want him back.

We don’t fully believe either side, and for a moment on draft day Reggie Bush didn’t believe the Saints either.

“To me, it looked like the team was moving on without me,” Bush told ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez on SportsCenter Tuesday when asked about his infamous tweet after Mark Ingram was drafted.

Bush says he wishes he stayed quiet nd “felt terrible” about it in retrospect. He feels good about his chances of returning to New Orleans.

“I’m looking forward to getting this thing over with, getting back to playing football,” Bush said.

If he really wants to stay with the Saints, he can work out a deal.  If he wants to max out his contract (like any player would), he’ll probably force his release and go elsewhere.  Any team interested in Bush has to be concerned about his injury history.  It sounds like Bush would love to play on grass.

“I would attribute a lot of [my injuries] to field turf.  There is a big difference between grass and turf,” Bush said.

Hmm.  Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune and his readers noted that of Bush’s six injuries at the NFL level, only three have been on turf.  (Only one happened at the Superdome.)

Bush was pretty forthright in the rest of the interview, but that’s a pretty weak excuse.  The reality is that Bush’s inability to stay on the field, whatever the surface, should significantly diminish his market value this offseason.

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  1. Like it or not, Reggie Bush’s durability at the NFL level was a big, big question mark when he was drafted, and his production has gone down every year
    after his first year in the NFL. I think he’s got a place in the NFL for sure, but it’s not going to be at a huge contract level for an aging, damaged scatback.

  2. Did I miss something?

    When did they move the old playing surface at The Vet to the Superdome?

  3. Sure, his durability will be a big question mark for him, but I think his overall lack of production and effectiveness might be an even bigger issue.

    How many teams are willing to open up their wallets to a running back that does everything pretty well except…run.

  4. Reggie says “Reggie ain’t responsible for nuthin, man. It’s everyone else’s fault, never Reggie’s.”


  5. Sure, his durability will be a big question mark for him, but I think his overall lack of production and effectiveness might be an even bigger issue.

    How many teams are willing to open up their wallets to a running back that does everything pretty well except…run.
    I think that with him, durability/overall production are directly linked. If you aren’t in the game, you aren’t producing. His averages have gone up and down over his career. Other than ’09 his games played have shown steady decrease.

  6. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. When are these players going to start holding thereselves accountable. Everyone gets hurt but don’t blame it on something or somebody else.

  7. Its not really cut and dry like that. You guys are just looking at his 6 major injuries and where they happened that doesnt really tell the whole story. He like every other player has probably had dozens of injuries over his career that were either not reported or picked up by the media bc they werent that severe. Small injuries like rolling an ankle or stumbing a finger, knee, or toe that took him out for a play or two but werent bad enough to keep him out of the rest or the game or practice the following tuesday.

    There is no way for you or Jeff Duncan to know where and on what surface these things happened bc no one was ever told that they occured. The only people that would know about these occurrences is Bush his teammates and the Saints training staff. So unless you guys interviewed and got the truth out of those people you cant really say if what Bush claimed is true or not.

    Anyway even if you did use just those 6 injuries, and more specifically the 3 that happened on grass, you have no way of knowing if there was a preexisting injury that happened somewhere else (like on turf) that help cause the new injuries to occur. Everyone knows when you already have an injury even if its minor and you play with it it makes you more likely to get another injury due to favoritism . If you have a knee contusion for example you will be more likely to try to protect that knee causing you to move and twist in ways you wouldnt normally move and twist.

    All these reasons are why you cant just type in a search engine “Reggie Bush injuries” look where they occurred and then talk like you have all the facts. No one except Bush has all the facts and Im more likely to listen to the guy that knows the most about and has lived the subject then someone else who spent a couple of hours doing research that could only possibly give him half the story for an article that he needs done by a deadline that hes going to write and forget about tomorrow.

  8. Give back the Heisman, Douche!! It doesn’t belong to you!.
    Injuries aside, You are overrated – nothing but a legend in your own mind…

  9. Reggie Bush hasnt been good since college. The only reason he was good there is because he played for a stacked program (that cheated by the way) in a weak conference. If you want Reggie Bush to be good again, put him on the NFL all star team and have them play the practice squad. I bet the turf wouldnt bother him them.

  10. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Reggie is being helped off a grass field in the picture above.

    Reggie, Leinhart, and Young.

    Some much hype coming out of college and so little production in the NFL.

  11. Reggie Bush blaming someone or something else for his problems isn’t news. I will be stunned if a headline ever starts “Reggie Bush Accepts Responsibility For…” Now THAT would be newsworthy.

  12. This guy is going to have limited options unless he drops his expectations and negotiates an incentive laden contract. If he wants grass and blames turf for his issues, he may be looking at a life of being a 3rd down back in Cleveland or Miami next year..

  13. Tired of hearing about this guy.

    If he wasn’t picked second overall and didn’t play for the Saints, no one would care. He’s a good special teams player and that’s it.

  14. Really Reggie???? Like…..Really? Well that was the first time where I can recall that……Some Turf drove to San Francisco….got on the roster…..Suited up……Then charged downfield and blasted you hard enough to break your leg.
    Stop Making Excuses you bum!

  15. I completed a 20 page paper in college on the affects of field turf vs natural grass. In the area of injuries it was crystal clear that players bodies fall apart much faster who play more of field turf.
    Anyone who denys the affect of field turf is 100% ignorant.
    Don’t believe it…go to a field turf and jump up and down just 50 times and see how your knees feel…then do the same test to natural grass and see how your knees feel. You will then AGREE 100% that field turf is much harder on the body.

  16. I started playing soccer when I was 5, on grass, and never got seriously injured. I played in h.s. on a turf field and never got seriously injured. I played after h.s. on a grass field and tore my acl, meniscus and medial collateral ligaments. Its just wear and tear, the starting and stopping, cutting and juking of sports. Put blame where ever you like Reggie but look at all of the other players that play on turf and have long careers. Making excuses like that is pathetic, much like Josh Hamilton telling everyone he can’t see the ball in day games because of his blue eyes. Really!?!?!? Mark Grace never had a problem.

  17. Good example of how print media/blogs shape things how they want them to appear to their readers.

    I watched the interview this morning and recognized that this post does not go along with what was fully said.

    Here is the question asked…

    “Injuries are part of the game, but why do you think you struggled in the part of five seasons with a handful of injuries?”

    Bush starts the answer with what is printed above about turf being different than grass, not just talking about himself but attributing turf to many injuries in the NFL, then adds,

    “another part of it is just being unfortunate, on the unfortunate side of football, like you said it’s a physical sport and injuries are very much a part of this game.”

    Granted the guy gets hurt a lot, but he was asked to give a reason, and he identified something that may contribute to it ALONG with it just being the physically demanding sport of football.

  18. Reggie Bush has a small lower body which I think contributes to his durability issues.. Most RBs are short and stocky with big legs. Reggie Bush has a build similar to a WR, he’s built just like Devery Henderson. I suggest he starts eating some gumbo, and jambalaya and hit the squat rack.

    Reggie Bush is a fraud

  19. Reggie ruined usc blah blah blah blha blah. many college players get paid everywhere.. only some get caught.. your ignorant if you dont believe that

  20. He attributes his injuries to the turf.What does he attribute his weak running style when he’s healthy to ?

    The guy was supposed to be one of the best backs to come in a generation , and all he really is is a 3rd down back-/kick returner. What a bust !

  21. Maybe he can blame his disappointing performance on overly optimistic expectations.
    Who would have thought that the more sought after Bush would be Michael?

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