Drew Brees will join labor talks on Thursday


Coming on the heels of a joint statement from the three quarterbacks whose name appear atop the antitrust lawsuit against the league that the time has come to get a deal done, it looks like one of the plans to do more than talk.

Our pal Scott Kaplan of XX 1090 reports that Saints quarterback Drew Brees has said he’ll travel to New York on Thursday to join the labor negotiations.

Based on the statement from Brees, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady, Brees’ presence suggests that the goal will be to get a deal done.

Brees has not been involved in negotiations since the talks fell apart in March, leading to the antitrust lawsuit and the lockout.

The Super Bowl XLIV MVP will join Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith on XX 1090 at 11:40 a.m. ET to talk about his plans.  You can listen to the interview at the XX 1090 website.

18 responses to “Drew Brees will join labor talks on Thursday

  1. Why?

    Based on his decades of experience in the nuisances of contract negotiation, U.S. labor law, collective bargaining and hands on operation of billion dollar enterprises?

    He throws a football for a living. That’s like asking the negotiators to take snaps under center.

    I like you Brees, but man, for all our sake, just stay home.

  2. The talks have been somewhat positive since Brees has not been involved. Why ruin a good thing, the guy just can’t keep his big mouth shut.

  3. The talks have been somewhat positive since Brees has not been involved. Why ruin a good thing, the guy just can’t keep his big mouth shut.

  4. Gotta say – good interview with Scott and Billy Ray this am – out here in SD – and hey – won’t give away your “undisclosed” beach location. 🙂

    And you are quicker getting this post up than the negotiations are proceeding, that’s for sure.

    So far – Drew is really non-commital (so far in the interview) re: any substance on why he “might” be going to NY tomorrow. He is still here in SD – Del Mar – right now.

  5. And totally agree Brees is way out of his element when trying to take a seat at the negotiating table, or making those ridiculous statements. Now Drew is saying they – the NFLPA – has always had the retired players interest at the head of their proposals.

    Sounds a bit different than from what he said earlier about the retired players pissing away their money.

  6. YES! That means the deal is done. Brees is going to show up and bask in the glory all his hard work created.

  7. While I think this labor deal dispute has tried to put a tarnish on my boy Drew’s image, this guy is a solid and unbelievably giving person. I have nothing but respect for Drew and his family. We love him down here, not only for bringing a championship, but also for his great community leadership. We actually have quality athletes who represent the organization as well as the community well. The last 6 years have been hell to recover from, but by God Himself, we are doing it..even if it did take something like a football team to rally the people. Drew is not just a football player. He has a job to do too…and just like any of us who worked a job we deemed was being unfair to us, if we had a chance (like a union) to make things better for all of us, wouldn’t we? Yeah I know..they make millions, but there is a lot that goes into making millions..it’s not like they sit around counting their chips. There is a thing Uncle Sam calls taxes…and more of it goes to the government than people realize or understand.

  8. How does it help for someone that hasn’t been involved for months to come in and start giving their opinion? That usually just makes the process more difficult.

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