Brady, Manning, and Brees: “It is time to get this deal done”


In yet another sign the next few days of labor talks are crucial, the biggest names in the Brady vs. NFL antitrust lawsuit are saying that “it is time” for a deal.

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees released a statement to the Associated Press:

“We believe the overall proposal made by the players is fair for both sides and it is time to get this deal done.  This is the time of year we as players turn our attention to the game on the field. We hope the owners feel the same way,” the statement reads.

(There are undrafted players, not to mention fans, that felt like it was time a long time ago.)

This statement can still be seen as a positive because it further advances the notion that there is a deadline to this latest set of talks. Then again, the statement indicates the players may be tired of continuing to compromise and believe their latest offer is enough.

38 responses to “Brady, Manning, and Brees: “It is time to get this deal done”

  1. The “brats” should have thought of this BEFORE they filed a lawsuit. Three of the highest paid employees running to court….uuhhmm. Case closed.

  2. How about……

    “We believe the overall proposal made by the OWNERS is fair for both sides and it is time to get this deal done. This is the time of year we as OWNERS turn our attention to the game on the field. We hope the PLAYERS feel the same way,”

  3. Or it could mean if the league holds out a liiiiittttle longer, the players will finally buckle. The league lawyers are probably thinking this anyway.

  4. Thanks guys. Good to know those college degrees made you smart. I seriouslly hate you 3 right now.

  5. Thanks, geniuses.

    Lord knows that we wouldn’t have been able to wrap our pea-sized brains around all of this without the benefit of your Mensa-like commentary.


  6. They’ve got the deal in place. Now all the NFL is waiting for is Brady, Brees, and Manning to finish choreographing their version of ‘Let’s Go On With the Show.’

  7. Well if it fits the schedules of these guys, then it must be time. Get over yourselves and realize that the name on the back of the jersey only gets you so far. I know a guy that can print t shirts with your name on it, doesn’t mean squat without owners, fans, and the countless people that put on the games. This should’ve been done a long time ago, and when all is said and done, I am sure they will realize it could’ve been a lot easier than they made it. Stop trying to act like you are taking the high road and the owners are holding this up, after all you admit it was YOUR latest offer that YOU feel is fair. Imagine that.

  8. I’ve been on the owners side throughout this entire lockout. It seems that the players have made enough concessions from the various reports that have been published. C’mon owners, stop haggling over some of your “pocket change”.

  9. Of course they care now. They don’t get paid in the offseason except for workout bonuses. It doesn’t hurt their pockets until games start to get missed. Stop dragging your feet and get it done.

  10. That is a great attitude to carry into two days of negotiations. If that is how you feel, you might as well not even show up. The strange thing is both sides see the fifth year option is dependent on a player’s drafted position. After four years in the league, shouldn’t the option be contingent on how the player is performing? Why not add a first round restricted offer after four years that is somewhere between and RFA offer and a franchise tag offer, with a similar provision that the player could be had by another team for a certain package of draft picks? The price for another team would be slightly higher than for a 3rd or 4th year RFA, but would be accompanied by a higher salary than a 3rd or 4th year RFA would be eligible for. Allowing agents to negotiate terms for the 5th year does not seem unreasonable either, but within certain parameters.

  11. This is why they are football players and not genuine contributors to society.

    For the record – OWNERS = employers. PLAYERS = employees. They are NOT partners.

    Of course they feel THEIR proposal was fair. I am sure it was fair more to their liking than to THEIR BOSSES.

    This is absolute stupidity…

  12. If there is any justice, the cost of being the poster children of the lawsuit they should not be first ballot hall of famers.

  13. Why all the vitriol? I thought all along the goal was to get back to playing football. This statement basically says that the players are ready to do a deal. Coming from the three lead plaintiffs in the case, I view it as a positive step. Do you really think they’re going to come out in the media and say – “Hey De – give ’em whatever they want, we just want to play”? Get a clue.

    This thing will be settled soon. All that’s left is for the two sides to find some sort of rookie wage scale that makes both sides look like they “won”. If for some reason that holds things up, then they just didn’t want to get it done in the first place.

  14. “We believe the overall proposal made by the players is fair for both sides and it is time to get this deal done. This is the time of year we as players turn our attention to the game on the field. We hope the owners feel the same way,”

    Sounds like “The Finger” is about to played by the players, again.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    BTW, thanks Rosenthal for at least realizing that this might mean that a deal won’t happen. At least its reality on your part.

  15. “Why does Drew Brees have to be apart of this statement??

    He’s absolutely no Brady or Manning, not even close.”

    Remember the last time he want up against either one of them? Smoke. He’s in their category.

  16. To all the idiots who are ripping on these 3 players—

    Remember that they represent the entire NFLPA, and it’s NOT just about Brady, Brees, and Manning.

    It could have just as well been Roethlisberger, Romo, and Rivers…the 3 ‘players’ do not really matter do they lol? They are REPRESENTING the entire league of players.

    My God, what denseness….

  17. Just to be fair then the owners should call it the “worst proposal in the history of sports” and then not respond to it for a couple of months.

    How can you not feel more confident with the 3 stooges involved??

  18. @ sportstalknet

    They are partners and that’s why this is lost on idiots like you. There are thousands of ppl that could do your job if you are an employee of Random Company X. Without you your company would exist.

    There would be no NFL w/o the players who perform at a high level, just like there would be no NFL w/o the owners.

    It simply isn’t the same and unless you realize that your take on all this is invalid at best.

  19. “We believe the overall proposal made by the players is fair for both sides and it is time to get this deal done”.

    to be honest- part of me wants the owners to say its the worst deal in the history of deals- but, most of me is just glad the players are back at the table.

  20. Fairness is determined by your perspective. If you are paying the bills and only one of the so called partners is paying the cost of operating and both profit, is it fair? This may be true in fantasyland, where a lot of these “superstars” reside but in the real world things are viewed from real life.

  21. @gregwestlake

    You’ve gotta be kiddin right? How is he not the same as Brady or Manning? In case you forgot, he DID win a Superbowl, the same as Manning. If anybody should be the spokesmen for the players, it SHOULD be them especially given their caliber. The players chose the right guys to represent them in this matter, and besides, not one players has complained about the three.

  22. The owners just released a statement:

    “We share the view that now is the time to reach an agreement so we can all get back to football & a full 2011 season.”

    I’ll say it again (although it seems to have been censored the first time) file all of this under “duh”

  23. So is it time to start giving Brady and Manning cute little nicknames like you people have given Brees (Drew Greed)???? I mean you were all blaming him for this whole ordeal all along when time and time again i kept saying Brady and Manning are in the same boat as Brees to patriot and colt fans but they still placed the blame, as so many uneducated others have, solely on the shoulders of Brees.

    And to gregwestlake…. take a look at the stats, Brees absolutely deserves to be in the same category with the other two. Mannings numbers surpass all active QB’s by far, so to be fair not many people can be compared to him, but he and Brees are tied in the Lombardi category. In almost every single category Brady has lower numbers than Brees, he has a slight edge in the Lombardi Category but when Brees gets his second they’ll be equal trophy wise. (I, along with real football fans know dam well he fumbled in that tuck rule game and should not have even played in the Superbowl that year). To say that Brees doesn’t deserve to be mentioned with Manning and Brady is just plain ridiculous, try looking at it objectively…for example I cannot stand Ben Roethlisberger but the guy has 2 Rings in a short time, he is one of the most clutch QB’s in the 4th Quarter, his athleticism for his size is just plain scary, and I believe he deserves to be mentioned up there at the top of the list (football wise), I (and people who are familiar with my posts can vouch for this) for lack of a better word hate Michael Vick and personally believe he should be working at wal-mart in newport news virginia (but thats what i personally think of the guy)…but dude is one of the most dangerous (no pun intended) player in the NFL besides Chris Johnson. He creates havoc for every single defense he goes up against, he is one of the most gifted players to EVER play the game… I wouldn’t call him an Elite passer but he is an elite player. Basically what im saying is when you make statements about a player in a football sense, make an educated statement to which you can back up with facts, dont make a statement about a guys game because you dont like him bc it will make u look stupid. You say Brees doesn’t deserve to be mentioned with Manning and Brady, I say… prove it.

  24. I guess there are still a bunch of idiots on this website that still don’t get how a “LOCK OUT” works. For all of the morons on here that still believe the players are the cause of this situation, here is how a lockout works. The owners wanted a new deal that would be a benefit to them and the players wanted to keep the same deal that was in place. Therefore the owners chose to lock out the players from all facilities and would not allow normal football operations to proceed. The players didn’t agree with the lockout so they decided to file a lawsuit to dismiss the lockout so they could get back to work. The owners didn’t agree with the court ending the lockout so they went to the next court and got the lockout put back on.

    It is the owners that have stopped football operations not the players. The owners wanted more money from the players and wouldn’t allow the players to do their jobs. The owners complained about the cost of operations which is why they wanted more money and then they turn around and would not open up their books because so many of them waste millions of dollars on saleries for family and friends and want to take money out of the players pockets to pay for that.

    There are things the owners have a legitimate argument about, i.e. rookie salaries, but for people on this webiste to put all fault on the players are idiots and anything they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  25. “I, along with real football fans know dam well he fumbled in that tuck rule game and should not have even played in the Superbowl that year”

    and I, like any person who can use google and read know that he did not because the rules of the game say that he didn’t. The tuck rule was in force for that season and that play describes the tuck rule perfectly. If you don’t like the rules of the NFL go be a “real” fan of something else.

  26. wannabeqb

    yeah…. use google instead of your own two eyes! Brady even admitted that he “got away with one”. Brady’s arm wasn’t moving forward when that ball came out so instead of google, try youtube this time and tell me that Bradys “intent” was to THROW and not to bring the ball back to his body. It was a blown call, period mr google.

  27. “When a Team A player is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his hand starts a forward pass, even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body.”

    Just watched it and that’s exactly what happened. If you wanna argue agree that the rule doesnt make sense and should be changed then I agree but it was the rule then and was correctly applied, pretending the call was wrong is just denial.

  28. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees filed a lawsuit to protect their collective bargaining rights, but all three support republicans cutting fan’s collective bargaining rights…..Brady is the biggest hypocrite in sports….

  29. wannabeqb

    one more thing, the Vinny Testaverde play against the patriots is a more acurate interpretation of the rule, Vinnys arm was about helmet length and he was in the motion of throwing the ball when it was knocked out…. brady on the other hand already went through the motion of throwing, ball still in hand at waist length, and juuuuust as hes about to bring the ball back up woodson slams into him and knocks the ball free. The rule can say whatever it wants but what was Bradys intent? if he was intending to throw the ball then he was intending to throw it at his own feet. Just like the Calvin Johnson catch… EVERYONE knows that was a catch, touchdown, game over! but bc of “wording” of a rule he was robbed. If you believe that to be a “real fan” of football means you have to be a fan of the technicalities and exact wording of the rules then u must be a real drag to watch games with. Oh and just to show that im not impartial and can be objective… that pierre thomas TD in the NFC championship, not a touchdown knee was down and the ball was at least a yard out, we probably wouldve scored on the next play anyway also that pass interference call against the Vikes on David Thomas, blown call… but at least I can admit and be objective when it comes to bad calls. When your friends watch games with you and they’re wearing their team jerseys, do you wear a referee shirt?

  30. Way to go straight to personal attacks. Way to hit me where it hurts, oh no, I know the rules! How will I live with myself?! Believe what you want, I’m done arguing about a 10 year correct call.

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