James Harrison thinks twice about SportsCenter appearance

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Steelers linebacker James Harrison has decided that it might be better to stay quiet for a little while.

Less than an hour after an ESPN talent producer Jason Romano announced via Twitter that Harrison would join SportsCenter tonight (at the highly-watched time of 6:05 p.m ET), Romano said Harrison backed out.

“Looks like I spoke too soon. James Harrison just called me and backed out of the interview. Hope to reschedule soon,” Romano wrote.

(Hmm.  Then it may not be a good idea to “Retweet” a comment from safety Chris Harris that called Harrison a “goon.”)

Perhaps someone from the Steelers got to Harrison to tell him that continuing to talk would only keep the story going.  Maybe it was someone from Harrison’s inner circle that thought better of it.

Either way, letting this story quiet down is a rare show of public relations savvy by a player that remains delightfully un-PC.

41 responses to “James Harrison thinks twice about SportsCenter appearance

  1. Reading this headline I think of “if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”. If Harrison thinks a thought, is there any brain activity? Probably not.

  2. Well, yeah. It’s easier to run your mouth and then refuse further comment than it is to stand by what you said and defend it.

  3. Harrison forgot the “Golden Rule”. Thou shall not sayeth anything negative about your QB if he is wearing Super Bowl rings.

    You can much more easily replace a linebacker than you can a Super Bowl winning QB.

  4. Dora the Explorer reference? Really? Wait, I know what you are talking about. I have no room to talk.

  5. I smell a denial and retraction coming as I said before. James is now seeing the ramifications of his statements and is scrambling. He’s talking to his agent and a “I was misquoted” statement is coming soon. What an idiot…lol.

  6. “James Harrison thinks twice about SportsCenter appearance”

    The words “James Harrison” and “thinks” should NEVER be used together in the same sentence!

  7. Harrison started a wild fire in Pitt. going on SC would just add fuel to the fire.

    I think after a day like this I would have a hardtime thinking he would be welcome back with open arms.

    He truely made a grade-A donkey of himself.

  8. What a class organization!….I didn’t think it was possible to find bigger morons than their fan base, but the players are lapping them at this point

  9. tomsd1 said: “Harrison forgot the “Golden Rule”. Thou shall not sayeth anything negative about your QB if he is wearing Super Bowl rings.

    You can much more easily replace a linebacker than you can a Super Bowl winning QB.”


    Just like you can replace a SB MVP WR like S. Holmes more easily than a SB QB.

    Damn that Half-wit Harrison is dumb!

  10. If this story was done before the lockout, wonder if he would face discipline actions from the team and NFL. Some articles are written far in advance, and this is coming out when teams would be gearing up for camps.

  11. And – to say you wouldn’t piss on the NFL Commissioner is he were on fire – well how do you think that sells with the Rooneys, eh? 🙂

  12. SO glad the packers beat these jokers. a loss to these low-character douches would’ve been unacceptable.

  13. And here I thought there was actually a difference between being “delightfully un-PC” and just a loudmouth jerk. Guess not.

  14. Guess J. Harrison was alil slow to rem who bailed him out 2:00 + after he was chasing Larry Fitz in the enzone in SB 43!

  15. Did this guy get dropped on his head alot as a child or did his mom drink alot when she was pregnant?

    And is the comish supposed to be upset that Harrison won’t pee on him? Kinky.

    So many questions left unanswered now…..

  16. I wish he hadn’t canceled on Sportscenter. It would be so entertaining to listen to him dig the hole even deeper.

  17. feldman9000 says:
    Jul 13, 2011 3:08 PM

    The AFC North is just full of drunks, murderers, drama queens, fighters, and a**holes. Great division.

    Why don’t you tell us what team/division *you’re* a fan of so we can list all the stupid things players in *that* division has done?

    What’s that? You say you’re not going to respond? Or you’re going to research which division is “cleanest” and then falsely claim to be a fan of that division?

    That’s what I thought.

  18. I appreciate people who are delightfully un”PC”–which is why I’ve defended James in the past. But it seems we’ve created a monster. It’s not “delightful” to lay blame for a championship loss on offensive teammates when you had only one tackle and the opposing QB was named the game’s MVP. It’s not “delightful” to claim if you’d won, you’d have whispered vulgarities into the commissioner’s ear. That’s just ego run amok. I’m glad someone has convinced him to stop hacking away at his own nose to spite his face. But I still believe a one-game suspension is the best way for the Steelers to send the message that no individual player is bigger than the team.

  19. Deb,

    To be fair – Harrison, like Polamalu, played XV hurt. In fact, Harrison had back surgery shortly after the game – but he gave it up.

    There is no such thing as minor back surgery.

    But yes, it’s not cool to call out your teammates. Harrison being bent at Goodell is kind of a given – all things considered. Heck, how many people in here regularly fume about “God-dell?”

    Still love Silverback – but burying the knife in your brothers’ backs was where it crossed my code.

  20. @paulieorkid …

    As a regular Goodell basher, I’m fine with James speaking out on bad policy and criticizing the commissioner publicly. But as an NFL player and team representative, he still needs to be respectful of man’s position. The gutter comments–especially the part about what he’d have said to him on the podium if we’d won the trophy–went too far. It reflects poorly on the Steeler organization. Like you, though, I’m livid about him calling out teammates in public. That’s a line you do not cross.

    I haven’t turned on James–he’s still our guy. But I’m angry and think the team needs to make an example of him with a one-game suspension. This lack of discipline among the players has gotten out of hand. I’d completely forgotten about his back, though–that is a fair point re his Super Bowl play.

  21. Glad to be a bears fan. We showed guys like Cedric benson and tank Johnson the door for being low-character lawbreakers and loudmouths.

    Keep rooting for those crooks, afc north!

  22. Maybe Harrison didn’t know that Tedy Bruschi (who he called a clown last week) was now working for ESPN. If Harrison and Bruschi were on SportsCenter, and Harrison called Tedy a clown live on SportsCenter, and a fight erupts, then it would be a black eye for Harrison and a bigger black eye for ESPN/Disney.

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