Little progress reported in labor talks Wednesday


Just in case our dissection of the word “close” didn’t temporarily depress you enough, it’s time to pass along news that labor negotiations have likely ended Wednesday after a tough day.

Albert Breer of reports that most the NFLPA* contingent began to leave the sessions sometime after 8:00 p.m. ET.  Many of the owners continue to meet with each other, and it’s possible the two sides could reconvene.

The long session was described as “difficult” with “little progress” in the core issues. Smaller issues continue to be worked out, but Wednesday was “frustrating.”

We don’t have much more to add here that we didn’t already say.

At this stage, we don’t blame the fans out there that just want to be told when it’s over, although we do appreciate the hearty diehards among you who keep coming back for more.  Football is a powerful drug.

UPDATE: While players were “on call” until after 10:00 p.m. ET, the two sides decided not to meet again.  They will in the morning.

50 responses to “Little progress reported in labor talks Wednesday

  1. It really would be great if we could get fans to boycott going to the games this season. Watch’em on TV, buy your Directv if you want, etc. Just don’t go to the stadiums. It would make a statement to all of these douche bags, and the NFL is better on TV anyway.

  2. here’s the topics for the rest of the week: progress…no progress….progress…no progress….progress….no progress…etc.

  3. This is so frustrating. This season, if there is one, is going to be a mess. I wonder if fans will start protesting outside if this goes on much longer. I want football, and I want it NOW!

  4. I am getting close to saying “piss on it”. I already have tailed off my interest as I am sure many others have….just go away for the summer, fall & winter you irrational bastards!!!

  5. Instead of posting our comments blasting one side or the other on blogs such as this one, let’s show them the only comment they will understand. No NFL games for as long as the lockout ends up lasting.

  6. I am all for getting every bit of news on this issue but the problem is there has not been any news in ages….all it has been is both sides manipulating the media and dragging them around the room like a rag doll

  7. Cancel the season, and next season and boycott the next one. to hell with these greedy children.

  8. I am disgusted with the owners, the players, and the lawyers. Appreciation for the fans…good luck with that

  9. what kind of ratings would it draw if they televised the CBA negotiations? all of us who keep checking these articles everyday would certainly watch.

  10. I’m getting tired of a new report every 12 hours contradicting the previous one here. I know that all you guys can do is report what’s reported to you, but to see “Huge progress in talks” and “No progress in talks” on the same page of news just makes me want to slam my head into the wall.

  11. ok here the deal u guys can report all this nonsense all u want

    the reports denying that a deal is close are all lies.

    all the excuses and childish mind games are being played because the real truth got leaked to the media

    so there got to throw out false lies to cover it up instead of just coming out and telling the truth so in other words both sides just need to STFU and finalize this thing

    but i will say i will buy into drew brees words that a deal is close since he has inside info so if he says its close then its close

    word leaked so there are trying to cover it up there just playing with our emotions which is not cool nor funny

    so don’t buy into the hype that a deal isn’t close as its just there dumb mind games

    anyway i know the real truth the truth is as of 3pm this afternoon both sides have an agreement in princable or a handshake deal so in otherwords the deal is done

    i know all the details too all i can say is that the deal could be announced as early as tommorrow or no later then next week

    and if your worndering where i am getting my info lets just say team insiders at premium boards are claiming its a done deal and each site has posted the details of the new settlement as they got it from nfl scorces

    also one of them even said he got a text messege from someone at the meetings saying its done

    and i’ll go as far to say this same scorce reported last thrusday before PFT and others that talks were heated that morning and there was a bunch of screaming and goodell screamed at the owners to knock off there nonsense

    so since thing same scorce posted this before all the major outlets did i can assure u this report is accurate and legit

    and the meeting sessions tonight are just fake to throw everyone off guard the real reason they were there was to review the details and hopefully finalize everything so they can get approvals next week by both sides

    so don’t buy into all this denial nonsense all the other sites are saying its close so the truth is its close and the denials are just to cover up the leaked info

    so stop reporting whyat the NFLPA* Says cause its what they are telling all media outlets to say including ablert breer who has gone from a postive nancy to a nagative nancy and its the NFLPA*Doing

    and he saying what there telling him as none wants the truth to get out because they want to announce it themselves 1st when there ready

    so just sit back and relex and just ignore all the denials because the deal will be announced either in the next 3 to 5 days but no later then next week so good night!

  12. It’s comin’ people, I’m tellin’ ya the HEADLINE is comin’ soon……TALK BREAKDOWN!- SEASON IN DOUBT!….comin’ soon

  13. Those of you who support college football players getting paid — get ready for this type of nonsense from college football players every other year. At least now we are guaranteed some football.

  14. ..yeah…at this point………cancel the season……I’ll take my $1000 in season ticket refunds and go on vacation…..fine with me!!!!

  15. Real Madrid plays LA in the Coliseum this Saturday.

    Kill the season, NFL. Let MLS, MLB take over.

    Fresh grass at the Clink. Yeah, babeh!

  16. Bring back Paul Tagliabue and replace Demaurice Smith with anyone other then another lawyer and this deal would have been done a long time ago.

  17. If some one in the Owner group mention the word “replacement”, I guarantee the “Union” make an agreement in 36 hrs. with the actual difficulties and frustrating issues.
    All issues”pending” are pression from the Union to get a little more from the ownership, at the end they already have what they want…Dew Bress talk to much today.

  18. Since there were close to a deal, wouldn’t it make sense little progress is to be expected? Little progress with large differences is more significant. These people need to get football back so they can go from making up stories 100% back to 75%…

  19. pictured: Jerry Jones exits early for filming in New Zealand to reprise his role as Gollum in Peter Jackson’s prequel to LOTR…The Hobbit.

  20. How do you sit in a room for hours and make little progress? Stop staring out the window and get it done!

  21. Jerry Jones looks old, tired, worn out, haggard and weak. Dude is not even 70 yet. He should sell the Cowboys, get out of the NFL, check into a clinic and rejuvenate.

  22. Jerry Jones looks like a kid who’s ready to pick up his bat and ball and go home. He’s definitely not used to not getting his way. Welcome to the real world, Jerry.

  23. At least no one stormed out of the negotiations. Compared to the men in Washington, things look good here.

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