Art Rooney, Rashard Mendenhall respond to James Harrison


The Men’s Journal article heard around the football world (yes, that’s the first time that phrase has even been written), has already attracted a lot of responses from readers, the media, and even the NFL.

Now the Steelers are ready to chime in.

“I have not yet seen the article in Men’s Journal nor have I spoken to James Harrison about his comments. We will discuss the situation at the appropriate time, when permitted once the labor situation is resolved,” Steelers President Art Rooney II said in a statement.

Harrison’s words about Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall, and Roger Goodell will draw the ire of Rooney and friends in Pittsburgh. It’s possible the team could fine Harrison on their own, but the fact Harrison spoke during the lockout could make the issue tricky.

Mendenhall, who Harrison called a fumbling machine, also responded via Twitter.

“I dont have a problem with what@jharrison9292 said because I know him. But I want you guys 2 check this out,” Mendenhall wrote before linking to last year’s rushing statistics.

In them, Mendenhall ranks fourth in carries with 324 and only fumbled twice.  (He did fumble twice in the playoffs.)

Somehow we doubt Harrison has much use for that sort of logic.

71 responses to “Art Rooney, Rashard Mendenhall respond to James Harrison

  1. Knowing the Rooneys, harrison will either be fined and benched or traded. They dont seem like the type of org. thats puts up with alot of bs.(unless your a superbowl winning qb of course)

  2. Harrison’s just a typical brainless steeler goon. He fits right in with the rest of the clowns in pittsburgh!

  3. Mendenhall doesnt need to play this game with Harrison, who has asserted himself as one of the biggest idiots in pro sports today.

    How do you walk back into that locker room after saying this type of stuff?

  4. Somebody on that team needs to man up. Losing Super Bowls to wild card teams with losing road records is completely unacceptable.

    If Harrison wasn’t calling out Ben and Rashard, I would be pissed. He should call out a lot more guys than that.

  5. Maybe we should convince Mendenhall and Harrison to be this season’s version of HBO’s Hard Knocks. I’d like to see them knock heads a few times.

    It sure wouldn’t damage either of their brains anymore than they already are!!

  6. Harrison’s never stopped being a member of the Steelers, so the team should be able to discipline him for conduct detrimental just as Belichick disciplined Welker. His ego is out of control and requires at least a one-game suspension for his outrageous behavior toward the league commissioner.

    Non-Steelers complain about Joey Porter’s big mouth. He and Seattle’s Jerramy Stevens had a war of words before SBXL, and after the win, the press urged Joey to take shots at Stevens’s dropped balls. Joey refused, saying he didn’t do anything worthwhile in the game so who was he to point fingers at Stevens. Harrison could use Porter’s humility.

    Mendenhall overall stats on fumbling were excellent, and that Super Bowl fumble was forced by Clay Matthews. Maybe Harrison should have been forcing some fumbles. Matthews also spent a lot of time studying film on Roethlisberger and stayed in his face. Maybe if Harrison had done the same with Rodgers, he’d have forced a couple of INTs. It’s always easier to point fingers at the other guy.

  7. I’m not sure how anyone can’t take this as a sign Harrison is trying to talk himself out of Pitt. I mean. If he was on any other team, what would they be saying abou the player? Right. Let it be Chad.

  8. Harrison is such an ignorant moron. He has had three good years in the league and thinks he is atop the world. I didn’t see the Steelers’ defense shut down Green Bay at all in the Super Bowl, so maybe before criticizing the offense, you should reevaluate the performance of the defense. Big Ben and Mendenhall ran the offense very well all season and put points on the board all year. And Goodell isn’t a bad guy for fining you; you’re an idiot for constantly head hunting people. Here’s a suggestion: Maybe if you stop injecting a needle in your ass, you won’t have the common tendency to try and actually murder people in a football game.

  9. The Men’s Journal article heard around the football world has already attracted a lot of responses, even the NFL.


    So the NFL saying they will not be responding to the article counts as them responding to the article?

  10. I know I’d rather have a great defensive player that talks trash than a poor one that doesn’t. If the Steelers don’t want him, I’d imagine there are many other teams that would be happy to deal with that “problem”.

  11. This is what a team whose members have no self-control, no leader and no unity looks like. The implosion continues.

  12. Nice to see the chair is already warming up for you little Jimmy. Art is just so happy with this kind attention that you have drawn to his team.

    As a side note, Hines says thanks for taking him off the hot seat.

  13. So when it comes to Bin Laden or 9-11 Mendenhall doesn’t care about facts, but his fumbling is a different story.

  14. “I dont have a problem with what@jharrison9292 said because I know him. But I want you guys 2 check this out,” Mendenhall wrote before linking to last year’s
    If u dont have a problem with Harris then why are u posting ur stats??……We dont care!

  15. See what you already started James? You would think that a guy smart enough to make it through college would at least have enough brains to know that these kind of comments about your own team mates would cause disruption on the team. I hope he sees the light and shuts his trap and the other players do the same.

  16. This is coming from the guy who has Pitbulls that he can’t seem to control even after one of them attacked his son and put the kid in the hospital. James Harrison a moron, plain and simple. He doesn’t get it and never will. Ignorance is bliss.

  17. I wonder if he stand by his comments or use the I was misquoted,taken out of context excuse. if he does then he is not the tough he claims to be. I hope Ben and mendenhall just ignore him and do not try and cover his ass by saying we are a team/family and all is forgiven garbage. he said it let him stand by it and accept the consequences.

  18. He either wants off the team or he is the most ignorant person in the league. The Steelers don’t need this kind of selfishness on the team. The Rooney’s won’t stand for this.

    And no! they don’t play the double standard game. Ben was cleared of charges.

  19. I think the league, the Steelers, and pretty much everyone else involved will decide that the

  20. I have never wished harm on a player before but I can’t help but think that if Peyton Hillis or some other power back went helmet to helmet with Harrison and put him out for a while, the NFL would be a better place.

  21. Holy crab this team is in the news A LOT lately…
    when was the last time any of it was good?

  22. The game doesn’t need Harrison that badly. I think they should make an example here and flat out ban him. Perfect opportunity and I’m sure it has the Steeler’s blessing.

  23. Harrison is the man! Someone link the picture above to Rashad’s twitter account and tell him that was the one that mattered!

  24. At age 33 this guy is on the backside of his career. No one wants a player who is going to play the blame game, especially when their performance was sub par as well. Harrison is be totally replaceable. Pittsburgh made him into a star they can and will do it again with another late draft pick. He might actually be more valuable to the Steelers in a trade than he is on the field anyways with his age and still being a big name player. Send him to Zona.

  25. Harrison is overrated to say the least. He was going to practice squad to practice squad early in his career because he was too stupid to learn the playbooks. Look at his career stats they are far from impressive. Only 2 seasons with 100 + tackles and they were BARELY over 100. Just another idiot running his mouth. If he was as consistent throughout his career as he has been running his mouth he might actually be decent. Makes more money than Ray Lewis. Hahaha

  26. Since when does saying”we’ll look into the matter” count as “chiming in…” How about you tell us when the Steelers have something substantive to say about it…I really don’t give a rat’s behind that they’ve said they’ll look into it…

  27. @Deb – my compliments aside, please spare us the Joey Porter “Man of the Year” comments! His hit on an injured defenseless Todd Heap (one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet), as well as him charging onto the Ravens team bus looking for a fight, say enough to me about his lack of character. Just because it’s directed to another team doesn’t make him a good guy.

    The Steelers won’t trade Harrison, he is too good & too necessary to the success of that team. They will fine him & move on. If they suspend him, I expect it will be at the secret request of the Commish in return for past favors paid the Steelers, or in anticipation of future favors coming their way. You know, stuff like letting the Rooneys keep their interests in various casinos.

    Anyway, between Harrison’s anger, Ward’s driving habits, and Mendenhall’s conspiracy theories, this has been another eventful offseason for the Steelers. It is quite an accomplishment that they keep winning under these circumstances!

  28. “Harrison is overrated to say the least. He was going to practice squad to practice squad early in his career because he was too stupid to learn the playbooks. Look at his career stats they are far from impressive. Only 2 seasons with 100 + tackles and they were BARELY over 100. Just another idiot running his mouth. If he was as consistent throughout his career as he has been running his mouth he might actually be decent. ”

    Only 2 seasons with 100+ tackles? First of all, he’s an outside linebacker in a 3-4. If you don’t understand football concepts you shouldn’t comment on them. Secondly, he’s only been a starter for 4 years. Averaging 94 tackles, 11 sacks and 6 forced fumbles a year for an outside linebacker is pretty consistent to me. But what do I know? I won’t even get started on how Bill Cowher let him rot on the bench for 3 years.

    He’s an idiot and may have crossed the line here but what you’re saying is just flat-out delusional. Let’s focus on the topic at hand here.

  29. I agree with Harrison. Mendy fumbled twice in the playoffs, what he did in the regular season doesn’t change that. Roethlisburger has been riding that defense for awhile now, so I understand his statements on that. As to Goodell I agree, I wouldn’t piss on that pupet either. Hes ruining football. What there doing to the defense is a joke. There killing there true loyal fans for the fragaisie fantasy fans.

  30. @mswravens …

    I’ve never been shy about calling them like I see them, but I will call them like I see them, thank you very much. Fining multi-millionaires has always struck me as a silly exercise. Harrison’s conduct was disrespectful to the league and detrimental to the team, and I’d like to see the Steelers sit Mr. Detrimental for at least the Ravens game.

    The circumstances surrounding Ward have yet to be fully determined, but it appears he needs a swift kick in the behind. I prefer leaving those matters to the criminal justice system. If the league were in the practice of suspending guys on a first DUI arrest, I’d say sit him, too, but the league doesn’t do that. And with Stallworth and some others on your payroll, you’d be wiser not to throw stones on that issue.

    Dan and Art II, the majority owners of the Steelers, don’t have any gambling interests. The family holdings didn’t violate league rules until brothers who held (past-tense) minority interests but had no participation in the team expanded their tracks to include slots. When that happened, the league–with full approval of all owners, including yours–gave Dan time to restructure ownership. That situation has nothing to do with this, was resolved three years ago, and was a nasty bit of irrelevance to bring up. You’re right. When it comes to commenting on the Steelers, you can’t be objective.

  31. James Harrison has played the same way his whole career. Play that earned him defensive MVP honors one season and the label of “dirtiest player in the league” two seasons later.

    Obviously the guy is quite bitter about the mixed message that is being sent.

    No excuse for banging on your teammates in public though. The problem is James answers questions honestly because he truly doesn’t care what anybody thinks.

  32. Hey, the idiot linebacker may have gotten liquored up and run his mouth, but he was right about Roethlisberger and Mendenhall. Their turnovers keyed the Packers’ victory in the Super Bowl. One fumble and one pick lead to shortened fields of just over 50-yards for two TD drives and Roethlisberger’s bone-headed pick-6 was the difference.

    Of course, live by the pick-6 in XLIII, die by the pick-6 in XLV.

  33. What is even worse than Harrison calling Mendenhall a fumble machine is that Mendenhall fumbled a couple times in a playioff game (SB?), but is not known for fumbling in general.

    In other words, the Cro Magnon Harrison threw his teammate under the bus for NO reason. What more evidence do you need for this guy to be considered a dimbulb and a locker room cancer?

  34. In other words, “I don’t have a problem with what he said, but here’s some stats to throw back in his face.”

  35. @ flaggstaffphotos–

    “Somebody on that team needs to man up. Losing Super Bowls to wild card teams with losing road records is completely unacceptable.”


    Umm, who exactly was this ‘team with a losing record’ that you speak of?

  36. You know, from a physical standpoint and the fact that the Pats have a perceived weakness at outside linebacker, he would be a great fit for the Pats, physically. On the mental side, he is about 9 cents short of a dime. Some people were just born without that thing that filters thoughts before they exit the mouth.

  37. I love free speech. Harrison should be fined for free speech, you people are GOONS.

    Harrison is a traitor? ha

    Art Rooney is a traitor working for that Communist Obama!

  38. Rashard Mendenhall just tweeted “Yeah I believe James Harrison said that like I believe the moon landing and dinosaur fossils.”

  39. So the Steelers now are rapists, drunk drivers, terrorist supporters, and now this just in: crazy lunatics who threaten people…
    Great upstanding organization!
    Let the turmoil begin! I’d love to see the great steelers organization just go tumbling down now because of all this crap.
    Character is also important these days, and the steelers are proving they don’t have much of that.

  40. @Deb – and as objective as you admittedly can be about the Steelers, you simply cannot when it comes to me. Do I irritate you that much? Why do you keep attributing comments to me that I didn’t make in the first place?

    First, while you seem to consider yourself the repository of ALL knowledge (you must be hell to live with), Stallworth is not on our payroll. He was last season. But, more to the point, I did not throw stones at Hiney. In fact, since I first stated that this could happen to any team that any one of us roots for, I stated that we need to wait & see how it plays out – and then had to remind you that’s what I said when you falsely accused me of pre-judging the man the first time – I have not commented further other than to question whether or not he really was a stand up guy when HIS LAWYER apologized and stated that Hiney wasn’t impaired. Even after details of the police report came out(and based upon your worship of the investigation Georgia authorities performed in the case of Big Ben, you undoubtedly religiously buy into whatever they have to say about Hiney), I did not call you or anyone else out for what seems to be Hiney not accepting the kick in the butt you now say he so richly deserves.

    So why all the hate? Weren’t you saying you were going to convene a peace conference? Whatever – apparently our teams aren’t even rivals, so why are we wasting all this time??? Have a good evening…

  41. @mswravens …

    Oh for heaven’s sake, stop being so bloody melodramatic!

    Once again, some idiot on my team has made us targets of every jackass on the board. And because I am someone who takes my medicine instead of laying low, I’m trying to own it and here you are railing at me about Joey Porter (when I’d just used him because it was a good illustration for the point, dingdong) and freaking piling on with asinine comments about the Rooneys and the commissioner and gambling. Like the day isn’t hard enough.

    But, nahhh, you didn’t do a damn thing. You’re just a little angel you are. And I picked on you because I’m a mean ol’ know-it-all bully and hell to live with. Poor baby.



  42. Hey, BroncoNick! I heard John Elway Toyota is having a sale this weekend. Maybe you should stop in to chat about old times.

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